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  1. clutch21

    Klip gut sale

    This string was on sale for $20 (when buying 3 or more packs) a few weeks back. How often does that sale happen? And any sale planned in the near future? Thanks.
  2. clutch21

    Kirschbaum max rough power reel vs single set, different feel?

    I recently bought a kirschbaum max power rough 18g reel to save money after using the individual packs. It didn't feel like the same string. Not as lively, lower powered, not as much spin. I restrung from the reel 5 or 6 times with the same results. I thought it was maybe due to the change in...
  3. clutch21

    US open/Queens tennis- Aug 26-28- looking for doubles

    Will be visiting the US open this coming August with a family member. Looking for mens doubles somewhere relatively close by. Combined NTRP is in the ballpark of 8.0. low-mid 4.5 and low 4.0. Any tips on getting court access nearby is also greatly appreciated!
  4. clutch21

    Moving to Temple/Belton- Tx 4.5

    This feels like a long shot, but I'm moving to the Temple Belton area for residency and am looking for someone to hit with or tips on local leagues to break into. I'm a 4.5. Please email if interested or have any local tips! Thanks.
  5. clutch21

    Gamma fixed clamp base loosening

    Hello TT stringers! I have a gamma STII. I've had a chronic problem where only one of the clamps continually loosen on the base end that secures the clamp to the stringing machine. It gets to where the the rotating clamp will turn all the way without fully tightening to the base. I have to...
  6. clutch21

    Hybriding X1 Biphase to cut cost

    Settled in on full bed of x-one biphase in my RF97 after tinkering with several polys. The only problem I have with this set up is the cost, as I'm only getting about 5-6 sets per string job. Durability isn't a huge concern since I string myself. I'm going to try some string savers to increase...
  7. clutch21

    Need help identifying strings

    I hit the TW used racquet jackpot recently with some awesome strings on an RF97 that I purchased. The spin and playability of the strings have been awesome. Only problem is, I have no clue what these strings are. The pics are below. The cross strings are white and feel a bit like a soft round...
  8. clutch21

    RF97 matching service

    Hey TW, I'm wondering if I purchased 2 RF97s using the matching service, what's the lowest swing weight RF97s I could reasonably expect to get? Additionally, have you come across any RF97s that have a balance in the realm of 10-11 pts HL rather than 9 pts? Thanks for your time!
  9. clutch21

    Breaking away from the PS85, looking for suggestions

    I'm trying to find an alternative to my PS85 (stock form, no mods) which I've been hooked on for a few years now. I play 4.5 and have had good success with it in league, even against the more powerful spin players. With that said, I do get pushed around a little more than I'd like. I want...
  10. clutch21

    Advice needed on hybrid set up (poly in the crosses)

    I've found a sensational set up for my DR98. X-one biphase 17 @ 54 in the mains with solinco revolution 17 @ 51 in the crosses. Very comfortable and playable with great spin potential. However, the durability is terrible relative to the cost. Took about 2.5-3 hours before the biphase notched to...
  11. clutch21

    PS85 stock

    Hey TW, Just curious if you are anticipating permanently going out of stock of the PS85s any time soon? I would like to buy a couple before I can no longer find them new. Thanks!
  12. clutch21

    Problems shipping racquets via USPS?

    I've been exchanging and buying/selling racquets for several years now in attempts to feed my addiction. For several years i've been shipping racquets via USPS using two priority (non flat rate) boxes taped together- a method I read about on this forum. Never had a problem and was cheap and...
  13. clutch21

    Why can't the NTRP rankings be more consistent?

    I've played in local leagues in two different cities now and every local league I've played calls their 4.0s, 4.5s.. their 3.5s, 4.0s.. and so on. If I play at 4.5 in USTA, I shouldn't have to adjust my ranking for a local league. It should be consistent. Personal example- I'm a .500 player...
  14. clutch21

    Wise 2086

    Hey TW, How is the stock count and price point on the Wise? I'm planning on purchasing but I think I'm going to wait a week or two. I wanted to make sure there is no imminently planned price increase or low stock count. I know the last wait time after the WISE was out of stock was quite...
  15. clutch21

    Just another Wise 2086 thread

    I'm most likely going to get a wise 2086 for my gamma profession stii. However, I've been reviewing threads on the wise and the discussion of the declining quality of the Wise has me worried. I gather that these thoughts have come about by circumstantial evidence and anecdotes.. nothing...
  16. clutch21

    Stick recommendations (speed ytk mp)

    I haven't had much success trying to find a racquet to succeed my old battered down Head Speed Youtek MP 18x20. If I could find some more of these new, I would scoop them up. The IG Speed and Graphene Pro felt completely different than their predecessor so those sticks are a no go. I'm...
  17. clutch21

    getting bumped down for medical reason/how to do it?

