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    Klipper Titanium Elite 17g vs. Gosen JC Titanium?

    I noticed that Klipper sells a Titanium string for the first time in their Elite string. Has anyone tried this and the long discontinued Gosen Jim Courier 17g titanium? That was the best 17g synthetic gut I've ever tried bar none, so crispy, excpetional spin, feel, pop, did everything really...
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    MSV Evo?

    Hi, anyone tried the new MSV Co-Focus Evo string in the 1.20 guage? The transparent clear "color" is kind of intriguing to me. If it "looks" anything like the Gosen Polylon Ice clear, that's pretty cool. What is the difference between it and the Co-Focus 1.18? Is it mainly feel and...
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    Silverstring 1.20 durability?

    Hi, what kind of durability are you getting out of Silverstring 1.20 at high tensions (60-65) on a constant pull machine? I just blew threw two hybrid setups (synthetic crosses) of them in 5-40 minutes each hitting on a ball machine. I hit with to be honest the most spin that most players...
  4. T stream from the AFAS tennis classic!

    Hey y'all, great find. The AFAS tennis classic is having live streams of their matches this week. Right now, it's Bruguera-Krajicek, Krajicek trying to serve the first set out 6-4. Looks like a great match. Kafelnikov made his return this week too, losing to Chang for the first time in the first...
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    speed difference between DG and Aria

    Anyone with an idea about the difference in stringing time speed between the DG and Aria? It seems like the DG with the upgraded clamps would basically provide the same exact results as the Aria at less cost, so the only difference really would be in the string grippers. (P.S. Yes, I realize...
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    Stringing O-Port, Speedport, etc. rackets w/o a brake?

    Haven't strung a Prince O-Port/Speedport racket yet, but own a Strungway ML100 that does not have a brake. How problematic is it to string these giant grommetless holes without a brake? I'm thinking of retrofitting the Wise to my machine to get foot pedal operation. Would the foot pedal...
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    ********* MS200 true constant-pull?

    Hi, has anyone tested their Laserfibre MS200DX (now sold as the ********* MS200 in the US) for the accuracy of its unique constant-pull tensioner? I bring this up, because I read one person testing it at all different angles before the jaw bottomed-out and finding that the tension was in 1%...
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    Liquid Crystal Polymer, Original CTS vs. Synergy line

    What's the difference between the original Prince CTS line and the updated Synergy line? Basically, Prince introduced the Synergy line as more or less a carryover product line with one exception. The CTS line tended to be your typical-traditional fiberglass/graphite composite, while the...
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    Edberg highlight video vs. Bruguera

    Here's a very one-sided but great clip of Bruguera-Edberg from 90 indoors. One-sided, because you would think by the clips that Edberg had won 0 and 0 which wasn't the case, it's pretty much an Edberg highlight clip with only the points Edberg won shown. Still, it's quite amazing to see I...
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    Paul Harhuis' secret...? no big secret. Now, after having finally gotten the opportunity to watch the mighty senior wonder Paul Harhuis in action; I think I finally solved the riddle as to why this otherwise merely solid, above average tour player is doing so much more on the seniors tour. His big secret is...
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    Insightful Bruguera interview into the pro psyche, then and now

    Wonderful translation of a very insightful Bruguera interview from usenet, pretty much sums up all the recent "style wars" debates and Sampras-Fed can an old dog still play good in isolated instances type stuff: Old but good interview from August 17, 2007...
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    Gamma Ipex 7.0 handle construction?

    Does the Gamma Ipex 7.0 have a standard PU foam molded handle, or does it use a two piece pallet like Volkl/Head? Thanks for any clarification.
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    Prince NXG handle?

    Does anyone know if the Prince NXG MP with the air flow handle uses standard yellow PU foam molded handles? If not, does it use any kind of pallet? I want to know basically if the handles can be chipped/sanded/removed to mold new custom handles on. Thanks for any info.
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    Fischer Vacuum Pro Mids, handle construction?

    Does anyone know if the second generation paint job of the pastel cosmetic/exposed layout Fischer Vacuum Pro Mid had standard PU foam handles or one-piece handles that were a part of the frame itself? The PU foam handles are molded ontop of the graphite shaft and can be chipped/sanded off...
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    Blackrock Seniors Tour events on T.V./tape anywhere?

