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    EURO 2016

    EURO 2016 is only a few months away. For the first time there will be 24 teams, which i think is a great number, though many disagree. Their argument is that you get more tight group matches with 16, but I think is better to have those matches in the knockout stage which most likely will happen...
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    Multi vs Polyester questions.

    Around may/june this year I needed new strings for my racquet. Reading all these posts around here about the "side effects" of poly strings and how they only benefit advanced players I went for a multi, Tecnifibre XR3 16 (natural beige color) at 25/26 kg. It felt really rough compared to the...
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    White grip consipracy?

    Thought about this for a while. Everybody knows how soon the dirt becomes visible on a white grip. It can look nasty if you play on clay. I like white grips but to be honest that has a lot to do with the exposure they get on the tour. Both ATP and WTA. I can only think of a few players that...
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    Some hitting. Opinions and advice welcomed (VIDEO)

    Hi TT. Knowing how important is to film yourself (or have a coach watching you) in order to improve I decided to, well, do it. I started playing last summer but I don't think I've played for more than 20 hours combined then. This summer however I averaged around 3-4 hours a week. Maybe a bit...