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  1. flymeng

    Coach Patrick Mouratoglou

    Coach Patrick Mouratoglou has been an inspiration to Serena Williams since 2012. Serena has won 8 majors in less than 4 years and may win USO this year. His former students include Grigor Dimitrov, Marcos Baghdatis, Laura Robson and etc. Does anyone know his tennis background? Was he a former...
  2. flymeng

    What happened to Rafter in 1997?

    Rafter won one small tournament prior to 1997. He was considered a journeyman player in the big leagues. In 1997, he reached the semis of FO and won the USO. Chang was the favorite in the USO semis but lost to him in straight sets. What happened to his game? I think his ground strokes improved...
  3. flymeng

    Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner?

    Let's say you have a full time job making $100K/year as an engineer. You were a pretty good collegiate player and not settled down yet. Would you take up a job as a pro hitting partner and travel around the world for half the salary? A good example is Michael Joyce, Maria's ex hitting partner...
  4. flymeng

    WooooHoooot vs Arrgghhuuuhh

    I can't stand both of them but I think WooooHooooot will win in 3 sets.
  5. flymeng

    Novak Djokovic vs Juan Martin Del Potro

    I am predicting upset. Del Potro in 4 tight sets.
  6. flymeng

    Night matches at Ashe are not watchable!

    I have little interest in watching the night matches at Ashe stadium because they are so lopsided. I am glad they added 5 more courts on their website. I guess it will get more interesting till they reach the 3rd round.
  7. flymeng

    Could Ernie be the dark horse?

    Ernie beat Tommy in 5 sets. I know it is only the first round. He has a big game but mentally fragile. He is in Ferrer's quarter. Assuming he wins the next match and plays Gasguet in the 3rd round. I don't see him beating Ferrer but miracles can happen.
  8. flymeng

    Is Blake playing in the USO?

    He is rank 115 currently. Played a close match against Roddick tonite. Does he need a wild card? This may be his last tournament.
  9. flymeng

    Name this player

    He was considered a dark horse in USO during the mid 90s. Agassi and Sampras did not like playing against him because of his big ground strokes. Numerous injuries could have robbed him of major titles. I will give more clues if you guys have trouble but I doubt it.
  10. flymeng

    The dark horses of USO 2012

    Nadal is out of the tournament. Old man Federer is slowing down. Murray may brain cramp. Djokovic is no where near 2011 form. USO 2012 is up for grabs. Who are the dark horses? I am picking Nikolai Davydenko to win it all.
  11. flymeng

    Atlanta Open (7/14 - 7/22)

    The Atlanta Open starts this weekend with the qualifying rounds. Are there anyone from TW forum who live in Atlanta and planning to go to the event? I will go to at least 1 day session, (7/18 or 7/19). I can go after 5PM. They moved the venue to Atlantic Station in Midtown...
  12. flymeng

    Who is this player?

    I have won 1 single and 1 doubles titles in my career. I have winning records over John McEnroe and Pete Sampras. My best major performance was at the US Open quarter finals. Do you know this player?
  13. flymeng

    Biggest bully

    Johnny Mac - You cannot be serious! Answer the question, jerk! Jimmy Connors - You are an abortion! Get out of the chair! You are a bum! Serena Williams - I swear to God I'll f***ing take this ball and shove it down your f***ing throat! Andy Roddick - You are an idiot! You have to be a...
  14. flymeng

    Crazy scheduling!

    Why in the world would USTA schedule the men's semis ahead of women's semis on Saturday? They are playing women's final on Sunday and men's final on Monday.
  15. flymeng

    No tennis on Tuesday

    I saw the schedule for Tuesday and wondered why mixed doubles will be played instead of ladies singles on Ashe stadium at nite. P. Mcenroe reported it will rain all day and nite tomorrow. 90% chance according to
  16. flymeng

    Can Marty pull a Rafter at the USO?

    He is playing good. I am impressed that he kept up with the Joker. True journey man in the big leagues. His career is on the similar path as Rafter except that he is older and has a different playing style. It could happen if there are major upsets at the USO.
  17. flymeng

    LA Open Final: Fish vs Gulbis

    It will be a good match. Fish with new found attitude and Gulbis with Canas's coaching. Both are playing awesome. Who will win? I say Gulbis in 3 sets.
  18. flymeng

    Becker to Woods, "I feel your pain".

    Tennis great, Becker has expressed sympathy to Woods for cheating on his wife. What an understanding guy!
  19. flymeng

    ESPN2 is not covering weekend nite matches

    ESPN2 is not covering weekend nite matches. This really sucks compare to USA. I wish USA had renewed their contract. I miss USA's intro music.
  20. flymeng

    What does Blake need to do to beat Fed?

    I think their last meeting was in Cincy 2007. I remembered Blake played poorly in the first set and lost the match. What does Blake need to do? Here is my list:- 1) Show patience instead of trying to out hit Fed. 2) Hit to Fed's backhand. 3) Stop saying "Too Good". 4) Don't fall behind...
  21. flymeng

    Blake vs. Cilic

    The match just started. Who will win?
  22. flymeng

    Your favorite US Open nite match

    My favorite US Open nite match is Martin vs Rusedski. If I could remember, Martin was down 2 sets and rallied to beat Rusedski. I think the match ended after 1 AM. :p
  23. flymeng

    Your favorite journeyman player

    Who is your favorite journeyman player who has achieved some success in the latter stages of his career? I said Rafter and Blake at first but I was wrong since they are too successful. Now, I pick Wally Masur.
  24. flymeng

    Can Blake win it all if Roddick beats Fed?

    Let's say, Fed is having a bad day and could not return Roddick's serve. He ended up loosing. Blake meets Roddick in the semis and beats him in 4 tight sets. On the other half, Nadal takes care of Djokovic. There, you have a Nadal and Blake finals. What are the chances of this happening? :smile:
  25. flymeng

    NBC-Age of Love with Mark Philippoussis

    I am shock to see Mark Philippoussis in this new TV reality show, Age of Love on NBC. It starts next Monday. I think about 20 women in their 20s and 40s are going to woo him. Here is the link.
  26. flymeng

    Gonzales's service motion

    Gonzales's service motion is a bit odd. There is a jerk motion when he opens his racket face during the ball toss. I can remember one player who has that similar service motion but forgotten his name. Was it Jim Courier?
  27. flymeng

    Anyone staying up to watch Serena's match?

    I am on the east coast. Luckily I have a day off today (MLK day). But I am still unsure if I want to stay up to watch Serena's match. P McEnroe said to make a pot of coffee and continue watching.
  28. flymeng

    What would be a good signal for Maria?

    Here is the scenario: Maria is playing her tight 3rd set against Kim Clijsters. She has been drinking a lot of fluids and eating bananas. She has not taken a leak. Yuri is getting worried that her full bladder might slow down her game. What would Yuri do to send a signal to Maria? Any...
  29. flymeng

    Michael Joyce gets no respect.

    Michael Joyce is only call Maria Sharapova's hitting partner but not coach. Michael is an ex-pro. The highest ranking he had achieved is 64. Not too bad. Yuri is Maria's official coach. Do you think Yuri has better tennis knowledge and skills than Michael? What are Yuri's credentials? We know...
  30. flymeng

    Songs selection from Ashe stadium

    I couldn't help but laugh at the clever songs selection in the Ashe stadium. For example, when Gasquet/Hewitt match passed midnight, they played "Gimme, Gimme, Gimme a man of the midnight", a vintage Abba song. A few minutes ago, when the rain started kicking in, they played "Here comes the...