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    TW: Stiffness and SW of BLX Pro Tour

    Could you please confirm the Stiffness and SW of Wilson BLX Pro Tour. Several friends of mine have tried the racquet and say it feels like 65, 67 and SW around 320. That is a huge difference. I want to buy this racquet but i would like you to verify it first. Thanks in advance.
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    What Federer and Nadal said after the match Interesting points. It seems both of them are really confident about their games. Lets see what happens at FO.
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    Another lost for Safin

    Anyone else think Marat is gonna have a really difficult time to come back into the top 10 again? Apart of AO 05 he does not have anything to show. And i am not sure if Lundgren is the right choice right now. Time is passing, he is 26 now, and he needs to show up this year, maybe his last...
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    Now 4-1 head to head: Stain in Federer´s legacy?

    I want to hear your opinions about it. I don´t remember such situation: Number 1 in the world who dominates everyone else, just can´t beat the number 2 player. How is that possible? I think Nadal is in Federer´s head. There are no excuses here, the head to head is clear 4-1 and all the...
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    HPS 6.1 95 vs Yonex Ti-80

    I have been using the HPS 6.1 for a couple of years now. I am finding the high swingweight a litte bit too much for me since i dont play as frequently as i used to. According to specifications the Ti-80 looks like a good replacement but i in my country i cant test the racquet so i´d...
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    Why do i hate Nadal 2

    There is an excellent question about the subject this week in tennis mailbag. It says: "So there's this guy who plays on the ATP tour. A very defensive-minded player who wins by getting a lot of balls back and waiting for the unforced errors of his more offensive-minded opponents. This...
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    Tennis needs a new good rivalry

    I was talking to a friend of mine yesterday and remembered tennis in late 70s with Borg-McEnroe rivalry or Lendl-McEnroe in 80s. I mean, I missed the big good rivalries in tennis, it is good for sport and for the game of tennis. Right now the game is a little boring with such Federer...
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    Ncode 95: My feedback and need setup suggestions

    I´m a 4.0 all court player and have been demoing the ncode 95 for 6 hours. Previously i used a 6.1 HPS and these are my first impressions. Groundstrokes: ncode 95 feels a little head heavy in the back court and in serves. I like this sensation on groundstrokes, control, power, anything...
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    Power level: Tour 95 vs NCode 6.1 vs Lm Prestige mid

    Hello, Currently, i use a Tour 95 but after a couple of months i can not get used to the feeling and is very unsteady and has very low power level. Previously i used a HPS 6.1 for two years and the power was ok for me. I wonder if any of you have experience with the ncode 6.1 and lm...