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  1. JoshDragon

    Apparel sizes and fitting Q&A

    This is a thread for people to discuss, the size and fit of the tennis apparel on TW. It can be any brand, it doesn't matter. Just write a review. You can post a picture, with width or length information. Whether it's baggy or slim. Short or long. Any information that might be helpful for people...
  2. JoshDragon

    Sodtards more annoying than *******s

    Here's the proof: Look at how the Sod-****s violently attacked the guy, sitting in the chair. There's no way a Fed-**** would do that.
  3. JoshDragon

    If there was a Masters Series Tournament played on grass

    Too bad the ATP doesn't hold any of their Masters series tournaments on grass. They could use a few more weeks in between the French and Wimbledon. That would give the players more time to adapt to the slippery, fast surface. If you were able to pick a country to hold a grass court Masters...
  4. JoshDragon

    Uncle Tony wants Rafa to serve like Goku

    Tony Nadal, once said in an interview, that if Nadal, is able to master the power of Kaioken his power will truly be unstoppable. His goal, is for Rafa's serve to be over 9000 km.
  5. JoshDragon

    Will Roger and Nadal sweep all of the majors this year?

    Looks, like it's very likely to happen. Even though Nadal's knees are a question mark, I still can't think of any other player, capable of stepping up to take one from them.
  6. JoshDragon

    Wake up...Murray is only a mediocre Modern Warfare 2 gamer

    I haven't heard anything recently about Murray, playing Modern Warfare 2. So my guess is that he's gone from being good at the game, to being only mediocre. If Andy, doesn't start dedicating more time to MW2 then he's going to lose even more of his skills. I don't think he'll ever be more...
  7. JoshDragon

    Tennis without Roger

    I found this article on Tennis Blog X. It's speculation as to how Roger's peers would have fared without him being there to stop them. Really amazing to see how different Roddick's career would have been without Roger. I do agree with the writer of this article, I think Roddick, could have had...
  8. JoshDragon

    WWW Roy Emerson vs Andy Roddick

    Who would win in a 5 set match on hard courts. Both players are playing at their best, Roddick is playing with a graphite and Emerson is using wood.
  9. JoshDragon

    Is Juan Carlos Ferrero going to play on tour next year?

    I heard that he was thinking about retiring next year. I guess Marat's retirement got him thinking about it. Does anybody know what his plans are?
  10. JoshDragon

    The Legend of Connors

    Let's say that Bjorn Borg, Link, Ganon, and Jimmy Connors were involved in a disastrous science experiment that resulted in their bodies merging together. The only way the experiment could be undone was if they played a 5 set match on Har-tru clay. Who do you think would win the match, Link...
  11. JoshDragon

    Flash Game Tennis Tournament

    Hi guys, I was thinking about hosting an 8-16 player tennis gaming tournament that would be open to all of the forum members. If you're interested just sign up and hopefully we'll get enough people.:) The rules are very simple, the tournament will last for around 9-14 days, with 3 to 4 rounds...
  12. JoshDragon

    Nadal has lost muscle mass

    Take a look at this Now look at this video. I'm not surprised that he switched from a sleeveless shirt to a polo, he obviously doesn't look as ripped as he did 2 years ago.
  13. JoshDragon

    Roger's Role Model is Sasuke

    I couldn't believe this until I saw an episode of Naruto, but it seems like Roger is modeling himself after Sasuke. I mean look at this.
  14. JoshDragon

    Shaq VS Roger Federer

    If Shaq was given special tennis lessons from a top instructor for 3 months and played a set against Roger Federer, with a special handicap that would allow him to only have to win one point to win a game. How many games would Shaq be able to win against Roger and do you think he would have even...
  15. JoshDragon

    What's your dream match

    If you could take two players from any era and put them together in a match, who would they be? Why would you put them there and what surface would their match take place on? You can also choose a fun one like I did with Federer vs Sonic the hedgehog. My choice is Rafael Nadal vs Pete Sampras...
  16. JoshDragon

    Favorite video game character

    Which of these video game characters do you like the most and why. For me it's very hard to pick one. I loved Mega Man, Sonic, and Kirby when I was a kid. I think if I had to choose one it would probably be Mega Man, I love the Mega Man games, especially from the X series.
  17. JoshDragon

    Who was your favorite player when you started watching tennis?

