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    How to reverse kick serve to lefty receiver on deuce side?

    To kick to righty receiver on ad side, toss around 12 o'clock and swing up and right contact ball from ~6:30 to 1:30. To kick to lefty receiver on deuce side (to kick up and left to lefty's backhand side) toss where? similar to slice? around 1 o'clock and slightly...
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    Pro Kennex 7G, ~25 years experience

    Greetings fellow 7G enthusiast. I have been playing with the 7G for about 25 years and still going with it. Playing at ntrp 4.5 level. I have two unique set-ups. I am able to use either set-up on any give day. 1. Shorten (cut-off) length to 27 inches. Shorten length makes it more...