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  1. Spencer Gore

    There can be only the Big 3...2.....1?

    Will next year see Djokovic and Nadal pull away to be joint slam leaders on 21 slams, becoming the Big 2? Then will Djokovic pull away to win his 22nd slam, becoming the Big One? I have to admit, this is becoming more and more like the movie Highlander. There can be only one! And at this...
  2. Spencer Gore

    Why did Federer's grass game decline so badly after the 2008 final?

    Before Roger Federer played the 2008 Wimbledon final he had won his previous 10 grass tournaments in a row. The next ten tournaments, starting with Wimbledon, saw Federer win only 4 times, losing 6. From Wimbledon 2008 to the present, Federer has won only 9 of the 27 grass court tournaments he...
  3. Spencer Gore

    Why did it take until late 2014 for Federer to overtake Murray in their H2H?

    Remarkably, after Federer won their very first meeting back in 2005, against an 18 year old Murray, it took another 9 years before Federer finally had a lead in their H2H. He only went ahead in late 2014. Indeed, during the "peak Federer" years, Murray had a 6-2 lead at one point. What was it...
  4. Spencer Gore

    Who will hold the records?

    When the Big 3 finally shuffle off this tennis mortal coil, who do you think will be the holders of the key tennis records? My predictions: Most Slams: Djokovic Most "Grand Slams": Laver Most consecutive slam titles: Budge Most YE #1 (pre-OE): Gonzales Most YE #1(OE): Djokovic Most weeks at...
  5. Spencer Gore

    Why did Nadal dominate Federer on outdoor courts from 2008-14?

    One of the fascinating aspects of the Nadal-Federer rivalry is how dominant Nadal was over his rival on outdoor courts, particularly when he had matured to a multi-surface player. From 2008-2014 they played 16 times on outdoor surfaces and Nadal won 14, Federer won 2. This included 6 meetings...
  6. Spencer Gore

    Are we entering the third Weak Era or the second Seamless Transition?

    There have been two previous weak eras in the Open Era of tennis and one relatively seamless transition. The first weak era was in the early 70s when the Laver/Rosewall era was clearly over. It took three or four years of the titles being shared among numerous players before Connors and Borg...
  7. Spencer Gore


    In sport, what is usually considered the greater achievement, a relatively short, sharp period of almost complete dominance (with no interruptions) over a small amount of opponents or a longer, more sustained period of dominance (with interruptions) over a large, varied amount of opponents?
  8. Spencer Gore

    A beautiful moment has slipped away, for all of us...

    Perhaps you need the benefit of age to know how sad it was to see the Grand Slam slip away last night. When Laver won the Grand Slam in 69, when I was a young man, I took it for granted that I would see other attempts: some would succeed, some would fail. Yet here we are 52 years later -and I...
  9. Spencer Gore

    Strong Era confirmed

    Medvedev's victory has confirmed that we are probably witnessing a strong era of tennis. The level of play we've seen in the last few months from Medvedev, Zverev, Berrettini, Tsitsipas, Alcaraz etc (many of whom will become multiple slam champs) means that the immediate future of tennis is...
  10. Spencer Gore

    The Quest -The Final Conflict

    For the first time in 52 years we've reached the grand finale of a Quest for the Grand Slam. Only four male players in tennis history have reached this stage (one of them managed it twice). Two of those players went on to seize the crown; two failed at the very last hurdle. Will Djokovic seize...
  11. Spencer Gore

    What would be the best last act of the Grand Slam Open?

    What do we think would be the best last act of this year's fantastic tournament? I mean, the ideal. What you would LIKE to happen, not what you think WILL happen. SEMIS Djokovic v Opelka The man going for the biggest one of all versus the biggest one of all. Having an American player in the...
  12. Spencer Gore

    The Grand Slam Open has been magnificent

    A lot of people were worried/gloating that the US Open would be a flop after Nadal, Federer and the defending champion, Thiem, all dropped out. Instead we've had one of the most exciting slams in years with a record equaling number of five setters, the Tsitsipas-Murray wars and Toilet-gate, the...
  13. Spencer Gore

    Rafa Nadal -the greatest outdoor tennis player in history?

    It is often forgotten or deliberately overlooked, but Nadal is the most successful tennis player in outdoor conditions in the history of the game. He has more outdoor Open Era titles than any other player and is the only player in the entire history of the sport to win his non-Covid slam titles...
  14. Spencer Gore

    Tennis always needs a villain -Enter Tsitsipas!

