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    No more exhibitions please.

    I see on Federer's website that he is going have another night of champions thing with borg and jmac this time. ever since federer has been doing all these shows with sampras and others alike, it seems like his focus has been taken off of the tour. To me, its like we all know you can beat borg...
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    resistance bands

    i see that TW just got the ripcord bands, and ive seen video of players using them, i wondered if people here used them and how much different resitance levels translate to strength. thanks
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    HUGE match tommrow

    the number 2 ranking is on the line tomorrow as djokovic and nadal square off. It is another chapter into the second best rivalry in tennis. this one is for alot more. could have implications for the french open. has the billing to be the match of the year. Novak has never beaten nadal on...
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    gonzo trying new strings.

    my guess is pro hurricane tour for clay. look at the photo of him playing dubs at vina del mar.
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    Grip Modification

    Hi all, i have two identical wilson N90's except for the fact that one is a 3/8 grip and the other is a 1/2. i would like to make the 4 3/8 into a 4 1/2. i have read in magazines that you can heat shrink wrap under the base grip to make the grip size bigger. i assume that i can take it to a...
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    new prestige on safin also using original big banger.
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    Federer= GQ man of the year.

    finally some recognition from the media of Federer's amazing abilities.
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    will they stream the mens final tommrow?

    Im just wondering because im in college and i might have to compete with my roommate for the tv because its the first day of nfl, but it would be nice if i could watch both at one time.
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    Babolat vs Wilson

    Its six slams and counting where the mens slam finals are wilson vs babolat in the finals, not to mention wilson vs babolat in the wimbledon final 4 years in a row. of course its because federer is in every slam, but babolat has a good mix of top players.
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    O Simon Cowell........(spoiler)

    So I guess Nadal is still the best player on the planet eh? nice result today. nice of him to announce that he wasnt playing davis cup because he was injured, in the middle of a tournament and go out and bagle del potro in the first set. so i guess now that djokavic has beaten nadal on...
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    Canas racquet set-up

    hey, what racquet set up and strings and tension does canas use, he just beat federer so i must get these things. HAAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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    Racquet Fuel

    Whats the news on this string, is TW gonna carry it? And what kind of strings to they make? Also is there any news on the new wilson strings?
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    Tecnifibre half sets?

    i searched tecnifbre in the TW search bar, and it said there was nrg2, x-one biphase, red coade half sets, are these for sale? thanks for the feed back.
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    New Head Racquets?

    Anyone see the new head frames that Ljubicic is supposedly gonnd use? if so post them here for everyones welfare.
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    New adidas shoes

    yea so theres the new adidas accelerator 07 adn new feahter 07, other than that nothing new. http://www.p w m/menstennisshoes.asp?id=24&cat=adidas%20Futures
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    WTA rankings

    ok can someone tell me just how justine henin harden can make it to the finals of all four slams in a year and win one of them, and be ranked number 3 after sharapova who won one of the slams and no finals of the others. in ATP if you did this feat say without roger or rafa youd be number one or...
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    luxilon alu touch hybrid

    you guys used to have alu touch hybrids, but not anymore? did you sell out or does luxilon not make it anymore? thanks
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    the swiss is already in paris
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    feliciano using surge now

    he switched tot he surge it seems. check the site.
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    new french open ball

    in new tennis mag, it says dunlop is offical supplier of RG. big ups!!!
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    new wilson player again

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    henmans new stick
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    Safin is comming back

    Safin is starting practice in valencia tommrow, and is working with a new racquet possibly a flexpoint prestige. holla at ya boys!!!
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    Tournagrip High-Tak XL

    i was wondering if TW could carry tourna high tak xl, in 3 packs, because all you guys have is it 30 pack. thanks
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    New Pro Penn with Encore

    Penn is releasing a brighter, bouncier tennis ball this month. The long-time tennis ball manufacturer releases its new Pro Penn tennis ball, featuring Encore Technology to make it "33 percent longer lasting" and Smart Optik felt "for 19 percent greater visibility quot; the company announced...