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    Tennis in Missouri

    wash u in st louis. top dIII school. mens singles national champion last year i believe, john watts.
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    Factory Outlet US

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    Factory Outlet US

    hi guys, ive been looking all over the internet for factory outlets, especially for nike and adidas. does anyone know any good factory outlets for either of them? preferably on the east coast (NY, MA, CT, NJ, PA) thanks !
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    Wilson BLX line

    So they improved the Six One's to the BLX line. What will happen to the K-Blade? When will they release a new version of that? If not, what would be a good alternative to the k-blade 93? Thanks
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    Here we go again...

    So you would be making nationals at the end of the season. But you said in your other post about being in a new conference and not being able to do that. Have you heard of anyone being fully covered in DIII by academic scholarships? Ah yes melb is not bad, been there for the australian...
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    UCSB Tennis

    Oregon has a player from Sydney, Australia. Aaron Clissold. I think he was ranked in the top 100 in Australia. I saw he got double baggled in a match playing at #6 singles...
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    Here we go again...

    Im mainly looking at DIII's so yeah. DI and DII are options but only if I get interest. I will call up tennis NSW and have a look.
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    Here we go again...

    They have quite a few good players already?
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    Here we go again...

    Defs beat a ranked player in the world before though in an ITF event. Hmm i was working towards a aus ranking, had one but yeah school took over. You from aus? or the us? Im from NSW>. So getting references from coaches. And how would I apply?
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    Here we go again...

    Hey guys, I know you probably come across a lot of people posting their videos and getting advice and might be bored of it but just bear with me. I am mainly looking at DIII schools with a few DI and DII's. SAT scores are: Maths- 720, CR- 550, W-610 Finish high school in Australia in...
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    The University of Texas at Tyler

    Thats interesting, now I understand it a bit more. How do they decide which teams make pool c? So UT Tyler will always make nationals as they win their conference every year.
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    The University of Texas at Tyler

    Hi weezy, how often does the team train? I know you dominate your conference, is the level of tennis there still competitive at the conference? Also, what gear do you guys wear? :P
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    The University of Texas at Tyler

    This might sound like a dumb question but how do they choose which teams play in nationals? How many teams play?
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    The University of Texas at Tyler

    Yeah i noticed they dominate their conference pretty easily. Do you know how UT Tyler are at academics? Nationally ranked? I will take a look at SCAC. Do you know much about UAA? So how would I know how good a program is?
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    The University of Texas at Tyler

    So their prgram is top 20 in DIII or the nation? How do they do in their conference? Do they make nationals? Do they travel out of state to play other teams? I know about Cali, but do they have others? How often do they train? Their facilities seem pretty good for DIII. Thanks for the reply
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    The University of Texas at Tyler

    hi guys, does anyone have any info and knowledge about university of texas at tyler? they compete in ncaa DIII. thanks :)
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    Rowdy Crowds Down Under

    saw that crazy fight between the serbs and bosnians live. jesus they were chucking chairs everywhere.
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    Tsonga vs Ljubicic

    caught wristband :)
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    Federer playing the crowd..

    dudee federer didnt sign autographs after his second round victory...
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    Australian Open

    I was wondering what exciting things could be done in the Australian Open apart from watching matches and seeing players. Does anyone have worthwhile experiences during the australian open in the past few years such as going to specific events and places at the right time. Also, does anyone...
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    Potential player application

    awesome. get any replies yet?
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    January 15 = college application deadline

    for which year?
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    Nadal vs. Monfils

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    can i please get an invite too? thanks
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    college chances. can you help me out?

    thanks guys for the comments, i will post a better video which shows ball placement and all that. hopefully i will get more detailed comments. i am wary of the amount of slices i am hitting and have started gaining more confidence on topspin. im actually 16 :P i play for my high school...
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    college chances. can you help me out?

    hey guys. here is a short video clip i took from a practice match. can you tell me what you think my chances are in college tennis? i still have 1-2 years to work on. thanks
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    im in sydney, anyone nearby?
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    Potential player application

    has anyone entered online applications for DIII schools as potential student athletes? i just came across it in many DIII athletics website, and i am curious if anyone has ever tried it.
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    Question about playing in college

    how is the match play format for DI? ive seen rosters and they have many players. i was wondering how many actually get to play? how singles and how doubles match per game?
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    how to qualify for d1, d2 or d3 without usta ranking

    hi guys i was wondering without a national or section ranking, how can i get noticed by recruiters of college for their teams? itf ranking? local ranking in my country? thanks