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    Federer's Back To Back Aust Opens

    Federer's back to back Australian Open victories given the age at which they were achieved are in my opinion the greatest achievement of his stellar career and possibly of the open era. To lift the trophy at age 35 and then again at 36 when playing in the same era as two other all time greats...
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    Middle Weekend or Quarter finals - Aust Open?

    My wife and I are travelling to Melbourne in Jan to watch the Aust Open for the first time.Can't wait! Am thinking we will go to two night sessions and possibly a day session. Can't decide on whether to go for the middle weekend or quarter finals ( these options falling within our available...
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    3 Reasons Stan Wawrinka Will Win

    1. Stan is an absolute beast when it comes to Grand Slam finals. He is absolutely dialled in, has no fear, no expectations, no pressure and consequently brings his A game time after time. When Stan plays at his absolute best there is no-one bar Federer who can hang with him. 2. Nadal has a...