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  1. Vensai

    Should Roger Federer commit to Davis Cup in 2015?

    After winning his first Davis Cup title in 2014, Roger Federer's draw in 2015 isn't half bad. Should he give another go at it?
  2. Vensai

    Where do you rank Roy Emerson?

    Obviously, Roy Emerson had an excellent amateur career in both singles and doubles. However, while he was not on the level of the top pros, he is still a great champion. Where would you rank him (For example: between Edberg and Wilander)?
  3. Vensai

    Carlos Moya steps down as Davis Cup captain

    According to the news, Carlos Moya is abdicating his position as Spain's Davis Cup captain after the team fell out of the World Group.
  4. Vensai

    French Open 1984 vs French Open 1989

    In both of the French Open finals of 1984 and 1989, McEnroe and Edberg both lost their best chance of winning one FO title. Which loss do you think was more disappointing?
  5. Vensai

    Louise Brough Clapp Dies at 90

    Sadly, one of the great female tennis players has recently passed away. Hopefully her contributions to tennis will never be forgotten. :( Article:
  6. Vensai

    Ellsworth Vines vs Lew Hoad

    Both of these players had a reputation as being unbeatable when on, though inconsistently so. Kramer had the opinion that: "Both were very strong guys. Both succeeded at a very young age.... Also, both were very lazy guys. Vines lost interest in tennis (for golf) before he was thirty, and Hoad...
  7. Vensai

    Your Davis Cup Team

    I was watching the Davis Cup matches recently and wondered who you would have on a Davis Cup Team to play for your life, regardless of nationality.