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  1. Polvorin

    Who will you root for in tomorrow's final?

    This is a tough call for me... I like both players. However the Cinderella breakthrough story would be more satisfying, I believe. It's been many years that we have few or zero surprises on tour. I have been pulling for Krajinovic ever since I saw him play live at a future's tournament years...
  2. Polvorin

    Nadal 2010 USO serve.

    How was it that Rafa could serve 130 mph bombs for just one tournament in his life? What are the fan theories? Why has he not attempted to hit more aggressive serves before or since? ...surely this is something he could do that would improve his chances on faster courts? Should he try it or is...
  3. Polvorin

    All court tennis conditions and the Rafter

    I was watching an old clip of the 2002 Montreal final between Patrick Rafter and Andrei Pavel and found myself completely entertained, more than I expected to be. This kind of tennis is absent from the modern day. It is neither a serving competition nor a "see who can hit the most topspin" war...
  4. Polvorin

    After the USO

    When Rafa wins this thing without any serious challenge, without even playing against anyone in the top 25... in what may be the biggest clown draw of any major tournament in history... Will his fans realize that it is ridiculous to discredit his or any other player's victory? After all, he...
  5. Polvorin

    Fed tactics vs Delpo

    I've seen a lot of people making comments about Fed having poor tactics in the match but I haven't seen any specific remarks. To me this match felt a lot like the 2009 final... Roger attempting to out-slug the big man rather than out-maneuver him, with similar results. Seemingly unable or...
  6. Polvorin

    Nadal #1 a bit scripted?

    I don't mean this as a Nadal hate thread. More like a tin foil hat conspiracy one if you want to say it that way. Is it just me, or does Federer pulling out of Cincinatti, arguably the second most successful tournament of his career... seem a little TOO convenient? He was after all virtually...
  7. Polvorin

    Thiem a future top 10?

    This kid is going places, even if he can't challenge moonball man on his beloved clay.
  8. Polvorin

    Who would have been #1 in the 90s...

    if string/racket technology and court speeds were the same as they are currently? Corretja or Moya...?
  9. Polvorin

    Nadal already taking 25+ seconds in his first serve game?

    This is going to be a long one...
  10. Polvorin

    Djokovic v Youzhny

    At 3-1 second set (if I remember correctly) there were two consecutive points where Hawkeye and the chair umpire disagreed, both times in favor of Djokovic. What does this mean? Does hawkeye really not work 100%? Is the umpire picking the wrong ball mark? It just seemed so weird that it...
  11. Polvorin

    Updated to K Factor :(

    I've played with Hyper Pro Staff 6.1s (the red ones) for several years, and loved them but figured it was finally time to update. So I ordered some K Factor 6.1s thinking I would get more or less the same racket...but man was I wrong. TW has the swingweight of these rackets listed at 340, but...
  12. Polvorin

    I would rather listen to _____ than a Sharapova match

    I would rather listen to the sound of styrofoam scraping against itself than to a Sharapova match.
  13. Polvorin

    Is Roger Federer THIS good?

    Alright I know this man has God-among-men status, but is he good enough to pull off this line of advertising? Are we really to believe that the powers of fire, water, air, and earth are infused into these new rackets!?
  14. Polvorin

    Will Gasquet return to the top 10?

    This one is a two-parter. First, vote whether you believe Gasquet will make a return to the top 10. Second, please discuss whether you think he could make it back to the top 10 if he were to get in shape. I personally think he is one of the slowest players in the top 100, and that if...
  15. Polvorin

    Will Gasquet return to the top 10?

    Please delete as I was too sleepy/drunk/foolish to add a poll. My apologies.
  16. Polvorin

    Poll: Will TMF break the record for weeks at #1?

    TMF now stands at 248 weeks at #1 and counting. Pete's record is 286. Can he hold on for 38 more weeks? It looks like he will need to hold on to it until just after Roland Garros 2010...assuming I counted 38 weeks correctly. Is it inevitable, considering that he can still gain points at the...
  17. Polvorin

    Henin: will she return?

    I guess the rumors are going around...
  18. Polvorin

    Nadal v Sampras EXOs

    I think this would be awesome. I'd like to see how Nadal would fare against an attacking player and the Sampras serve, and also how Pete would play against a left-handed Corretja who doesn't choke. Who else thinks it should happen!?
  19. Polvorin

    Grip shapes

    I would greatly appreciate it if one of TW's tennis experts would write a definitive guide comparing the different grip shapes made by different racket manufacturers. I find myself unhappy with Head (good groundies, poor serve/volley) and Wilson (good serve/volley, some discomfort with...
  20. Polvorin

    Grip shapes

    When I started playing tennis, I noticed that the shape of the grip on Head rackets is much different than Wilsons. (more rectangular, less rounded) The grip shape made it very hard for me to switch brands. How to the grip shapes of other racket manufacturers compare (Babolat, Prince, Fisher...
  21. Polvorin

    What is a pusher? Define.

    What is a "pusher"? Does the term differ from the terms "counter-puncher," "grinder," "retriever," etc.? If so, how?
  22. Polvorin

    25 seconds maximum between points

    Hehe. :mrgreen:
  23. Polvorin

    Mercedes-Benz PotW

    How on earth was Federer's shot versus Nalbandian at Rolland Garros not a play of the week? They decided it wouldn't be very interesting because that one would be play of the year hands down? :confused: