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    Wilson BLX Prostaff 95 review

    I received the prostaff this morning and was matched to stock specs by TW. I added 2 6' strips of lead to the 12 o'clock position and a leather grip along with a wilson pro overgrip. It is strung with RPM blast at 53# I have used the volkl PB 10 mid, Aerogel/4d/biomimetic 200, and K Six-One 95...
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    Any opinions on Tecnifibre ATP razor?

    Was browsing through the strings section and found: Has anyone used the Tecnifibre ATP Razor? I'm looking for a little bit of extra power from my poly that doesn't feel too soft. I...
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    Dunlop Tour bags

    Hi do the new Dunlop tour bags hold their shape? I'm specifically looking at the green one and don't want a bag that collapses on itself. Thanks
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    Weiscannon Silver string

    What's the current opinion of silver string vs other polys like rpm blast or the like? I used it a couple of years ago and was wondering how people think they compare to the newer high end polys
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    Possible tendonitis?

    Hi, recently I've been having a pain in my right wrist whenever I bend my wrist up or down. I have previously fractured it twice within the past 2 years (dumb accidents). The pain spikes when I play tennis or play viola and im starting to guess its tendonitis. Most of the pain occurs on the...
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    A lighter version of the 6.1 95?

    Hi guys, I use a k 6.1 95 16x18 and I love it. The one thing is, its a bit too hefty with the leather grip so I was wondering if there was any racket that had the spin, power and control of this racket. I can always add lead, but is there any frame that is a bit lighter? By lighter I mean at or...
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    My new K six one 95 (16x18)

    Hey guys. Just got a new K six one 95 (16x18.) I added the TW 1.3 mm leather grip with a wilson pro overgrip. Strung with pacific classic gut at 55 lbs and lux alu power at 52 lbs. Also added power pads Took the balance, and it is spot on at 8 points headlight. Not sure about the weight...
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    Best poly cross with gut mains?

    Hi guys, I recently got a YTPMP, and I love it, but i cant seem to get the dipping spin I used to get with my volkl pb10 mid. I did not change my strokes nor my strings IS there any other string that would give me better spin as a cross? I was looking at signum pro hyperion or tornado. I...
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    Youtek Prestige Pro vs. Midplus

    Im sure this has been discussed a lot recently, but currently, I use the mp and everything is great, except the fact that my second serves lost some spin, so i need to take some speed off of it. And it costs dearly sometimes. I used to use the volkl pb10 mid, and it had more spin, but not as...
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    How to add length to a string?

    When string and you come to the end of your main but you realize the string is too short to reach the tension head, how do you guys lengthen it? The prestige is 18 mains and I found last time that half a set of gut is too short to wrap around the tension head. I heard about tying another...
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    Review of Youtek Prestige MP

    Specs: Unstrung weight (according to TW's mrt): 11.43 oz Balance: 306 mm (unstrung) String: Hybrid of Pacific Classic Gut 54 lbs Luxilon Big Banger Ace 18 52 lbs Mods: Leather grip: head leather tour 22 inches of 1/4 inch gamma lead tape. 11 inches on each side of the grommets with the...
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    TW: Can I get a replacement?

    Hi, my orcer # is 4070910 and I opened my first set of classic gut, but I noticed that on one side, the gut is unraveled, you could say. Just about a centimeter is size, so i said to my self, " oh well, ill just use the other side." After cutting the string in half, I noticed another same...
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    Magic of Gut/Lux

    I always thought that the gut/lux combo was overrated. I tried PAcific Classic and Lux Ace 112 combo. Gut strung at 58and lux at 59. I played 2 days after I strung it. Power: 10/10 The power was controllable and there was plenty of it. If i need a lot, it was there, if I need to just guide...
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    Are tight patterned rackets obsolete?

    Hi, im thinking that closed patterend rackets are obsolete. It seems that all the pros are using open patterned rackets. Only djoko in the top 10 is using a tight patterned racket.
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    Treatment for wrist tendonitis and ligament problem?

    Would kinesio tape help with tendonitis? I have recently gotten tendonitis and am looking for a treatment. Please dont say lay off of tennis because tennis season is just about to start and I cant afford to not make varsity this year. Also, I have had a severely stretched ligament 6 months...
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    PRC and my wrist

    I ran out of strings and I sturng my racket up with PRC and currently, Im getting some tendonitis and sharp pain on my wrist. Yesterday, on the inside of my right wrist, I've always ahd tendonitis, but it was very mild, and it got wild. Today, on the outisde of my right wrist, turning my wrist...
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    Pure storm limited GT

    Hey TW, do you guys plan on reviewing the PSL GT?
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    Question To Chris

    Hey Chris, am I right in guessing that your prototype stick on the CB 2.3 review is a volkl frame? The different colors of the grommets on the side and the seperations between the top part and the sides reminds me of my pb 10 mid. Also, the glossy paint is familiar too.
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    Yet another PB10 mid thread, but this time by a user

    For you guys who have it, do you guys feel like it just doesnt feel right? Ive been using it for a while, and my playing results are usually great, but it just feels off. The ag 300 16x18 felt so nice to me but was too light and too open of a string pattern
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    CC Genius II digging into my feet

    Hi TW, I bought the Cc Genius II and for a while now, the speedcut in the right shoe was digging into my foot and it's really been bothering me. After playing for a while, an area on my foot is bruised and really irritated. I did not think it was a serious problem because I thought it would go...
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    Using two sets of crosses on one main?

    I know that having a hybrid, then cutting out the hybrid and putting in new crosses while keeping the crosses is bad practice, but since its for myself would it be ok? Im thinking about using pacific classic gut and volkl cyclone. Gut= 26.95 Cyclone= 5.95 26.95/2= 13.475 13.475+5.95...
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    Youtek Prestige Mid

    Hey guys. Im looking into the YTPM, and i was wondering how the string pattern is. Is it so tight that I can put spin on it? How big of a difference will it be from my volkl
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    Dunlop aerogel 300 16x18 grommets

    Hi, are you guys going to stock on the 16x18 grommets not the 16x19 ones?
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    Certain strings fitting playing styles?

    I keep reading around here that gut/poly combo is used by attacking players and gives you a better feel for the ball and gives more spin, power etc. I dont know if its exclusively for lux, but I tried the gut/poly combo, albeit not with a very good poly, prc, and it did not feel good. at 60/55...
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    restock on volkl bags?

    I noticed you do not have a link for your volkl black 6 pack bag. Is it sold out? if it is, will you guys be restocking it?
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    Babolat Revenge

    Hi, how is the tension maintenance on the revenge? I plan on hybriding it with pacific classic and was wondering how well it plays and how it holds tension. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Setting tension on an X-2

    Just to make sure, the tension setter (the giant metal cylinder like shape that you screw on the bar) is used to line up with the tension marked on the bar. The tension should be lined up with the bottom of the cylinder, am I right? Not sure if i explained it well, but should the desired...
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    Is TW biased on racket reviews?

    Haha, not really. Just needed your attention. But it seems that the prestiges always get way lower scores than 90 tours. Even the 90 is heavier, almost a half an ounce, the 90 always get better scores. How is it that these two would be so different as to have a big difference in scores. I...
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    Volkl Team 6 bag

    Is this black bag's structure solid? Or does the shape of the bag collapse if there is nothing inside or if you push a little on it? Thanks a lot.
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    Gut/Poly Experiment

    Hi guys, I'm going to test out a gut poly hybrid soon. I did a hybrid of pacific classic mains and prc crosses, but the prc died after about 5 hours and I felt it was a waste of money and had too much power. Now, after playng with a full bed of PH and remembering how god a full bed of poly...