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    Jeff Salzy put out a new one maybe directed at Z

    overall, this one is pretty good on the issues he addresses.....he made the good point about not rotating so much ..... I do it a bit different, but this is another look at the same issue.
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    To those with the book Physics and the Technology of Tennis

    Look at the chart on page 278....Figure 30.13 Doesn't it show an impact duration from 25-40ms? What am I missing on that chart? Everyone says it's 3-5ms.... Show me my error please. Thanks
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    Replacement Poly

    I owe Jolly of years of enjoyment with Pro Supex big Ace it's mostly gone and there seems to be nothing remotely close.....Maybe someone can point me to something with similar traits. I put in string finder to look for a poly that was thin guage and arm friendly for under $150 per...
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    "Myth of hitting around the ball"

    This was recent article someone showed me. Did it help anyone's game or did it just create more myths?
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    Pat the Dog

    Who has a great definition? Is it before or during the slot? Does it require the strings to be pointing directly down? Where does the Pat the Dog originate?
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    Serving inst. video

    I always hate it when posters disable comments on their videos, so maybe we can get some good discussion on it here.....and maybe we can thrash it up a bit as they must have been scared of.... He does make a few good points, but if Murray's serve coach, why didn't he get him to do tip 3 much...
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    Part of a Fh progression

    Any thought on this method of teaching 'feel' on the Fh? Has anyone seen this used or tried it?
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    Nike is slipping...

    Nike seems to really producing some ugly gear and losing Federer didn't help either.
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    How do you like these drills?

    Imo these are some useful drills, so what do you think? They show some good biting topspin at times.
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    Donnay spec offer?

    Is the Donnay free racket offer legit for buying their string? Have others seen this?
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    Hitting across

    ByeByePoly...put this up for you and others who don't see how the hand starts working across well before contact.. starting at 29secs and more clear from 30-31...even with the mighty Fed straight arm Fh. This is the video that Fitzel provided that even forced him to admit it.
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    Gradual Acceleration

    I think he does a pretty nice job with the Accel topic here....
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    ATP blocking use of Video....

    How do you Coaches and players feel about the ATP blocking coaches from using pro player match video to share Coaching ideas, tips, and theories? I've heard Gimelstob has said that it was due to too many unqualified coaches teaching on Youtube and that the ATP wanted to limit it to those...
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    Attacking Moon balls

    Poking the hornets nest, I thought I'd bring this up again after watching Chang beati Lendl on the way to his FO championship. I pulled it up to look at the underhand serve point again, but also saw the part I'd forgotten where Chang was cramping so bad he resorted to moonballs to stay in the...
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    Is "Pat the Dog" a myth?

    Is Pat the Dog a myth or do some just not understand what "Pat the Dog" means? Is it the worst tip you could use? Does Pat the Dog mean your racket faces perfectly down at the ground?
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    relationship of Flip and lag?

    One article claims, "The so called lag (is) happening as a consequence (of) the flip" and oddly the same article claims "The idea that players consciously create "lag" is an illusion". Isn't this an odd pair of comments for one article? If the lag can be a consequence of the lag as depicted...
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    Fh Presentation

    Interesting presentation and also interesting they felt compelled to turn off the comments, lol.
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    some info on ATP vs WTA Fh

    Shortly we will be seeing a clarification on this Concept that comes directly from the Outstanding & Innovative Coach who was First to bring you the ATP vs WTA video on TennisOxygen. When Christophe initially shared this info with the public, there was a lot of interest despite some scoffing by...
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    What about Nick Kyrgios serve?

    Is there anything about it that misses the critical points of all big servers? Or is this just basically just another guy who hits all the normal keys to a big serve?
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    Is this Extension?

    One of the coaches I speak to regularly pointed out this article, and raised some questions about what is being referred to as extension in this article. What do you think? Is this extension? If so, then what has Rafa extended here...
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    Can you see the bow?

    Can you see it? or is the bow just another tennis myth as some are now claiming?....While I claim the bow we can see here works more like the bow of the pole on the pole vault instead of an archer's bow, it is a bow none the less. Look at the moment when it clicks over from 36 to 37 secs Is his...
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    Slice Backhand

    a quote, " There is one key element that bridges the gap between old and new for the slice backhand......Tomic keeps his hitting arm straight before, during and after contact. That’s critical for a great slice at any level." Anyone find this to be critical at any level or a bridge between old...
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    Some nice doubles

    One team here is pretty special and this sort of illustrates how just using some subtle things very well gives a team a very big edge.....
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    Nice work by Toly

    slice of another video and shows the path of the hand and how the shoulder takes is very direct to the ball even with the SA Fh, before the fairly abrupt path across right before contact.
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    FYB 2-1 play

    While Imo the stats they cite have been very misunderstood, this 2-1 suggestion is very good. Have others taken a look at it?
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    More nice Fh vid by toly

    Notice several nice things you can see from this angle and speed. See how right before contact, you have the hand/ball/racket head relationship triangle (finding the ball) as she starts to tighten the arc of her swing more to bring that last big of accel into contact, then you can see how the...
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    JY in tennis mag....

    JY has used a theme often discussed here about ISR on the serve for tennis Mag. Is he claiming that big ISR is also key to the kick serve?
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    Racket speed

    another way of describing the delay racket acceleration..
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    Salzy...Serena vs Kerber

    Not being a spoiler here, but did anyone notice what Kerber did well against Serena? Or hear Jeff Salzy's take on it?
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    FYB 2-1 rally

    Anyone made it thru the sales pitch to hear the 2-1 rally idea?