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  1. Wesley J

    String Tension and Serve

    I'm agreeing with this after hitting with a lower tension racquet for a couple of sessions. I found that with the higher tension it just "feels" better and more natural to me and I definitely have better control over my shots. If I want to get more pop, I can do so by working more on technique...
  2. Wesley J

    String Tension and Serve

    Gotcha, I'll try it out today and see how it goes
  3. Wesley J

    String Tension and Serve

    But wouldn't that be counterintuitive if I'm hitting a spin serve? Or am I thinking about it the wrong way?
  4. Wesley J

    String Tension and Serve

    But even on serves?
  5. Wesley J

    String Tension and Serve

    I just got my racquet restrung at a lower tension and my serve was off (even though it didn't feel like it). I hit mostly spin serves but a lot of them were going up to a foot long.
  6. Wesley J

    String Tension and Serve

    What impact does string tension have on your serve? In my 5-10 minutes of extensive internet research, what I found spoke mostly about groundies. Is it the same where lower tension = easier power on the serve and higher tension = easier spin?
  7. Wesley J

    Seeking responses from 4.0s, please? 3.0 having better success playing 3.5 Leagues. Why?

    The best question to ask yourself is "why/how am I losing?" The words Depth/Pace/Put Away/Winners and the 3.0 rating don't really mix. Consistency is king at the lower ratings, if you are able to get 3-4+ balls over the net you will be winning the majority of your matches. I'd venture a guess...
  8. Wesley J

    Would you do this?

    The only time I felt a type of way about a underhand/drop serve is if the server doesn't give you time to set yourself, similar to how some people miss their first serve and then try to quickly take their second serve as you are resetting.
  9. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    I think it was just a bad day. We play all the time and this wasn't a league or anything. That's why I was questioning myself because usually we're fine and I'd be disappointed if I was doing him dirty.
  10. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    Do you call those serves out or play them?
  11. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    You're right. I'm dancing around the wording because I feel for the situation and am trying to look at it from both sides with the perspective that either of us could be wrong. When I made the call in the match I was 100% certain that I saw it out no debating. Also had a play on the ball, it...
  12. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    @S&V-not_dead_yet how far in did you see it?
  13. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    Wouldn't the net strap be blocking his POV then? Usually I do give the benefit of the doubt or at least ask what they thought. On this one I was certain enough to where I didn't have doubt when I made the call.
  14. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    A for effort lol
  15. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    Actually this happened mid-way through the first set, I think I was up 3-2 on serve at the time. Things were fine up until then unless I'm misremembering something. I was surprised by the reaction though which is why I wanted to confirm if I had made the right call. I do stand by it as of now...
  16. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    I was thinking that the perspective of that shot was akin to fast serves that land slightly past the service line where the server sees that its out but its a tough call to make from the baseline for the returner mid return. But yes, I felt I had a very good look at it. It was close, but I was...
  17. Wesley J

    In or Out?

    Thanks for the responses everyone!
  18. Wesley J

    Split Step Intensity

    Recently started watching the TENFITMEN channel and I really enjoy how he breaks down his points and uses slow-mo. At 3:05 he plays and breaks down a point mentioning how he didn't split step aggressively enough and remained passive on the ad side of the court. I hadn't split steps described in...
  19. Wesley J

    What would you do?

    Take the win. You'll play each other again eventually.
  20. Wesley J

    MEP vs MEP clone !!!

    Do you think that is because people game plan for you since they "know" who you are because of the channel? I remember you saying that the more someone plays against you, the better they do against you.
  21. Wesley J

    Hows the quarantine treating you

    Southside Virginia. Courts and clubs closed up (some outdoor courts even taking the nets down to go with locks on the gate). Most places reopened by June and everything has been pretty normal since then. Masks haven't been required indoors but most people wear them in the lobby and take it off...
  22. Wesley J

    Questions to ask at regular intervals

    Did I pay attention to my opponent including what they liked/disliked and any adjustments they made? If so, what was my response to it? If not, why not?
  23. Wesley J

    Critique my technique

    You should play a match vs me and record so we can see how the technique looks/performs in-game!
  24. Wesley J

    2018 Tennis Goals

    Unfortunately this year was by far my worse year health wise. Lots of extended periods away and illnesses. However, I believe in great rises after great falls so here's hoping for an awesome 2019!
  25. Wesley J

    How do you blokes make your videos

    DaVinci Resolve is a good free editing software
  26. Wesley J

    Doubles Play

    If you see a guy in a neon shirt not switching when he should be and/or setting up his partner for the other team with floaty wasn't me, it was my evil twin, Jesley Way...we were switching out between points.
  27. Wesley J

    Gratitude: Give a shout out to another forum poster!

    Both @NuBas and @S&V-not_dead_yet for many tips that have helped/are helping me improve including grip corrections, match sense (positioning, shot selection), movement tips, et al.
  28. Wesley J

    Estimate NTRP

    As the self-proclaimed 3.5 expert...I say 3.5. Movement is decent but there are a lot of neutral balls hit down the middle. Orange shirt had a stronger forehand and was trying to go for angles more often which let him dictate more points so I'd say he is the more experienced of the two.
  29. Wesley J

    NTRP ratings seem more and more weird to me

    It's world team tennis. Men and women on the same team and the average of the ratings has to equal out to 4.0...i.e. you can have a 5.0 man/3.0 woman pair (I actually would have to double check on this as I think there might be a rule that says there can't be more than a 1 point rating...