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  1. Zoolander

    Whats happened to Dunlops hairy balls?

    Just watching and heard commentator say that the balls this year are not fuzzing up after a few games like before, they are actually wearing smooth pretty quick and playing that way. Anyone heard this?
  2. Zoolander

    So poor he had to hand string a racquet?!

    I was just watching a replay of Tsitsipas and Dimitrov. The commentator, who i think is Mark Woodford, said that in his first couple of years on the tour in Europe, stringing was so expensive he and his coach learnt to hand string his racquets. Not only that, if he broke a string they replaced...
  3. Zoolander

    Head ATP =/= Tour balls?

    I loved the ATP balls. I read that they were just rebranded as the Tour balls last year but reviews i have read say the Tour balls are nowhere near as good. Anyone tried the Tours and have thoughts?
  4. Zoolander

    Volkl Pallets gone bye byes?

    Do volkl racquets still use pallets? If so have they stopped making replacement pallets for sale? Cannot find them anywhere now. They gone.
  5. Zoolander

    Wherefore art thou, Blade buttcaps?

    Cant find these anywhere? The buttcaps on my RF and WUT are impressively rubbish, and i like the flare on the blades. I could just wrap tape on them, but where are Blade buttcaps for sale?
  6. Zoolander

    Dynamic string patterns?

    What was the point of many racquet makers (such as Wilson) in the 80’s/90’s using dynamic string patterns, where the centre mains and crosses were very tight but the outside were widely spaced? I always thought that S&V players liked them but baseliners preferred consistent string spacing, but...
  7. Zoolander

    RF97a molded handle and weight

    Anybody removed the molded handle on a RF97a? If so did you find metal weights in the handle and where were they? Thanks
  8. Zoolander

    Begone, foul RF97 velvet paint.....

    I have a black white tux RF97. Has anybody tried taking the black velvet finish off, with turps or paint stripper etc? If so, is there a black gloss layer underneath? Danke
  9. Zoolander

    R.I.P A.E.L.T.C

    Whichever moron in there decided that a 5th set tiebreak was a good way to finish a mens final needs to be shot. Brutally. And repeatedly. What a crappy, crappy end to an otherwise great set.
  10. Zoolander

    Best buttcap staple remover thingy

    So i have removed a bazillion buttcaps and the staples are always a pain. No longer! Found one of those 5in1 kitchen tools that have a fold out blade etc in my box of things. I have used the corkscrew on it before to remove silicone inside a handle and bingo! Corkscrews are great for removing...
  11. Zoolander

    Point of dynamic string patterns?

    What is the point of the dynamic string patterns as used by Wilson and others back in the 80’s and 90’s, where the mains/crosses are very tight in the middle and much more open at the edges? I always assumed that serve and volley players preferred them, and baseliners generally prefer a more...
  12. Zoolander

    Quick thoughts on new Prince TTT95 & 100P.

    Criminal how these racquets have no interest on here yet. Prince are kicking goals with their recent racquets. I recently got a quick hit in with them both, as well as the 03 Beast 98 and the crappy MXG1. The TTT95 demo came in 5g underweight, which was great as 337g strung is a little heavier...
  13. Zoolander

    New Prince tex twaron tour 95..... you likey?

    Anybody tried this baby yet? I likey the old one but with a bit more stiffness i was thinking in my brain that i might likey this one even more. Yes?
  14. Zoolander

    Who plays for YOUR life in deciding sets?

    Djoko? Ha. Fed? Puhleese. He might break when you look at him the wrong way, the Elijah Price to Djokos Bruce Willis, but Nishikori now has the highest deciding set win rate in the open era, 75% to Djokos 74%. Surprised? Yep, me too. And just a little crapped off that he beat Dr Ivo in 5 in...
  15. Zoolander

    Convince me to buy the RF97 tux version somebody. I need to spend money, stat!

    T.O have a sale, buy 2 RF97 tux versions for $150 each. I can weigh and spec both and keep the lightest (hoping Wilson QC gives me one about 340g strung with 325W. Am i expecting too much, even from Wilson?!) Have read the tux version swings "lighter" or faster to swing than the previous...
  16. Zoolander

    Mains spacing....

