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  1. clutch21

    Best racket brand?

    1a. Angell 1b. Yonex 2. everyone else
  2. clutch21

    What is the racket of the decade?

    TW re-issue PS85.
  3. clutch21

    Closest RF Racquet compared to the original Pro Staff 85

    Just find another used PS85. There is no real substitute. Angell TC90 or 95 with similar weighting/balance may come somewhat close, but I never was able to find a good surrogate. K90 swingweight is much higher than the PS85, which makes it quite a bit different in my experience. There just...
  4. clutch21

    1st Stringing Machine - tabletop, $1K budget

    If you can get the ELS for 1k and don't care about spending at the top end of your budget, go for that. You'll get the most efficiency out of an electronic machine which seems to be a high priority for you. If going non electronic, I'd recommend a crank over a drop weight for sake of efficiency...
  5. clutch21

    Degenerative meniscus tear at 32??

    I'm a radiologist. A meniscal tear by definition is traumatic. Degeneration of the meniscus can predispose to tearing, however I find it highly unlikely that you had preceding degeneration of the meniscus at your age. And based on the MR still shot you provided, I don't see signal abnormality...
  6. clutch21

    Klip gut sale

  7. clutch21

    Klip gut sale

    This string was on sale for $20 (when buying 3 or more packs) a few weeks back. How often does that sale happen? And any sale planned in the near future? Thanks.
  8. clutch21

    Is The Wilson Pro Staff 85 The Easiest Frame To Serve Big With? Are PS85 topspin groundie woes a myth?

    Came back to my PS85s a couple weeks ago after using the TC95 for a few years. Love both sticks, but there’s just something about the PS85. It’s like an extension of my arm. Placement, plow through, and feel are all superb. The backhand slice is beyond wicked. I’ve been on the lookout for a few...
  9. clutch21

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Thanks for this link, very helpful for my questions.
  10. clutch21

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I think it would have to increase SW some. Even if you add nothing but weight to the handle, the force needed to rotate the racquet at the focal point (the handle) would increase, albeit less so than adding weight at the hoop. The 320g 10 HL is an interesting idea. How’s the swing weight compare...
  11. clutch21

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I need some input. I'm planning on ordering the V3 TC95 18x20 63 RA. Curiosity has got the better of me even though my classic TC95 is perfect. My current TC95s are 320g 12 pts HL. I'm debating whether to up the weight for a little more plow through by going with the 330g 12 pt HL version. Main...
  12. clutch21

    PENN ATP BALL, what happened to the quality? Anyone else experience this?

    I just ordered a case this past December and all the cans I've used have been good thus far. Maybe you got a batch that was sitting in the factory for too long.
  13. clutch21

    My quest: Finding the best overgrip (Results!)

    Has anyone else noticed the sharp drop in quality from wilson pro overgrips in the last few years? The newer grips feel much thinner and flimsier than what Wilson used to put out. I found an old unused pro grip to compare to.. the difference is quite striking.
  14. clutch21

    The Official Angell Users Club

    Anybody who can directly compare the V2 and V3 TC95 18x20 RA 63? I'm super happy with my TC95 (320g 12) but am thinking of getting one with slightly more weight in the 330g option. Now that the V3 is out, it's hard to fight the urge to get one and try it.
  15. clutch21

    Kirschbaum max rough power reel vs single set, different feel?

    I recently bought a kirschbaum max power rough 18g reel to save money after using the individual packs. It didn't feel like the same string. Not as lively, lower powered, not as much spin. I restrung from the reel 5 or 6 times with the same results. I thought it was maybe due to the change in...
  16. clutch21

    Would you pay $250 for a better bag?

    No. I don't think tennis bag durability is that much of an issue. I've had the same 12 racket Babolat bag for 8+ years now and I bought it lightly used for under $50.
  17. clutch21

    any professional psychologists in the forum?

