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  1. Crashbaby

    Alu power 1.15 any good?

    I expect a short duration, which is fine as I string my own. But is the magic few hours in this string? My BP has a 344 sw with strike 1.25, so I’m looking to lower the swing weight. Is this a good idea? Also considering this dirt cheap today as it’s on sale for less than half price. or am...
  2. Crashbaby

    Looking to minimise the muted feel of my Yonex’s!

    Have tried poly tour strike, which of the following is less muted but still has good feel? Head Lynx tour Solinco Confidential Head hawk touch Tour bite: not sure if my arm will like this one.. Sets are expensive in Australia, so I want to just to get a reel in the Friday mayhem! Many of the...
  3. Crashbaby

    Yonex liner tech, did it cause the muted feel?

    Thinking about my many and varied yonex’s and the muted feel that’s crept in, in recent years. Lock booster was touted as a feature and a new tech on earlier vcore pro type racquets. So locking the string and preventing any movement at the grommet was advertised as an advancement. Now with...
  4. Crashbaby

    Drop shot in league singles, just got abused for using it...

    League singles straight after doubles is the norm here in Australia, presuming elsewhere as well? Anyhow, I’m in front and throw in a few drop shots. The opponent then says if you’re going to play that sh.., I’m forfeiting. I responded with “you do realise you’re playing singles”. He then walked...
  5. Crashbaby

    Racquet tune, at what percent loss do you restring?

    With full poly I’ve been checking the tension straight off the stringer and then after play. I normally restring after 14 to 15 percent tension loss from the initial racquet tune measurement. Without play, I normally see around 6% loss after 24 hours. Is that being wasteful? Do you guys run...
  6. Crashbaby

    Power and spin: lead added high in the hoop vs extended length

    An extended length racquet provides a higher sweet spot position, this extra leverage results in more power and spin. That’s what we’re often told. Wouldn’t a small amount of lead at 12 also physically move the sweet spot up and also give more added leverage, but with the benefit of less real...
  7. Crashbaby

    Mannerino’s string tension at Wimbledon

    Listening to the commentary at Wimbledon qualifiers the other day and the stringers room came up. The lowest tension was for Mannerino at 13.8kg or 31.42 pounds. Wow! That’s in an Apd, not some control racquet like an aero vs, but the apparently wild Apd. Pretty sure he is still using Alu power...
  8. Crashbaby

    Osaka no longer using yonex poly tour pro mains?

    Anyone know what she has switched to? Her mains are no longer yellow, so looks to have stopped using PTP. Maybe grey poly tour Strike?
  9. Crashbaby

    Osaka no longer using yonex poly tour pro mains?

    Noticed Osaka no longer has yellow main strings, has she changed to poly tour strike in the stone grey colour? Or something else?
  10. Crashbaby

    Federer: Red racquet, but he is on the Blue team?

    Surely someone has noticed that the new limited edition Laver Cup RF97 is red, but Federer plays on the blue team... Heads are about roll at Wilson Marketing... I’m a huge Fed fan and this appears to be a pretty big oversight! Even crazier: I still want one! :)