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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Have three v7s that are 339-342 depending on strings etc. My last one was probably the last 4 3/8 they had so not sure about the out of spec/return theory. It’s just a crapshoot at the end of the day.
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    Nike Air Zoom Vapor Pro - Clay vs All Court outsole

    If you play that much on clay, definitely get a pair of dedicated clay shoes (and don’t use them on hard). They will last a long time and it makes a big difference IMO.
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    Prince Tour XP

    Anybody using this one or have any experience with it? Picked up a very cheap reel (17g/1.25) and really like it.
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    New poly user. Advice on Yonex ez tour and yellow poly tour pro 1.25

    I like PTP but can confirm, it seems to bag out pretty quick. It is also kind of sticky for a round poly. Love the feel but I think I've moved on.
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    Break down the Wilson rackets for a rookie please

    Compared to the Blade - Clash has a thicker beam and is more HL. Also a bit flexier.
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    18x20 equivalent to the Wilson RF97 or Volkl C10 Pro (98in+, 350g static +, ~330g swingweight, headlight, 18x20)

    Blade pro balance and swingweight are both too high for what he’s looking for.
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    Fritz and Tiafoe and Nike

    Yes, Bass Pro Shops will be looking to add Fritz as Isner steps away.
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    Shoes for high arch and wide feet

    Most stock insoles have just about zero arch support and obviously the soles of the shoes are pretty flat under there. If you really have high arches, you need some orthotics.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Pretty fugly.
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    Top 1.20 polys?

    Just got a pack of signum firestorm 1.20. Will try and report back here.
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    Top 1.20 polys?

    The thinner gauges of tour bite have much lower stiffness numbers than than the 16
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    Ultimate string of choice !

    Poly tour pro seems to be a polarizing string. Some love it, some hate it. Just trying it out for the first time and kind of liking it personally.
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    Hyper G Soft

    Which gauge are you guys preferring? I take the TWU ratings with a grain of salt - but with regular HG - 16 & 18 seem to have "better" numbers than 17. They don't have numbers for HGS other than 16.
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    Karen Khachanov has switched to Blade from H22?

    Headguard and beam look like a Blade. H22 has a different headguard that also ends a little higher up.
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    The Fischer Faction!

    Had a 295. One of the lowest powered racquets I've ever used.
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    How do you control gut???

    Agree with @Louis33 above. Unless you're coming off an injury, get something stiffer than cream in the crosses.
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    The gut/poly thread

    Max power 1.25 crosses have been great. Stringbed is very predictable and good tension maintenance.
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Have posted this before but find this a relatively easy racquet to play with - easier than the normal blade IMO. But everyone is different and has their own preferences. There aren’t many racquets on the market with such a high SW and low static weight. Can see some not clicking with the weight...
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    Alternative to VS

    Lux gut seems to have more coating/fray less. Other types of strings will play differently.
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    I find it easier to play with than the blade 16x19. Weight distribution is a bit more polarized. I get more SW with less overall weight. The extra power, SW and stability makes it feel like I can swing easier.
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    Just got more :) Still loving it. Can't believe guys are already moving off this frame. This place cracks me up.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Same, 16m BP. I was still using CV blades. I thought I loved my old ones - but the BP seems to do everything better for my game.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Yes I know they’re different. Maybe I was thinking of my own situation too much - played with blades for a while. Switched to blade pro. I normally would’ve been interested in the V8 but not really this time around.
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    Blade V8 Official Thread.

    Odd timing with the release of the V6 non-countervail, blade pros... seems like those would be a chunk of the target customers?
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    I am - love it. 54/50. I like babolat gut/pacific poly.
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    Tennis Warehouse Used Racquets — Grade A

    Yes, an A quality frame will be nearly perfect. Even their lower rated frames are in great shape.
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    Ultrashot 2…what happened?

    First time I've heard someone call them light. But I do think they look pretty good. A big portion of kswiss users seem to be looking for a wider shoe. This one seems a bit narrower than the hypercourt shoes. Could be a reason?
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread

    For whatever reason, I find the BP 16x19 to hit a slightly lower trajectory than the V6 Blade 16x19 (same string setup). Loving it and agreed about serves - one of the best I've used.
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    Wilson Pro Labs: Blade Pro Official Thread