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  1. Rango

    Is 1/4 size higher for Racquet fitment from perfect fit a problem?

    Hi guys. So i think i found a racquet that i am going to buy. I went and measured my grip size and it's 4 1/4 with 4 1/8 being slightly better fit then 4 1/4 but both perfect really I was able to fit index finger perfectly in 4 1/4 and 4 1/8 with 4 1/8 being more tighter, snugger fit for my...
  2. Rango

    Racquet recommendation? Babolat Pure Drive vs Babolat Boost Drive?

    Hi guys. So few yrs ago 7 or 8 i rented Babolat raquet and i played great with it. I love it. It was blue and white. Unfortunately i don't remember the model name of it but i'm assuming it was Babolat Pure Drive as it's i think only racquet that it's blue that Babolat sells. Forgive me for this...