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    Here we go again , no tennis for a month .

    Played tennis tonight. Last time until at least 2nd December.
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    British Forces Sweetheart dies , 103 years old .

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    R.I.P. Nigel.

    Sad day as Nigel dies.
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    Kenny Rogers dies aged 81(natural causes).

    Lovely guy.
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    20,02,2020.20.02 happens tonight .

    Two minutes past eight this evening.
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    April Fools ? Is this for real ?

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    Ladies ,don't take Prozac . Poor Frank.
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    Big hunks with lots of hair are probably less fertile?

    Vanity leads to male infertility!
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    Hell freezes over.

    Officially, "Hell" has frozen over.
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    Sir Roger Bannister dies.

    There is now a Bannister on the Stairway to Heaven.
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    Has Federer got flu?

    Roger is sweating, must be sick.
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    We now need GM insects.

    We now need GM insects. And quick.
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    Do Grand Slams carry extra trophies in stock?

    Just wondering if Nadals 10 Grand Slam trophy for Roland Garros was in the stock room, or Stan had agreed prior to the match? :rolleyes:
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    Big "C" gets eaten. Good news hopefully, and inexpensive.
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    Are you overworked?
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    Count your cards in Thailand!
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    Perfect for stroke analysis?
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    How a Brinicle forms.
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    No more gas for GB, same for USA?

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    If you were thinking of a Koala as a pet, read this !
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    Britain make Davis Cup final.

    What a superb 5 set doubles match on Saturday.
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    Would love to see Mac v Serena.
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    New low cost airline takes first flight. :-?
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    Limpet teeth posibilities. Being so strong, the limpet teeth could be added to racquets or better still incorporated in strings for extra bite.
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    Who makes the worst Hawk Eye challenges?

    I do not think that Andy Murray has ever got one right. Come to think of it has Federer ever got one right either? They never show the important statistics! :x