    Looking at a 360 speed pro and I notice the same thing as many racquets. The mains string spacing is uneven. The centre mains have a wider spacing, then the spacing to the next 2 mains is smaller. Then the next 2 outer mains have slightly wider spacing, next outer 2 smaller etc. Why? Why isnt...
  17. Zoolander

    What tension?

    Have a speed pro, 100 inch 18*20, red lynx strings at unknown tension but register at 31lbs on the racquetune app. What tension would i have to string it at in order to get a 31lb reading with racquetune? Interested to know, it feels quite soft but manageable. thanks
  18. Zoolander

    Speed Pro; 360 v touch comparisons?

    Anybody have both versions can give me their thoughts? Had a long demo of touch version which i liked but thinking of going straight to 360...... underrated racquets me think. Especially keen to know if the string pattern really is a more open 18*20 on the 360, and if the hoop shape is the same...
  19. Zoolander

    Why do Tec racquets FEEL like crap?

    Is it just me? The last couple of years I have demoed a few Tecnifibre racquets. ATM I have the 305 XTC. It hits very solidly like the other Tecs and I play well with it. I think I could easily keep it....... But it FEELS terrible, like the other Tecs! Granted I like a solid and muted feel, and...
  20. Zoolander

    Gosen overgrips

    Hi @TW Staff! Is there a reason why you dont stock Gosen overgrips, and they are very hard to come by? Particulary the super grip overgrips (AC26SP)..... they are the best bar none! thanks
  21. Zoolander

    Nick De Minaur would be a great player.

    If Kyrgios and Di Minaur had a baby, he would be a great tennis player. One has the shots, the other has the heart..... and isn’t a crazy nutjob.
  22. Zoolander

    Thin beam with stable hoop

    So out of interest i want to know....... whats a thin beam racquet with a very stable hoop? ie none of the "flutter" and slight twisting you often get with the thinner beams? Is if theres a thin beam ( under 22mm is "thin" for me) out there that offers the hoop stability of a wider beam racquet?
  23. Zoolander

    Yonex VCORE v Ezone gripshape

    Does anybody know if there’s a difference in gripshape between the Yonex Ezone and VCORE lines? Had an Ezone dr98 demo a while back and liked the racquet but thought yep, grip is too round for my liking. But just got a VCORE pro 97 and a VCORE duel G100 and both seem to have a more rectangular...
  24. Zoolander

    Praise the Lord for Ando and Isner!

    Because of these two outstanding gentlemen and their marathon match, we now have some mens tennis to watch tonight, instead of watching re-runs of Hogans Heroes in a desperate attempt to avoid the womens final. I think the women finalists should forfeit their millions of pounds prizemunies and...
  25. Zoolander

    Muguruza has a broken arm!

    She has to. Im watching her and Stosur (because Foxsports deems this to be better than Fog v Edmund, unbelievably) and every time shes hits the ball she screams like shes in horrific pain. :eek: Its ridiculous! She just screamed when she hit a lob! A ******* lob! Its outta control, man...
  26. Zoolander

    New Head line to keep touch?

    If they keep true to their timetable the new line of speeds should be coming out in a few months, instincts at end of year. Anyone know if Head will keep the touch rubber or ditch it? I like the muted feel, its no twaron/kevlar but it makes modern racquets with poly much more bearable. Had a...
  27. Zoolander

    Poly thats soft, fat and sticky

    Looking for a poly thats medium-soft, comes in a fatter gauge, and offers no snapback or shaped profile for any extra spin whatsoever. Thoughts?
  28. Zoolander

    Removing pallets the easy way

    We all seen the video of the guy on youtube removing pallets on his PC600 with his hairdryer, and how it seems so easy untill you realise he edits out the hour and a half of constant blow drying while he burns his hands and they crack anyway because thats what pallets do and the boiling water...
  29. Zoolander

    Lets talk about bricks.......

    99% of the bricks i have ever seen are dark red. So why the hell are clay courts a glow orange colour? Do clay court makers go out of their way to find some bright orange bricks and say, “si! These bright naranja bricks will look horrible on tv, no?” Trying to watch Tsitsipants and Busta play...
  30. Zoolander

    Notice the similarities?

    Just sayin.......