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  1. BillKid

    Babolat racquets cracking: just me?

    Had Babolat racquets for more than ten years (APD and PD). Never met any crack. Actually, the only crack I remember was on a Snauwaert and it was likely a stringer issue. Some people around me have been using Babolat for years without any problem. I know a young woman playing at high level who...
  2. BillKid

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Does anybody know when the next TFight update will come? Next autumn maybe?
  3. BillKid

    Hugo Gaston official thread

    Magic Gaston strikes again! Road to QF now! Against Medvedev that will be extremely tough for him but who knows
  4. BillKid

    Hugo Gaston official thread

    Hugo Gaston defeats Pablo Carreno Busta at Rolex Paris Masters and makes it to 3rd round! Congrats to the little magician! Best of luck for next match, maybe against Sinner. Road to page 4 for this thread ;)
  5. BillKid

    Tennis Warehouse: Head Boom MP (Prototype 2021) Racquet

    I think the Prince Beast 98 has a similar headshape. Pretty good stick
  6. BillKid

    Is Nadal the greatest ever athlete in Tennis ????

    Borg He was an Olympic class athlete Look at the Vichy Superstars event Rankings And 600 m steeple-chase video
  7. BillKid

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Does anybody know when the TFight line will be updated again? Is it a 2 or 3 years cycle?
  8. BillKid

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    Congrats to Tecnifibre and Medvedev for the well deserved first Slam
  9. BillKid

    New Head Frame

    Maybe it reflects specs variation and the RA may be actually lower? I think Head does not provide the RA How the Head size /shape differ between the pro and mp?
  10. BillKid

    Tennis Warehouse: Head Boom MP (Prototype 2021) Racquet

    What makes you think that the Boom is Head answer to the Clash? The Pro seems to be pretty stiff though comfortable according to preliminary reports. Is the pro 310 or 315g unstrung? I understand it’s a 98 not a 100? Thanks for sharing, that racquet is exciting, we’ll see how it goes.
  11. BillKid

    Tennis Warehouse: Head Boom MP (Prototype 2021) Racquet

    What do we know about the specs and different models? Date of release?
  12. BillKid

    If Kyrgios retired today

    It would probably take a while before I notice. Sorry Nick.
  13. BillKid

    Head Racquets Quality Control

    I’m pretty sure only rare players could detect a 4pts SW difference under controlled (blind) conditions Even among the pickiest guys around here
  14. BillKid

    Top 5 all time by tennis historians

    Any list that does not include Federer Djokovic Nadal And Laver Cannot be taken seriously.
  15. BillKid

    New Head Speed Anytime Soon?

    Will they release a new Head Speed in 2022?
  16. BillKid

    Prince updates

    @TW Staff Do you know if the whole current Tour line will be updated or only some racquets? Will they update both Tour 100 310 and Tour 100p?
  17. BillKid

    Can I fill my handle with sand?

    Camembert should produce the same effect, especially in hot weather conditions.
  18. BillKid

    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    It’s definitely a matter of taste But I think 22.6 (let’s say 23) may warrant decent stability for a 305 g frame Thinner beam may be a better fit for a heavier racquet On the paper that prototype ticks all the boxes for me
  19. BillKid

    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    That racquet sounds more appealing every day When do you estimate it will be available?
  20. BillKid

    Prince release a racquet that looks like a Volkl

    I mean this innovation was forgotten in the way that manufacturers did not consider it was a game changer and stopped using it Even Volkl is no longer producing such racquets That’s a typical example of gimmick technology I think.
  21. BillKid

    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    320 is fine for many players at this level It’s not pro player pace And given the wide variability among specs for a single model, you will likely need some weight for fine tuning if you want to get something very accurate. A couple of years ago I read that very few pro players (I think Santoro...
  22. BillKid

    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    Hottest thread on TT for the summer
  23. BillKid

    Ultimate racquet for a 4.5 player

    Looks very promising! Could you let us know the beam thickness? When do you think it will become commercially available? Do you have a rough estimate of your price range? Sorry I know it may be too early but your project is pretty exciting!
  24. BillKid

    which forehand to model after

    I would rather advise to focus on FH fundamentals and develop your own stroke The risk is that you just copy the gimmicks / singularity that every player has in his own FH and miss what is truly essential
  25. BillKid

    Official Wilson Clash thread

    Some are complaining about control with the Clash line Could you give your honest appreciation about the level of control of the Clash 98? I guess it’s not Pro Staff tier but is it that bad? Can you hit semi flat without too much concern?
  26. BillKid

    List of tennis racquets that cause arm/shoulder problem/s.

    You are right and some good players anticipate this when getting old
  27. BillKid

    List of tennis racquets that cause arm/shoulder problem/s.

    You are right Usually the lighter the head heavier A « heavy » + head heavy racquet would not be maneuverable enough Not rarely you will see let’s say 310 g racquets with a SW that is not much higher than a 290 g, because most of the +20g will be towards the handle In addition you don’t see...
  28. BillKid

    List of tennis racquets that cause arm/shoulder problem/s.

    Provocative claim: Tennis elbow is not a Babolat thing. As many players, I used a PD and then an APD with poly string without any problem. These are good racquets for many players and I think there may a bit of bashing here. Main causes of TE are 1- poor technique : TE has always been more...
  29. BillKid

    Prince Beast 98

    Something I like very much with the B98 is that it’s not pingy at all. Had a 2 hours session yesterday + 1 hour this morning just practicing with my tennis pal who is a hard hitter. No discomfort or soreness at all.
  30. BillKid

    Tecnifibre Official - Racquets

    @Tecnifibre Official Is there the same amount of foam in the RS 300 and 305? How does stiffness differ between these 2 frames?