    Hey all, I'm in a sort of an unfortunate situation. I played in a USTA 4.0 league as a self rate last spring. I did pretty well, although did lose a few matches. I ended up getting bumped up at the very end of the season. I probably deserved to be bumped up at the time. I was probably around...
  18. clutch21

    Good multipurpose orthotic?

    I'm looking for an orthotic that is good for just walking around, as well as to use in my tennis shoes. I'm thinking that I'm starting to develop haglund's deformity also, as i'm experiencing Achilles pain and have a noticeable bony protuberance on the back of one of my Achilles. Is there any...
  19. clutch21

    Spitting on the court?

    Maybe one of my biggest pet peeves. I haven't seen it much.. maybe 3 or 4 times ever. But, it just really ticks me off. If you need to spit then try to spit through the fence.. not on the court where we are playing. It's likely just bad habit leftover from playing baseball or something. Has...
  20. clutch21

    Demo suggestions

    Hey guys, I am going to demo some new racquets soon.. not because I am in need of a new racquet but because I am addicted to buying new racquets (ahh..feels good to get that off my chest). Anyways to give you guys some background, I am a low to medium 4.5 player USTA ranked. I rely on my...
  21. clutch21

    First USTA tourney tomorrow + bad luck

    I am participating in my first USTA tourney tomorrow in 4.5 singles. I have been looking forward to it all week. Last night I decided to play some basketball after my tennis plans fell through. Well, guess what happened.. I ended up rolling my ankle :/ It's not a terrible sprain but still pretty...
  22. clutch21

    Is this a 9 pack bag or 6 pack bag?

    This is from the babolat aero line. I considering buying it from someone on talk tennis but he was a little unsure of whether it is the 9 pack or 6 pack. Can someone clarify? Thanks, Ryan
  23. clutch21

    Is this DQ Ridiculous?

    Hey guys/gals, So I just started play USTA league tennis this year in Texas. After speaking to some people, including putting a video up on talk tennis to find out an approximate rating, I decided to play 4.0 USTA (Some people told me 3.0-3.5 but I went ahead and self rated 4.0). I started...
  24. clutch21

    Should junior and adult tennis mix?

    I'm from Austin, Tx and we have a pretty cool ladder set up here. There are quite a few people who play on it and it's only $10 a year to join so it's a pretty sweet deal. I have been playing on the ladder for a little less than a year and love it. I only have one gripe. Lately, there has...
  25. clutch21

    Towel suggestion

    Hey TW, You make products in your own brand such as hats, shirts, bags, etc. Why not make a towel? Other tennis towels on this site such as the ATP one, are a tad pricy. It would be nice to be able to order some tennis towels from this site for a reasonable price. I would definitely buy a...
  26. clutch21

    Help with cheapest shipping option

    Hey guys, I need to ship three racquets to Australia (from Texas). I was wondering if someone could point me in a specific direction with regards to which carrier to go with (i.e. USPS, UPS, etc.). Also, what specific box or combination of boxes to use, like are there two specific boxes at a...
  27. clutch21

    Racquet advice: BLX 95 16x18 vs 18x20

    I am a 4.5 player and I tried out the 16x18 and was amazed with how it hit on pretty much all types of shots. I think I'm going to make the switch... I'm coming off the head speed 18x20 (non IG). Again I am around the 4.5 level. I can put it away on the forehand side and hit with a good deal...
  28. clutch21

    Hey Irvin, help

    I think I remember you giving someone advice on what to do if their fixed clamps kept becoming loose after 2 jobs or so and they need to be retightened each time... I can't find the thread. I believe you mentioned something about buying a new kind of nut or something. Any way you could...
  29. clutch21

    Recommendations for good value shoes?

    Hey I'm looking for some shoes on a limited budget. I don't really want to spend more than $60 to $70 on tennis shoes. What shoes out there (on TW) are a good value for the money? Thanks!
  30. clutch21

    Head Rip Control Pricing?

    I saw that the price of rip control went up considerably. However if you buy 7 packs it's still price the same at $5.90 per set. My question is do you foresee this price also going up in the near future to reflect the increase of the price of a single set or will it stay the same? Thanks