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  1. ArcspacE

    2021 Indian Wells SF: GriGOAT Artiste [23] vs Cam Norrie [21]

    Van Gogh only peaked after 30 These are facts
  2. ArcspacE

    Adria Tour 2020

    Couldn’t find a thread Djok has basically invited all his favorite pigeons for a free lunch and a beat down in his back garden Bamos
  3. ArcspacE

    Dimitrov new coach - Agassi?
  4. ArcspacE

    AO 2018 QF - GriGOAT [3] - Young Edmund

    Calling Grigs in 4 - time to avenge his loss last year vs Rafa Bailamos !
  5. ArcspacE

    WTF 2017 Final - Young Artiste - Belgian Chocolatier

    Who will win the last match of the season? Calling Dimi in 2 Bailamos!
  6. ArcspacE

    ATP 1000 - Shanghai 2017 QF - Young Artise - Raging Bull

    Nobody beats the Grigolo 10 times, no? I would also like to extend a special invitation to my 2 favourite TTW posters - @octobrina10 and @clayqueen - come forth and let us rejoice this moment Bailamos!
  7. ArcspacE

    ATP 500 - Beijing 2017 SF - Young Artise - Raging Bull

    Vamolo Bamolo Grigor in 3
  8. ArcspacE

    ATP 500 - Citi Open 2017 - Washington

    Young Sorcerer has accepted a WC along with his cousins from the Lost Boys school of Missed Opportunities - Kei and Mee-losh In addition we have Thiem, Zverev, Pouille, Sock, Sir John Isner and Henri Laaksonen Full player list here - most impressive for a 500 event (Hamburg - LOL) Bailamos!
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    Wimbledon 2017 - R4: Darth Vader - Luke Skywalker

    The match Wimbledon has been waiting on for light years Let the young Padawan rule Young Artiste in 4 Bailamos!
  10. ArcspacE

    ATP 250 - Mercedes Cup - Stuttgart 2017

    Grass season is officially underway Who's taking the prestigious Stuttgart trophy?
  11. ArcspacE

    ATP 250 Marrackech 2017

    Rumour has it Young Artiste will accept a WC entry Scenes
  12. ArcspacE

    Federer To Play For 3 More Years

    Disaster strikes
  13. ArcspacE

    The Big 3 Title Kings Djok has played the least events per 'big title Discuss
  14. ArcspacE

    Aus Open 2017 - SF: Young Artiste - Raging Bull

    Nadal owns the h2h but Dimitrov gave him a proper beating last time in Beijing Their last AO meeting was a cracker - more of the same, please Going with the Grigolo in 5 Vamolo
  15. ArcspacE

    Aus Open 2017 - QF: Young Artiste - Belgian Chocolatier

    Who will win this titanic clash on route to meet Zverev in the final? Going with the Grigolo in 4 These are the glory days
  16. ArcspacE

    Aus Open 2017 - R3: Young Artist - French Baby GOAT

    Who would prevail in this battle of the one-handed swordsman? Going with Grigolo in 4 Vamolo
  17. ArcspacE

    Sampras - 'I'd Like to Coach a Young Gun like Kyrgios or Dimitrov'

    http://www.**************.org/news/news/Tennis_Interviews/38380/pete-sampras-i-d-like-to-coach-a-young-player-like-kyrgios-or-dimitrov-/ LULz
  18. ArcspacE

    WTF London 2016 - General Discussion

    Just realised with Goffin losing yesterday Berdych has a realistic chance to make the cut. AGAIN. LOLOLOLOL Thiem is pretty much nailed on now, imv and Monfils confirmed to make his debut - well played Vamos
  19. ArcspacE

    Nadal Becoming a Doubles Player

    Possibly the only way to create a dignified retirement platform? Discuss
  20. ArcspacE

    Murray - 'I Can't Get My Nuts Out On Court' Strong journalism era
  21. ArcspacE

    Andy Murray Live

    He has chosen Young GOAT Dimitrov to replace injured Monfils as his opponent during this charity event - 21 September 2016 @Mainad #mates4lyf
  22. ArcspacE

    Weakest Draw For a Winner Ever?

    Highest seeded player this pusher faced to the final Raonic - 7th Has this happened before in the last 10-15 odd years?
  23. ArcspacE

    Mannarino Admits - There is no Chance to Beat Djokovic When he was asked if he could beat the current champion of Wimbledon, the US, Australian and French Opens, he fessed up. “There is no chance,” he said, straight-faced and without a hint of...
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    Zverev's Watch

    Same deal as Rafa?
  25. ArcspacE

    Dealing With Defeat - Help / Advice

    How does everyone on here deal with defeat? Young Grigolo is on a 4-match losing streak with no hope in sight - lowest ranking since 2012/13, mentality crushed, tragic BH, no strategy on court etc. What's the solution? I always try and be rational about it but lately it's becoming quite...
  26. ArcspacE

    Benneteau: ''Mauresmo did not Want to be Insulted in front of Cameras any Longer''

    French tennisplayer assumes the cause of the division between Andy Murray and Amelie Mauresmo took place immediately after the final lost by the number 3 in the world in Madrid against Novak Djokovic The shocking news of the separation between Murray and Mauresmo comes immediately after the...
  27. ArcspacE

    ATP 250 - Istanbul Open 2016

    Who will win? Young Artist for Turkish delight