    The Tennis Channel seems to only broadcast Courier's U.S. seniors tour events, which is fine if you like to watch tournaments that don't feature the one and only Sergio Bruguera in it (which, if you do, seek help...). Anyway, long story short, I seem to be going crazy 'cause Bruguera just...
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    Paulo Cane?

    Hi, I recently checked the seniors results as I periodically do to check on my boy...Paulo Cane (just kidding, actually, the Sergio one)! Question, who the heck is Paulo Cane? Never heard of him, yet he put up some decent scores in a recent Black Rock Tour of Champions tournament. Who is...
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    Fischer Retro stinks at higher tension

    Btw, for those who were wondering if the Retro lost its feel when you string it over the mid tension range like with the old ceramic Fischers, that is the case here. I strung it with Pro Poly Plasma 17L/NRG2 at 54lbs. the first time, feel was great, light yet soft and crisp. Strung it with TiMo...
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    Bosworth Fox Nitro

    TW, what are the approximate specs of the Bosworth Fox Nitro, orange and black model? Also, what is the stifness, power, spin, and feel level like? The string pattern? I'm particularly interested in the power level/spin level of the frame. Thanks.
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    bosworth nitro or target?

    Anyone try the Fox Bosworth Nitro or Target yet? Thanks. I'm especially concerned about their feel, spin, and power levels (they look like they'd be rocket launchers unfortunately).
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    UFC vs. Pride debate, Upsets, et. all

    Well, GSP just got rocked to oblivion by Matt Serra who everyone said had no chance whatsoever. And yet, Matt Serra has fought top guys tough in the past, is built like a little tank who can hit like a mack truck if you give him an opening, is a BJJ wizard, has a great heart, maybe not the best...
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    least WIDE leather grip

    Anyone know the least wide leather grip currently available? For example, the Head leather grip isn't as wide as the Babolat or Fairway leather grips. The result is that under hand with an overgrip on, the Head leather grip feels more ribbed if you will and the Babolat and Fairway's flatter...
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    yonex rd power 5

    Anyone any experience with the lime green/optic yellow Yonex RD-Power 5 that was never released in the states? It's supposed to be similar to the RD-Power 6 which was VERY flexible, but standard length, and unlike the RD-Power 6 didn't sell at recreational racket prices. My main problem...
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    RD-7 re-release?

    Hi, several months ago, someone said that Yonex was considering bringing back the RD-7 and then TW said that they would look into it to see if the rumor had any legs. I'm assuming since there was never any update on the matter, that the RD-7 isn't going to be re-released a la the Prestige...
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    volkl tournament pro mid

    Hi, anyone tried the Volkl Tournament Pro Mid? Any feedback/specs would be greatly appreciated, in particular how it compares to the C-series frames since I've basically owned all of those (the C-7, 9, 10, and 10 Pro Tour) at one point or another. Thanks.
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    I was very glad the Tennis Channel decided to show this match even though it wasn't the championship as I've long wanted to see how this former coach-player relationshipp would match up style wise, since really they are at the two extremes. To be honest, it played out a lot like I thought it...
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    Courier vs. Ferreira observations

    Ferreira, wasn't that long ago he was in the semis of a slam; yet, Courier and Bruguera both beat him so needless tot say they were at least competitive with him. I think this leads credence to what Courier said, that he hasn't seen anybody out there today that he doesn't think he could have...
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    Cash vs. Arias

    Some observations: Cash like McEnroe is a master ball BUNTER from the baseline. Never tries to rip his groundies, always measured, like a professional warm-up rallyer. Cash actually has more traditional technique, more developed strokes, but he never accelerates his racket like he's always in...
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    where's Mal?

    Why isn't Malivai Washington out there on the senior's tour? Just got watching the very entertaining Bruguera-Krickstein match, and Mal was always one of my favorite players to watch all time, I loved his elegantly smooth yet muscular stroking technique and way of moving about the court. I...
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    Fischer Vacuum Pro Mono?

    Hi, anyone tried a Fischer Vacuum Pro Mono 95? This was the mono shaft version of the red Kafelnikov VT Pro 98 basically. I used to use the Mono Power 4 MP, and the feel wasn't that great (was basically a widebody mono shaft but with a mild RDC rating). It felt kind of glassy, but it was...
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    Prince TT Warrior vs. POG Mid, grip shape, GMSlam?

    Hi, does anyone know if the grip shape/mold is different on the Prince TT Warrior MP as compared to the Pringe POG Mid? Thanks.