    Tennis crowds love to have someone they love to hate. The bad boy. The big mouth. The bad loser. The guy who pulls every gamesmanship trick in the book. Jimbo Connors, Nastase, McEnroe, even lesser talents like Jeff Tarango and Nick Kyrgios have enhanced their profile by taking on the role of...
  15. Spencer Gore

    GRAND SLAM -quick summary

    For those who don't want to follow the detail in my other thread but are still interested in how Djokovic is progressing against the previous slam contenders, I'll post a quick summary here. FIRST ROUND SUMMARY: WORST % SEEDS LOSING 2021 (28%) BIGGEST UPSET #9 seed Carreno Busta loses in 5...
  16. Spencer Gore

    The Quest for THE GRAND SLAM: The Final Leg

    It's here! For the first time in 52 years a man has a shot at the Grand Slam. It's been a long wait for old-timers like me! In this thread I'm going to follow Djokovic's progress (if he makes progress) against the equivalent progress made by the four men who previously tried to gain tennis...
  17. Spencer Gore

    Djokovic v Immortality

    As the US Open proceeds, and Novak Djokovic pursues a place in tennis history, I'm going to compare his progress to previous attempts to win The Grand Slam at the final event of the season. The Quest for Tennis Immortality has been made by: 1933 Jack Crawford 1938 Donald Budge 1956 Lew Hoad...
  18. Spencer Gore

    Djokovic part of The Famous Five

    By winning the first three slams of the season, Djokovic has already joined an elite group of tennis players. Only four other players in the history of the men's game have reached the final major of the season with a shot at completing The Grand Slam. The Famous Five are: 1933 JACK CRAWFORD...
  19. Spencer Gore

    Tennis fans should now support DjokovicG

    Now that both Federer and Nadal have withdrawn there is no excuse not to support Djokovic in his quest for the Holy Grail: the mythical Grand Slam. It would be an extraordinary finale to the Big 3 era. It would be a great story for tennis. These things don't happy very often (I've only seen...
  20. Spencer Gore

    The Big 3: life support finally switched off

    It has been a slow painful end but with the news that Nadal is out for the rest of the season alongside Federer we can now unequivocally say the Big 3 era is over and the natural order of things has resumed. Djokovic is the last man standing -and he deserves to be, having broken the records and...
  21. Spencer Gore

    Slams finals won beating a 3+ slam winners (at time of match)

    Edited for clarity: It has been suggested that the future performance of players should have no bearing on the measurement of their current status. Thus, many people are claiming this is a weak era because Djokovic is defeating players who haven't got a slam winning record. It doesn't matter if...
  22. Spencer Gore

    Should Federer do a farewell tour for the fans

    Even if it means losing in the early rounds should Federer do a final farewell year of slam appearances, to allow the tennis family to say goodbye to one of the all-time greats?
  23. Spencer Gore

    Nadal has been the victim of the "younger ATG"phenomenon.

    People continually try and excuse the drop off in Federer's slam winning ability to the fact that he had two younger ATGs coming after him, when Nadal and Djokovic have had none. This is, of course, a semantic trick. Treating Federer as a single entity and Nadal/Djokovic as a single entity. But...
  24. Spencer Gore

    Is this the final Big 3 slam?

    Will the US Open be the final one of all-time? If so, it could be the tie breaker! *The Big 3 have competed together in 51 slams during their careers. In other words, there have been fifty tournaments were all three were in the main draw. There have been 16 slams since all three were eligible...
  25. Spencer Gore

    The Strong Era

    The future is looking very bright. Time to pick your favourite!
  26. Spencer Gore

    This could be a blessing in disguise for Djokovic

    Losing at the Olympics could well be a blessing in disguise for Djokovic. It releases a little of the pressure that would have been building to boiling point before the US Open, it reminds him that he is going to have to fight for every victory in his search for the Grand Slam and it silences...
  27. Spencer Gore

    Djokovic close to Zen tennis perfection

    Djokovic is now close to the sort of Zen tennis perfection last seen in McEnroe's 1984 season. The perfect mixture of talent and self-belief. His opponents seem powerless against him, when he goes into the zone. The only question left is will he, like McEnroe, defeat himself in the one...
  28. Spencer Gore

    As a Nadal fan I'm delighted Djokovic is finally getting the respect he deserves

    An article from today's Guardian in the UK. This is so great for the sport of tennis to have such a wonderful ambassador for the game at the Olympics. It's great to see the respect he gets from his elite fellow athletes. Especially after the shameful disrespect he has received for years from...
  29. Spencer Gore

    The reason no younger ATG has broken through?

    There may well be a very simple reason why no young ATG has broken through to establish themselves. They've had to try and break through three of the greatest players who ever lifted a racquet -who have all been playing at the same time. Nothing is harder than winning that first slam. The vast...
  30. Spencer Gore

    Which was the greater Wimbledon achievement: Borg's 5-in-a-row or Federer's?

    Taking into account the surface, the opposition, the racquet technology etc, which was the greater Wimbledon achievement: Borg's 5-in-a-row or Federer's?