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    Shoes similar to Prince OC-1 Wide?

    Since Prince discontinued this shoe, I am looking for a replacement. Anybody have any knowledge of a similar fitting shoe as the Prince OC-1 Wide?
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    lead at 12

    What is the proper thing to do about lead tape at the 12 o'clock position while stringing? Are you supposed to leave it on and let it get smushed by the mount, take it off and reapply after finishing, or other?
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    shoe recommendations?

    whats a good shoe for plantar fasciitis? i have normal arches and wide feet. currently wearing wilson topspeed 3E. very comfortable but just not enough cushioning on bottom for long hours of play. recommendations?
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    anyone have specs on jack kramer autograph

    looking for strung weight, swingweight, and flex if available. i cant seem to find it anywhere. i think there are a few models out there but i am referring to this one.
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    isospeed strings

    isospeed control 16 v isospeed professional 17 is one softer/easier on the arm than the other?
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    foot soreness

    the bottom of my feet get really sore after playing for several hours. is this due to lack of shoe padding, extended play, or a little of both?
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    recommendations for personal stringer

    I'm interested in getting a stringing machine for myself. I will most likely only be stringing a few times a month. I was looking through some threads and reviews and think the sp swing would probably suit my needs fine. The alpha pioneer dc plus looks like a fine machine... but is it really...
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    difference in shirts?

    is there any difference between running/training/tennis performance shirts?