    Mine was Roger Federer. I started watching tennis in 2005, during Wimbledon. When did you start watching tennis and who was your favorite player?
  18. JoshDragon

    Are you a fan of Death Note? Do you like manga, or anime

    In addition to tennis, I also really like anime. Death Note is probably my favorite manga and maybe anime. If you like anime or manga, post here and say which is your favorite and why. Death Note, is my favorite because the main characters L and Light Yagami, are so intriguing.
  19. JoshDragon

    Federer Glass blue bandana

    Does anyone know if the Nadal and Federer blue/gold bandanas are going to be released. They are really nice.
  20. JoshDragon

    Sonic the Hedgehog would own Roger Federer

    That's right, you heard it here first. Sonic the hedgehog would dominate Roger. His super speed would allow him to run down all of Roger's shots and we all know how much Roger hates grinders. What do you think, theoretically would Sonic win...
  21. JoshDragon

    Super Mario vs Roger Federer

    Who would win in a 5 set match? Mario the greatest animated tennis player of all time or Roger Federer the greatest real tennis player of all time?
  22. JoshDragon

    What's your opinion on the 2009 Nike collection

    Hi guys. While I don't own a big collection of Nike clothes, I have been buying some of their stuff over the last few years (since 2007) and I've noticed some changes in their quality. I really liked some of the stuff they had in 2008 and particularly 07 but I'm not as happy with some of what...
  23. JoshDragon

    Will Roddick achieve the career grand slam beatdown?

    Grand slam beatdown: losing to one player at all four of the majors. Federer has beaten Roddick at all of the grand slam except for the French. They are scheduled to meet in the quarters (assuming they get there) and A-Rod's doesn't have much hope of winning their match. What do you think...
  24. JoshDragon

    Wide Nike tennis shoes

    I'm planning on buying some new shoes. I like Nike but I need a wide shoe. Any recommendations for a wide Nike tennis shoe?
  25. JoshDragon

    Will Nadal win the Calendar year grand slam?

    I think he has a chance of it this year. He's already won the Australian Open and he pretty much has Roland Garros wrapped up. Rafa's, a heavy favorite at Wimbledon and that only leaves the US Open. Can he do it?
  26. JoshDragon

    Fernando 'The Miz' Verdasco

    I've noticed that Verdasco has had some strange hair styles lately but I wasn't quite sure why. That all changed today when I went to and saw the wrestler that (I believe) Verdasco is modeling himself after: Apparently The Miz's cocky nature and successful career has inspired...
  27. JoshDragon

    Del Potro turquoise bandana

    Does anyone know if the turquoise bandana that Del Potro, was wearing at the Australian Open, is available?
  28. JoshDragon

    Differences between pro tennis shoes and regular tennis shoes

    Is their any advantage to buying the pro tennis shoes: Ballistics, Vapors, and Cages instead of a regular athletic shoe? I'm wondering because I'm thinking about buying a pair of the Cages. I heard that they were very snug though, so I'm not sure if I should get them.
  29. JoshDragon

    What racquet would you recommend for me?

    I'm looking to buy a new racquet but I can't decide what I should get. I'm a 4.5, with an all-court playing style and have only played with Head racquets (although I'm not opposed to trying a different brand.) I don't have any physical problems like tennis elbow and I would not be interested in...
  30. JoshDragon

    What kind of music do you listen to before practice?

    I've found that I usually like to listen to music before going out for a tennis practice session. I actually play better most times because I doing this. Does anyone else like to listen to music before playing and if so what kind?