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  1. Jason Swerve

    WTA Ladies: Please be humble like Kournikova

    This'll be the last thread of mine. Now, I was thinking twice about bothering the matter, given the atmosphere and current, very serious crisis going on with WTA player Peng Shuai, but I've found out a certain Swiatek, i.e., "The Next Polish Superstar" has just opted out of press conferences...
  2. Jason Swerve

    Old vs New ('98 vs '21)

    Then and now...Kournikova 23 years ago handling the exact same point Pegula flubbed last night. Current tennis is dismal, and I mean every word.
  3. Jason Swerve

    No, these WTA teenagers aren't yet ready.

    I said this a while ago, and it received no notice but needs to be heard. So, I'll say it once more as a reply to a certain someone who claimed the weak era doesn't exist. That we're being fooled by the faraway TV screen view, and that the current game is harder and faster with more impressive...
  4. Jason Swerve

    Let's compare Martinka and Federer

    This is a response to @zill , because I want your post to remain about a variety of comparisons to Federer. I've realized you might not believe my statement on Martinka's more practical backhand flair. If I read correctly, Mike Danny also told me I was overreaching when negatively comparing his...
  5. Jason Swerve

    RG: Petra Kvitova withdraws (due to Press Conference injury)

    Apparently she sprained her ankle in a fall during her press conference. Sad case of misfortune, there. Just about every major player is bowing out before the second round.
  6. Jason Swerve

    No one's untouchable

    I was in the process of making this point before the last thread on Osaka was rudely and unceremoniously deleted. (Looks like she's becoming another 'blacklisted' thread, eh?) I'll save this. It needs to be said to explain the Powers' viewpoints with how they're handling this situation. When...
  7. Jason Swerve

    Make it stop

    If you look on your left, you'll see another 6-0 6-0 blowout by another WTA underachiever who's unknowingly reached the peak of her career. If you look to your right, you'll see another Djokodal ATP final. If today isn't a glaring indicator that we're living in the worst age of tennis, I...
  8. Jason Swerve

    What is/was the biggest hole in your fave's game?

    Everybody has one, so what changes could your favorite fix to make them even better? Near as I've read, Alice Marble had supreme S/V skills but faltered in the longer rallies with errors. Lot of them were on the forehand side. One of those 'trying to finish points fast' situations that would've...
  9. Jason Swerve

    And Osaka proves me right.

    The next time people want to criticize me and get my threads removed, just remember: 6-0, 6-4. I've analyzed this stuff for a living. No hard feelings. >Incidentally, the thread is cached. Hindsight hurts. >Sorry, Page 2 also still exists. I won't call out any names. But you know who you...
  10. Jason Swerve

    Protected Points = Skipping Tournaments

    Some of you people called me out for criticizing Osaka's sloppy play when she barely got past the #74 player. The excuse: "But she hadn't played since Melbourne!" Here's a question: Whose fault is that? Who's choosing to play one tournament a month and being 1-2 in them due to lacking...
  11. Jason Swerve

    Where are the storylines?

    If there's any reason people might be complaining about the watchability of tennis now, it has to be this: What's Kenin's backstory? What's Barty's backstory? What's Swiatek's backstory? Svitolina's backstory? Pliskova's backstory? Brady's backstory? I'm not trying to insult these players- I'm...