    No one can definitively answer the question. In theory, a psychiatrist would be the most qualified to do so though, not a psychologist. With that said, it seemed to me that yesterday was a combination of narcissism/egotism paired with the pressure of feeling like she had to win. The atmosphere...
  18. clutch21

    GOAT Umpire???

    Jokes aside, no way he should have taken a game from Serena. Just too big of a moment to interject yourself in the match like that. It hurt Osaka just as much, because she would have won it cleanly without the drama that detracted from her fantastic play and GS win.
  19. clutch21

    US open/Queens tennis- Aug 26-28- looking for doubles

    Thanks for the offer, sounds like a lot of fun! Time wise though don’t think we’ll be able to do it. Relatively full day of city touring on Sunday and two full days of watching tennis on Monday/Tuesday. Was looking for something nearby on Sunday evening, but will probably just be best off...
  20. clutch21

    US open/Queens tennis- Aug 26-28- looking for doubles

    Just now saw these replies. Don’t know why I didn’t get a mortification. Thanks for the advice! I’ll have to use this website! Thanks for the reply. How far of a train ride am I looking at for lower westchester?
  21. clutch21

    Technifibre X-ONE BiPahse

    48 lbs is probably a little low for a multi. The string bed would turn into a trampoline at that tension with biphase, especially using the PAT. Biphase is super comfy, even at 60 lbs. If you want to go low, maybe low 50s would be a good place to start. You'll plenty of extra pop compared to SS...
  22. clutch21

    Technifibre X-ONE BiPahse

    There is a big difference in playability between the 17 and 16 in my opinion. Relative to the power, the 16 gauge doesn't offer enough spin potential to consistently keep the ball in with bigger cuts. The 17 offers a significant upgrade in spin compared to the 16. This experience is based off of...
  23. clutch21

    I played the #1 ranked 3.5 in Texas

    Fellow Texan here. I'm guessing only the best points made it to the highlight reel, but this is at the very least mid 4.0 type play. Anybody playing 3.5 with this game is a bonafide sandbagger.
  24. clutch21

    US open/Queens tennis- Aug 26-28- looking for doubles

    Will be visiting the US open this coming August with a family member. Looking for mens doubles somewhere relatively close by. Combined NTRP is in the ballpark of 8.0. low-mid 4.5 and low 4.0. Any tips on getting court access nearby is also greatly appreciated!
  25. clutch21

    Angell racquets swing weight

    My unmodified TC 95 18x20 RA 63 320g 12 pts HL has a SW of about 320 strung with poly.
  26. clutch21

    Thinking about trying Angell TC 95 16x19

    Congrats on an awesome racquet! I have the 63 RA as well. What were the full specs you opted for? My 63ra 320 12 feels very similar in swing weight to the PS85. Very whippy, which I enjoy so much about the 85. Though I can’t objectively test, I personally don’t feel the swing weight is any...
  27. clutch21

    Thinking about trying Angell TC 95 16x19

    Definitely go with B. Very similar to the PS85. The string density in the PS85 (16x18) and the TC95 (18x20) are also very similar. I think this makes the 18x20 a better choice in your situation. I can generate incredible spin with this string pattern paired with thin gauge poly (18g). The closed...
  28. clutch21

    Thinking about trying Angell TC 95 16x19

    +1 for the TC95 18x20. I was in your exact same boat. Fell in love with the PS85 but found it disadvantageous against bigger hitters when I wasn't in position. Looked at several different frames but just kept coming back to the 85. I finally tried the TC95 18x20 about 1.5 years ago and haven't...
  29. clutch21

    The Official Angell Users Club

    I'm stringing a new TC100 with Champion's Choice for a friend with gut in the mains. Anyone have any recommendations on tension in this set up? When full bed poly he usually strings in the mid 40s.
  30. clutch21

    The Official Angell Users Club

    It's been awhile since I've been on this thread! I'm about at the year mark since I bought my TC95s (18x20 63 RA). Still love these things. Haven't even thought about buying or trying another stick. Going to talk the wife into buying me an identical new set this coming Christmas ;) For those...