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    I've decided I'll never watch another ATP match.

    I try to find official replay of the 2018 Stuttgart tournament and what do I get? Sign up for $14. Nope, that's not going to happen. I don't even know if that is real or not, atp doesn't say who their official replay provider is, and if they do, they aren't very clear about it. I didn't even...
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    Two different hyper carbon prostaff tour 95 racket specs.

    I have 3 hyper carbon prostaff tour 95 with all silver labels and one with a red and silver label inside the throat, does the red have different specs it doesn't show the weight? The all silver labels say 309g (10.9 oz). All those I find online are the red and silver labels the others I bought...
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    Is there a video of stringing?

    I remember a few months ago, talk was around of someone posting video of stringing. I was just wondering if someone has done that yet. I have already watched the stuff from sptennis. Their video quality isn't good enough for me to get a clear idea. I can't actually make out the string...
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    are wilson K rackets stiff feeling?

    The specs on these rackets all look so stiff. Are they?
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    WANTED: string instructions and/or video sites

    I know this has been done before, but, I am asking again. Where are the best manuals and best videos to learn stringing? I am at Grand Stand right now and all videos start with rackets already strung. I am really hoping to come up with something new. What have you stringers found...
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    starting clamp substitute? Please help.

    I've had a new stringer for a couple months. I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but, all the strings on all my good rackets have snapped. I would like to string 2 peice but don't know what I can use instead of the starting clamp. The videos i've seen show the clamp on the outside...
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    redundo vs prestige.

    Title says it all. I am considering getting a new prestige 600 but could go with something cheaper. The rudundo looks like a prestige I would like to know how closely they feel and play. I am refering, of course, to the current prestiges available at tw. I know I could look it up but I'd...
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    A, who's used this racket? thread.

    I was just thinking, it would be interesting to trace the ownership of a racket that has been traded or sold in the classified section. I have close to 20 or 30 rackets and many have been bought or traded for on these boards. Wouldn't it be interesting to take a racket that you bought...
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    Maxi Edge? Anyone ever use it?

    LOL. Just kidding. I came in tonight and the weed eater string was on my table and I thought hmmm. Question: What is the wackiest thing you have strung a racket with and how did it play? Weed eater. Fishing line. kite string. Yarn. Piano wire. Guitar strings. Etc..
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    Volkl pallet replacement.

    Can anybody, who has done it successfully, give me a detailed description or link for replacing a volkl grip pallets. I have crappy two sided tape, I have carpet tape a little to thick I think. I have adhesive spray. I have clamps. I have pallets, I have rackets. Problem is that...
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    Can frame fatigue be good for a stiff racket?

    I have an old Wilson 6.1 classic that was used extensively before I got it. I don't like stiff frames and was wondering if age or frame fatigue could make a frame more flexible. Is the fatiguing of a stiff frame a good thing for people who like flexible frames or does the fatigue just make it...
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    What does the number on my balls represent?

    Does the number on my balls represent anything? I a penn 3 softer than a penn 2 or does the number on my balls represent fuzz density.
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    New w3 Sarina racket with 47 flex

    Did anybody notice the stiffness on that racket? That sounds like it could be a nice racket with lots of lead tape on it. You could put almost all the lead under the handle.
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    Which tw leather grip is best of the three and why?

    I know people have talked about leather grips and I have read most of them. I love wilson leather grips but havn't used Babs or Volkl and would like to know what people think is the best of the three and why. I have to buy a bunch of grips and want some opinions. I only want to know about the...
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    Clijsters hot? Or is it just that I'm getting old?

    The scenario. I'm watching the match today between Clijsters and Hardenne and Kim is set up to return serve and the camera is the ground level cam right behind Clijsters and then I realize, wow this chick is pretty hot. I continued to watch and I realize that suddenly Clijsters is hot. I'd...
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    Wanted: Avery reviews.

    When will somebody review the three Avery frames. I think they all have excellent stats and would love to hear some reviews. If they didn't cost so much I'd review them myself. I would especially like to hear reviews of the two 95' models. Does anybody atleast plan to try them out?
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    Can Blake be #1 by the end of the year?

    He played so good tonight that I was wondering, who else would like to see him at number 1. I'd love to hear Blake say, "Dude I rule," in that surfer accent he has.
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    Who does Safina remind you of?

    If anyone here is a fan of the Beverly Hillbillies, I'm sure the name of Jethro's cousin Jethrina rings a bell? Could it be? Kinda funny how the russian names work. Oh well, they work perfect for this anyway
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    opinions on Prince Sectrum Comp.

    Marius, I have done quite a few searches, so please don't put a link here. Unless it is one not at tw. I have even been to epinions. Anyway, I want to know whatever anyone can tell me about the 110 and the 90. I also have a tri comp 90 that I could use info on. Played with the 110...
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    Why are lighter rackets more expensive?

    I know the answer so play along anyway. I am going through racket stats at tw and notice over and over that the light stiff rackets are almost 2 times the price of good rackets. I was in the local SA today and all they have is light stiff. Since they are lighter, isn't there actually less...
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    What properties make a racket good for slice?

    I have been using the wilson tour95 weighted up. I hit pretty good with it and can do everything but slice. Slice is probably my favorite shot but this racket seems to pop the ball up everytime i try no matter the angle, unless I really smash it, the ball floats. For instance, drop shots...
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    Aniversity today. Gypsies go to camps.

    Today is the Aniversity of Hitler's decree to send gypsies to the camps.
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    Capri pants?

    Since the guys can wear those *blank azz* capri pants, can the women start wearing more tight little shorts?
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    compare head rackets if you please.

    can people who have used prestige classic mid compare it to the lm prestige mid, radical tour, and flexpoint tour(if you have tried it). I am trying to find more pc600s but can't find any cheeper than the lm mid or the radical tour.
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    Power angle 98

    will somebody hit with it already? Post your thoughts.
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    stringing volkl 9ve

    recomendations for string the 9ve. I need it to be softer and have less power. multi's also considered. This racket is pretty powerful.
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    head tx professional?

    Does anybody know anything about Head tx professional? Is it the same as prestige? Also, how do you make the Volkl tour9ve more arm friendly? It kills the arm. It is blue. On the TW website the Volkl looks black with highlights, but the two I have are blue. I will put more weight on it...
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    Is the world a worse place?

    Now that a Nobel Piece Prize winner has died, is the world a better place?
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    Univision! oi!

    I have an extra t.v. that is always on Univision. Does anybody else watch this chanel with the sound muted while you are working or listening to music. The 10's abound. If you want something to look at that doesn't involve alota thinkin, this is it. Did you see Caliente today(saturdays)?
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    Is Arafat dead?

    It is 11:30p.m. eastern and the news out of Palestine sounds just like the news when Stalin and Mao died. These type of regimes always claim, "he is just ailing." I say that puts him at either comatose and not coming out of it, or just outright dead.