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    Tennis shoes good for running

    Are there any <$80 tennis shoes out right now that are durable and good for hardcourts, but also are comfortable as running shoes? I've tried running in nike air resolves but my shins started to hurt, so i need tennis shoes with a lot of cushion.
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    how many mishits does it take...

    how many mishits does it normally take to significally alter the tension of your strings? (i just got my PKs and im still adjusting, mishitting in the process:neutral: and im scared my strings will loosen soon)
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    Raymond slice backhand

    I was watching the FO today and lisa raymond's slice backhand was pretty sick. I noticed that her hitting arm is slightly bent when she hits, while when i attempt slice backhands my arm is almost straight and my racquet perpendicular to my forearm, is the reason for my sub-par slice backhand the...
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    how to mentally stay moving against no pace

    In a match during a pusher who just throws up lobs and moonballs, how do I keep my feet moving? The shots are going so slow that the result is I hit flat footed because I get to the hitting zone with 3+ seconds to spare. How do i mentally remind myself to stay on my toes? (because if i don't...
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    bolliteri taught me how to hurt myself =0

    There was a 30-minute special on the tennis channel by the bolliteri academy on "the sonic serve" well during this instructional, they advocated arching your back so you can snap it back on the motion for extra power (like an elastic effect). First of all, when i tried to add this to my motion...
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    Western with dense string pattern?

    I'm seriously considering switching to a more dense string patterned racquet because they feel a lot more crisp and solid when hitting, the only problem is that I feel that using said string pattern, I won't be able to generate the same ammount of spin as a 16x19 racquet. Has anyone else had...
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    short/compact or long/fluid?

    On the service motion, which style is more efficient (in terms of using up energy and creating pace and consistency) a short compact service motion (i guess kinda like roddick) or a long fluid serve that looks effertless (the example being...henman/federer etc.)? And regarding the question...
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    switching from pro#1 to pro#1 FT

    has anyone here switched from the original pro#1 to the FT? besides the extra .4" it's also balanced different and has a slightly higher swingweight, but does it play the same? the reason why i ask is that i dont/cant demo it around here.
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    Grommets: backwards compatable?

    Are most replacement grommets backwards compatable? Like if I bought the m-fil 300 grommets from TW would they fit the 300g?
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    backhand backswing question:

    I hit my 2hbh relatively slow compared to my forehand, and im often caught hitting late on that side also. I know about the looping backswing on the forehand, but i cant seem to do it on the backhand side (it's much faster for me to do a straight takeback). The problem is that when i use a...
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    What's harder: tennis vs. baseball

    OK, so i was having a discussion with some baseball guys (yeah), and we were arguing which would be harder: Returning Roddick's 140+ serve or Hitting off Clemon's 100+ fast ball I of course argued for the return of serve, because the distance is shorter and the swinging space is so...
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    low swingweight 27.25+" racquet?

    What's a good "extended" length racquet which has a low swingweight, i was looking at the dunlop 200g XL and the fischer FTs. Any input on this?
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    Economic string that keeps tension well?

    first off, which string(s), any brand, keeps its tension the best. secondly, which string(s) keep tension well and are pretty cheap. i ask because i dont break strings often and dont string more than 3 times a year for the most part, i want a string that will keep its tension between...
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    Fischer Pro #1 replacement

    As my fischer gets dinked/scratched/chipped, im starting to look for a replacement that plays similar to it but that isn't dead in the upper hoop. I've noticed that on overheads/serves that if i hit int he upper hoop, the whole racquet vibratses uncontrolably and uncomfortably. I like how the...
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    It's all nerves and consistancy...

    OK, so in practice, during rallies, or even just for fun matches, I can hit strokes perfectly and in control, when I play a match however, it's totally different. I normally get up in a game 30-0 and somehow, I manage to lose the game, both on my serve and while returning, I just can't tell...
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    Dunlop 200g XL vs. Yonex MP tour-5

    I'm currently using a dunlop 300g and quite happy with it, but i need a little more reach at the net and a little more consistency/depth in my groundies. Also I need the racquet that is better on the serve. which racquet (200g xl or mp tour-5) would suit me better and be easier to switch to...
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    Australia vs. Argentina Davis Cup Thread

    Ah started this a day late, but puerta + nalbandian are about to take on arthurs and hewitt. Personally, i hope puerta does a leaping forehand right at hewitt.
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    changing to leather

    If i switch from a regular grip (hydramax tour on the 300g) with an overgrip, to a leather grip with an overgrip, how much will the size change? My pro's handle is just under 4 1/2 because i just use an overgrip with it and i like the bevel feel, i just put an overgrip on a 4 3/8 grip and it...
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    2 sided tacky overgrip

    Are there any overgrips that are tacky on both sides? I used a gamma overgrip (white, i forgot what its actual name was) that was lying around today and it was just tacky on one side. Me being frugile, i flip my overgrips over and use them twice.
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    Which is a better 2nd serve

    Which is a better 2nd serve, a slow kicker that's vulnerable for a winner return, or a hard 2nd serve that has a 35% chance of going out? I don't want to give my opponent free points with a fault, but I dont want to be a sitting duck either. I know the obvious fix is (get a better first...
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    Where do you live???

    So where is everyone from on these forums? I'm from northern VA.
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    reebok trucker hats

    On the main page it says the hats are $10.00, but when you add them to your cart they are still 12.99...what's the real price/could i get them for 10 dollars?
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    Radar Gun

    Can anyone tell me how much a radar gun might cost, like one you could use to clock a service speed or groundstrokes? Just curious.
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    Motion Dif. for flat and kick??

    I normally have a kick serve for both 1st and 2nd services, but i want to add more power by hitting flatter for the first. Question is: Do i change my motion to serve flat as compared to kick? or is it just a difference in toss position and contact point?
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    Adidas vs. Nike?

    Which makes a better racquet bag (I'm considering either getting a 3 or 6pack). Which is "easiest" to carry around/Which has the better features? I need enough space to hold 2 racquets, a can or two of balls and an extra shirt and personal belongings (wallet/phone).
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    Head Ti.Radical

    Is the ti.radical a good backup racquet for someone who uses a fischer pro#1? I'm looking for a backupracquet that's slightly lighter. And can anyone post the specs on it?
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    ATP and WTP should have a skills comp!!!

    I think that the tennis pros should show off their stuff by having skills comps just like in the NBA and NFL. Think of it, fastest serve, trick shots, accuracy, the works! That'd get tons of people into tennis...unless they already have something like this, then i'd feel really stupid :p if...
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    open or closed stance?

    I use a closed stance on my 2h backhand, and normally try to use a closed stance on my forehand. What I've noticed is that when i use a open stance on my forehand side, it's a LOT more consistant but a little less powerful because the knee bend is a little less natural/severe. Should i use a...
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    How does Hawkeye work?

    How does Hawkeye work? It looks so fake =P i dont know how the announcers can say "confirmed by hawkeye" when it's just a computer image of the ball bouncing on the court?
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    Tournagrip High Tak

    How does this High Tak Tournagrip compare to supergrap or wilson overgrips? It's the cheapest overgrip they sell at local sports shops that advertise tackiness, so i was wondering how this compared (esp. to wilson overgrip).