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  1. LordRaceR

    where I can buy pallets ?

    You can’t put Head pallet on Babolat racquet, at least not easy. Hairpin on Babolats is bigger so, L2 grip is impossible. L3 is on the edge. L4 is fine, because you have enough room to mod the pallet to fit.
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    Djokovic News

  3. LordRaceR

    Ivanovic's racket history

    long time ago...
  4. LordRaceR

    Replacement grips what are some goods ones?

    Yep, Head Hydrosorb Pro is my choice also...
  5. LordRaceR

    Racquet grip resizers

    Hmm, don't know that such things exist. You can only fabricate something yourself, but I think there are better solutions if you are willing to do some mods. For me, best and easiest for now is to use Head pallet. There are TK82 standard and TK82S rounded, so options are there. Remove all foam...
  6. LordRaceR

    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    power lynx, durability tour, trajectory control tour...
  7. LordRaceR

    Pure Strike Tour 3rd gen

    I still have to demo new Strike in my setup, didn’t have time to tinker with racquet this year … Tested one very briefly but only in stock form and that was it. Too short for any conclusions expect that feels bit different and definitely more muted but not bad. Was thinking about trying the...
  8. LordRaceR

    Advice on picking a Head frame

    Gravity Tour is my recommendation, really nice package of everything, great racquet. Weight give you nice room for customization, if you need it, like more headlight balance etc.
  9. LordRaceR

    Babolat losing ground?

    True, true... :) That is designer department fault, not marketing :)
  10. LordRaceR

    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Sorry, compared it to Hyper G because I wanted to test them side by side. I only compare strings when they are on the two same racquets and with same tension, and now Hyper G and Lynx Tour are “on the menu”. :) They are definitely not the same, but similar enough… like most co-poly shaped...
  11. LordRaceR

    Babolat losing ground?

    A “Bad” thing is also, Babolat has best marketing in the business. They have just “3 racquets colors”. If you want to be Rafa, buy yellow. If you want to be Thiem, buy white. If you want to be cool Italian dude, buy blue. All “colors” are pretty different from each odder, and at the first...
  12. LordRaceR

    Head Lynx Tour - Official Thread

    Testing two setups: Lynx in crosses, Lynx Tour and Hyper G in the mains. Of the stringer, Lynx Tour felt bit stiffer then Hyper G. Spin and feel was better with Hyper G, so continued playing with that setup. After Hyper G broke, got back to the racquet with Lynx Tour in the mains. It has been...
  13. LordRaceR

    Pure Strike 98 +

    No, I don’t. I can just describe what you can do. Remove the base grip and butt cap. Butt cap is long enough that can accommodate a bit of extra length. So, use some stronger duck tape and make 1 or 2 circles around the handle. Butt cap has some ridges inside and when you press it hard, it will...
  14. LordRaceR

    Babolat losing ground?

    It would be nice, since the Aero and Drive are one of the worst things that happened to tennis in last 20 years, but I doubt it... Surprise, surprise, its all about money. When company invest more in junior sponsorship, they have more young players on tour, that is pretty simple. But those...
  15. LordRaceR

    Pure Strike 98 +

    You can do it if you want to customize. For some reason Babolat make them bit shorter than 27”, so I extended all to 27”. Made one bit longer (27 and ¼ - 69cm) for testing purposes. It’s easily done and it’s reversible if you don’t like it.
  16. LordRaceR

    It’s weird seeing pants and long sleeves on the Tour

    Sorana`s match should be on central court...
  17. LordRaceR

    Is the pure strike tour right for me? If not, I'd love some recommendations

    Standard Strike is 305g, plus over grip and strings it comes roughly 325g (if we hopefully assume that racquet is on the spec). Tour is more like in 340-345g range all in, so that is quite lot more. But if you are college level player, then that weight should be helpful. If you aiming for that...
  18. LordRaceR

    Pure Strike Tour 3rd gen

    It’s almost the year now that I am playing with Pure Strike 2017 16x19, weighted up to 348g. Still very happy with it, no reason to think about changing the racquet in near future. Only half reason is annoyance of lead tape sometimes coming off. Of course, I can put it outside or under the...
  19. LordRaceR

    2020 Head Prestige 360+

    Things that make you go hmmmm…. Pro is 95” head, MP 98”, 22mm thick, hmm. Only “Mid” is interesting, never tried those newer 16x19 versions. Anyway, Head lost their mind long ago...
  20. LordRaceR

    The Babolat Pure Strike Project Two Zero Thread

    Got into the Strikes bit late… Bought one at new year and one recently, and after mods I am really happy with it. Dont have any complaints so I doubt that can make it noticeably better. Ok, more of everything is always nice… bot not realistic. Dont like the new paint job so will probably got...
  21. LordRaceR

    2017 Pure Strike

    Thanks for input. Most of them are 26.9 obviously, and there are some that are 26.8 and 27”. I did move but cap to give me exactly 27” and now it’s spot on, very happy with it. Now I am thinking buying another one and match them. Only thing left is “embarrassment feeling” of using a...
  22. LordRaceR

    Heavy racquets

  23. LordRaceR

    Racquet Recommendation (coming from Prestige Pro IG)

    My Youtek Prestige’s: 325g (around that, don’t remember exactly) + strings (around 15g) + 12g of lead (6g on both sides on 3 and 9) + overgip + vibra stop = 356g, 32.8 balance.
  24. LordRaceR

    Racquet Recommendation (coming from Prestige Pro IG)

    Was using Youtek Prestige Pro for long time and now I switched to Pure Strike 2017 16x19. It requires some mods to be good, leather grip and some weight it the hoop, but over 340g plays really, really nice. That is what I did; total weight is 346g, bit less then 356g specs on my Prestige Pro...
  25. LordRaceR

    2017 Pure Strike

    Yeah, but... Few days ago I had a chance to hit with “original” Strike that I loaned for the test couple of months ago. It was 10min with the wall as a partner, and was hitting with that Strike and mine “side by side” as wanted to be sure I replicated the specs exactly. Only thing I noticed is...
  26. LordRaceR

    2017 Pure Strike

    i know, but... measured it before and after stringing, same 26.9 before and after… Just now, I measured new one in the shop – 26.8 …. hmmm
  27. LordRaceR

    2017 Pure Strike

    No one have time for quick measurement? Strike I have is 26.9 inches…. Prestige Pro`s I got are all exactly 27.. Is this length normal for Strike or is it poor quality control, I wonder…
  28. LordRaceR

    2017 Pure Strike

    If isn’t too much of trouble, can Strike owners measured racquet length? Is it 27 inching or a bit less? Thanks.
  29. LordRaceR

    Thiem using Pure Strike

    damn... this is one ugly paintjob. late this year probably...
  30. LordRaceR

    2017 Pure Strike

    For long time I am advocate of stringing polys low. In any racquets, there is absolutely no need for full bed of poly to be strung over 23kg (50 pounds). When I was comparing Pure Strike with Youtek Prestige Pro, was doing it at 23/22 kg with my standard Alu Power 16L string. After that, tried...