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    Rank the last decade’s years of tennis

    What do you think were the best/most exciting/highest quality years? 1. 2012 2. 2011 3. 2019 4. 2017 5. 2013 6. 2014 7. 2016 8. 2018 9. 2015 10. 2010
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    Predict the next year for each of the next gen

    Let’s predict how each of the ‘next gen’ will do next year and come back at the end of the year to see how we did. Medvedev- continues his crazy consistency but is still stopped by the big 3 more often than not. Wins a couple more masters and maybe, just maybe wins a slam. I think he has a huge...
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    Best player to never win a Masters 1000?

    There's been discussion before on the best player to win a slam but I think this one is pretty interesting too. The big 4 have largely dominated Masters, but most of the 'best' of the rest broke through at some point with a Masters. Let's through some names out there: Gaudio is the only one...
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    Imagine if Nadal equals Fed's 20 at RG next year and then they play for the first time in the USO final for the GS record

    It would be the most historic tennis match of all time. Two contenders looking to settle the GOAT debate on the one stage where they've never met, on about as equal of a surface for them as you can get (medium speed outdoor hard). Not saying it's likely, but damn that'd be epic. I can't even...
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    Do you consider Cilic a better player than Ferrer/Berdych/Tsonga/Nishikori?

    Cilic obviously has better big results than these guys: 1 slam and 2 finals, but in my mind I still for some reason can't see him as better than any of the other common big 4 challengers. While his USO win was well-deserved and not what I would call a fluke, he just has never seemed like any...
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    Worst player to play a WTF match?

    Pablo Carreño Busta in recent memory. Anyone else that you can think of that snuck in there?
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    Next gen finals is a dud for the second year in a row

    Did we really need a round robin tournament to prove that Tsitsipas and De Minaur are the best of their age group right now? The round robin format is good when you have the top 8 because they are all ranked at the top of the game. Here you just have two top 30 players wasting their time and...
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    Will Federer go undefeated on grass this year?

    He didn't last year, but the freak loss to Haas may have motivated him to really get himself in check for Halle and Wimbledon. Winning three tournaments back to back is hard, especially on grass. Of course he will be the favorite for all matches, but can he pull it off? If he wins Stuttgart and...
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    Without the Paris Masters title and WTF run, Sock would be ranked in the 50s right now

    Just shows how inaccurate the rankings can be in terms of who the best players actually are. This guy has not played good tennis in some time besides those two weeks, and even at those events his competition wasn't that steep. Yet, he has just spent a good quarter of the year well within the top 10.
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    Higher ceiling- Fritz or Tiafoe?

    These two are a yin and yang of sorts, as extensively profiled in this 2016 article: Two years later, who is looking like they will have the higher peak? Neither have really broken through fully...
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    Monfils to win AO

    You heard it here first Fresh off a title win in Doha, Monfils will be confident going into the AO He has a qualifier in R1 and in R2 he will likely face Novak. This match will be potentially his biggest hurdle- he is 0-14 against Novak- but I think give Novak's lack of match play Monfils will...
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    For the 2nd time,Del Potro has clawed his way back into the top 10 after a career threatening injury

    Has anyone ever done this before? After being sidelined for over a year AGAIN and not knowing if he’ll ever play another match, Del Potro now finds himself back in the top 10. What a testament to how truly great of a player he is.
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    Best matches of the decade so far?

    While determining the player of the decade may be hard, the best matches of the decade are a more valid thing to rank. What do you think? My picks: 9. Federer d. Murray, Wimbledon F 2012 - This match was a thrilling four sets but the main drama was the stakes involved. Murray with the weight...
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    Even if the top seeds hadn't gone out early, I don't think anyone would have beaten Nadal.

    Nadal played himself into some scary form by the end of the tournament. A straight set victory over Anderson was predictable, but not even facing a break point? That's impressive. He also decimated Anderson's serve (one of the best on tour) almost every game. And how about his previous 3...
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    If Tsonga could somehow, some way find his peak form for this tournament, this slam could be his.

    I don't know if there is another active player more deserving of a grand slam that doesn't already have one than Tsonga (Berdych is a close second). On his best days he's unbeatable, but we haven't seen that form from him in quite a long time. Tsonga has a great draw in this tournament. The...
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    Montreal 2017, tournament of chokers

    The back and forth drama in so many of the matches this has been insane. Many times have players blown huge leads, most of them ending in disastrous losses in tight 3rd set tiebreaks. Thiem was up two breaks in the third set gs Schwartzmen and ultimately lost. Nishikori was up breaks in the...
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    Hardest player to ace?

    Is there stats available on who puts the most returns in play, or even who gets a racquet on the most balls? Andy Murray would be my gut feeling for this. Although it could also possibly be Federer with his reliable chip return.
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    Would you take Tsonga's career or Ferrer's?

    Two of the most prominent "best of the rest" players with very different career results. Both never managed to win a grand slam, but for very different reasons. Would you take Ferrer's career- the utmost model of consistency and maximization of your talent. More total titles (and prize money)...
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    When was the last time Djokovic lost in straight sets in a grand slam?

    I'm pretty sure it's nearly a decade ago. Anyone know the exact match? This is monumental from Thiem.
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    Big match for Asian tennis tomorrow- Nishikori vs. Chung

    In R3 of the grand slam, could this be the highest profile match between two men representing East Asian countries ever? I also think Chung has a solid chance here, he's been playing great while Kei has not been at his best.
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    Mentally weakest players?

    Watching Verdasco play Djokovic last night reminded me that he is up there for the mentally weakest players. So much talent, but many times the light's on but no one seems to be home. Cracks at the slightest intimation of pressure. What are some other players who fall into this category? Besides...
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    Stockholm, 250 tourney, has some surprisingly good semis tomorrow

    Delpo vs. Dimitrov, both of whom are resurgent and on fire, followed by Zverev vs Sock, the young gun on a hot streak vs probably America's best hope for a top player. Should be a great day of tennis for this small event!
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    Where does tennis go from here, tactics wise?

    Djokovic and to a lesser extent Murray have really just seemed to crack the code for the perfect tennis player. They seamlessly switch between offense and defense- getting every ball back when they need to stop a Federer, redlining every shot when they need to hit a Nadal off the court. Aces on...
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    Nadal has only won 1 fifth set in almost 2 years.

    For someone who used to be so clutch in fifth sets, this is a very disappointing turnaround.
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    Has anyone been watching Edmund this USO? How well has he really been playing?

    He's gotten some decent wins, but do you think he'll play well enough to at least trouble Djokovic?
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    There have been an insane amount of comebacks from 2-0 down this USO

    There has to have been at least 5 already, that's very unusual. Interesting to think the draw would be very different at this point if it was best of 3.
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    Faced with a REAL weak era (2016), I don't see how it's possible to say 2008-2015 was weak

    This year we've seen how dismal a weak era really is. Djokovic and Murray are the only consistently good players, and no one else can really threaten them. This is what a weak era is. Some say that the big 4 dominant years between 2008 and 2015 were weak, but really those years look great in...
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    So this is it isn't it? The last time we'll see the big 4 together at the top of the rankings?

    With Fed out for the rest of the year and Rafa just as questionable, I don't see the big 4 ever monopolizing the top 4 spots again after those two lose their ranking points. It's been an amazing run! What an era.
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    If I was Raonic I would kick Johnny Mac to the curb.

    Pretty disrespectful for McEnroe to commentate the match on ESPN instead of sit in Raonic's players box and support him in his first grand slam final and the biggest match of his life. I know they just got together recently and the results have since been good, but seriously if he can't be...