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    Will Nadal reach 4000 aces in career?

    I think that is his biggest liability .He is 25 from active players in aces category. He has 3722 by now,which is 3 aces in match average which is wow.So would he reach it.
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    Greatest tennis coaches of all time ?

    There is thread with the exact same name in former pro player talk but it is from 2013.I think many things changes from then but i cannot bump it because it is in other discussion.So in 2021 i think it is between Toni Nadal and Marjan Vajda but i think Marjan has the advantage.
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    Nondeserving players who won a slam

    I got the idea of the thread named "Deserving player not won a slam" to make a similar thread this time about the overachievers-players who were far beyond at quality but somehow won a slam-Thomas Johansson obviously come to mind,maybe Gaudio also. Other suggestions ?
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    Nadal is massively underrated outside clay

    Although i am Novak fan i tired of listen how Nadal is only clay.Even without clay he still is one of the greatest. Give you some exemple -at the Open era only Federer,Djokovic,Sampras and Agassi have more hard Grand Slams Nadal is equal to Lendl and with more titles than McEnroe and Connors for...
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    Is there a stat in which Fed is better than Djoker on clay

    I make this thread because in the last two days i read three new threads comparing Fed vs Djoker on clay and i want it to sum all in one thread.For me this isn t debatable -there isn t any i repeat any stat in which Roger overpowers Novak-The closest is there equal H2H overall and on RG.All...
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    Andy Murray takes WC to Metz and San Diego
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    Andy Murray gets Winston Salem wild card
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    Djokovic is doing what Federer should have done 6-7 years ago

    Djokovic is doing the right think to concentrate only on Majors and used Masters for warm up.If Federer have done it 6-7 years ago,not now when he is 40 he may have won more Majors.
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    I really hope Djokovic loss at mixed doubles

    I am really pissed off of him for this idiotic decision to play mixed doubles and loos the only medal it counts.I hope he gets what he deserves and not get more than bronze even in mixed doubles :mad::mad:
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    Career Surface Slam

    Only 6 players have achieved career Surface slam-winning Majors on 3 surfaces Aparr from Big 3 the other 3 are: 1.Connors- 4 Grass titles/1974 Australian, Wimbledon and Us Open,1982 Wimbledon/,3 Hard/1978,1982,1983 US Open/,1 Clay/1976 US Open/ 2.Wilander-3 clay/1982,1985,1988 French Open/,2...
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    Who is the most prestigious ATP 500

    While talking almost always about Grand slams,Masters, and ATP Finals the ATP 500 are left in shadow.There are many great events but who you consider the most prestigious-historical Queens and Hamburg,always strong tournament like Barcelona or a new modern like China open?
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    Novak is also the first player in Open era

    To both saved a match point and comeback from 0-2 at two different grand slam finals. WB 2019 and RG 20.Not to mention USO 2010 and 11 SF.Mental beast!!The last to do it was Laver at early 60s.
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    Novak guarantees N1 spot after Roland Garros

    After today SF win vs Martin Novak guarantees at least 3 more weeks as number 1 even if he didn t win a match at Roland Garros unless Medvedev reaches final/highly unlikely/
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    Is there WC maximum ?

    What are the rules for WC s and are there a maximum number of WC s a player can reseive in one season
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    Will Murray plays in Australian open 2021 ?

    Since we are talking about 3 time grand slam champion and 5 time finalist of this tournament he desereves individual thread .So any information will Murray plays in Australian open 2021 after his negative PCR test or he will not be allowed by hosts?
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    Who will become ATP No 1 first-Thiem or Medvedev ?

    I think it s almost certain that they both will reach ATP No 1 but who will be first - i think it will be Medvedev the fact that practically he hasn t got any points to defend until Washington 2021 and with the decline of Djokovic and Nadal outside clay i think it is realistic Medvedev reach atp...
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    The 8 players with most points in 2020 qualify for ATP Finals

    I think it s the most fair outcome- the top 8 points of the combine rank /excl. Federer / has won most points solely in 2020 and deservely qualify
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    Djokovic won less than 4 games for 1 st time in career.

    Another embarassing fact-Djokovic won less than 4 games for a first time in tennis match in best of 3-and not only atp also challenger and futures
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    Most finals loss before 1st title

    With FAA "briliant " final performances he is now 0-6 at finals.Anyone know the record of most finals loss before 1st title? I know Benneteau has 10 finals loss but he never win any.