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    I've decided I'll never watch another ATP match.

    I try to find official replay of the 2018 Stuttgart tournament and what do I get? Sign up for $14. Nope, that's not going to happen. I don't even know if that is real or not, atp doesn't say who their official replay provider is, and if they do, they aren't very clear about it. I didn't even...
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    Versions of Boris Beckers Puma/estusa mold

    The Super with the screw in it is my favorite racket.
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    What if... smaller heads and tighter patterns were easier to play with than the opposite?

    Open patterns are hard to play with because the strings move around too much.
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    What if... smaller heads and tighter patterns were easier to play with than the opposite?

    Open patterns are hard to play with because the strings move around too much.
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    one hander using 18x20

    The strings move around too much in open pattern.
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    Two different hyper carbon prostaff tour 95 racket specs.

    I've been through them posts still nothing. I've been searching for some time now and still haven't found an answer. Anybody have a clue on this?
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    Two different hyper carbon prostaff tour 95 racket specs.

    I have 3 hyper carbon prostaff tour 95 with all silver labels and one with a red and silver label inside the throat, does the red have different specs it doesn't show the weight? The all silver labels say 309g (10.9 oz). All those I find online are the red and silver labels the others I bought...
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    Rest in Peace Gaines Hillix

    Thanks Vsgut for letting us know. I have rarely been to the site for about a year now. I have been on and off these boards for years and Gaines was always around. I believe he was one of the truly good guys. Whenever I'd see his name in a post I'd have to read it. He was that...
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    Does Federer dislike Djokovic?

    What old soldier is that?
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    YULitle Appreciation Thread

    Great vids. They are the best out there.
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    How do you demo racquets?

    Use your hand and some balls. If you want to really do it right, find a playing partner.
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    Pro Kennex Lavery Heritage Type C..any thoughts???

    My thoughts are that, I'd have bought all three that were left had known about the sale. I am sure the resale value would have been great. Can't believe you didn't grab them.
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    The Next Weight Customization Frontier

    That would be cool. I was looking at rackets for my daughter one day and found some nice 26 inchers. I also started wondering how cool it would be to load it up with lead. My favorite was a wilson that was painted like the PS tour90's and 95's. I couldn't find any junior rackets that were...
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    my SW2 "test drive"

    I searched and studied this for awhile. My problem is that even if I attempt the math I would still have doubt that I have actually accomplished sw2. It has been awhile but I actually did read most of the stuff about polarization and depolarization, however, I am not sure if I even understood...
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    Which of your racquets will you never sell?

    I had one like that. My pc600 was awesome but I sold it. What I mean to say is that I'd never sell another if I could find it. I sold mine almost a year ago. It was like the ring of power and as I was selling it, I kept having to convince myself. I sold it just to see if I could. I can...
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    New racquets are just painted nCodes?

    I do the same thing. I feel like I am being ripped off for anything over $150 new. I consider $150 yoo much. I think beginner rackets cost more because noobs believe price determines quality/playability.
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    Is there a video of stringing?

    I'm more interested in shared holes and such. Skips and that sort of thing.
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    Is the drop shot (under the arm) serve illegal?

    You try doing it to somebody and then say there is no glory. It isn't that easy to disguise. I like to do it when I think somebody is slightly tired because that forward charge can where them out. Once you have done that to an opponent they don't know exactly where to stand. I have actually...
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    Is there a video of stringing?

    I remember a few months ago, talk was around of someone posting video of stringing. I was just wondering if someone has done that yet. I have already watched the stuff from sptennis. Their video quality isn't good enough for me to get a clear idea. I can't actually make out the string...
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    my SW2 "test drive"

    Hey Tjam. I really do hate to bother you about the calcs but I am lazy(or just very weak on the math) and usually use up rolls of lead tape messing around. I only ask you to give me a setup so that I can see what sw2 really means. You've made the sw2 topic so popular, it would take me...
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    Volkl T10mid

    T10ve is one of the most arm friendly rackets made in the last 10 to 15 years. You must have strung yours with rope at 70lbs and have crazy strokes. It is not an 11oz racket. You are probably just not use to playing with this type of racket.
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    my SW2 "test drive"

    Travelerjam. Could you tell me how to get a cat8ve and a ps tour95 into sw2. They both have leather grips already. I have the cat8's upto around 12 ozs already with lead but I want to try out sw2 just don't quite get all the calcs.
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    Wilson Pro Staff 95 Tour for Dunlop 200G XL

    I prefer the tour95. I have both rackets and would be willing to let go of the 200gxl. Hint hint.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Wrong! The top two out of your 3 are way off. Them polo girls can be pretty buff in a manly kind of way and the valley ball girls look dried up. Both of your top 2 are about as nubile as beef jerky. One is tough looking and the other dry. 1) College gymnastics 2) figure skating 3) Tennis
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    I'd like to school her. Uh heh heh.
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    Guys only: best legs and other best female issues

    Oo la la!!! Thank heaven for little girls.
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    leather grip and shrinking

    What? You can't be serious!
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    Need some info on some discontinued frames.....

    I love the tour95 compared to the other rackets. I think the 95 sucks in stock form but with very little lead tape you can make a huge differnce with this frame.
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    Men & Women: Equal Prize Money [Merged]

    Now, this I agree with. I would also consider this equal pay. They would be payed by the revenue "they" generated. I don't consider what Wimby did equal pay. What Wimby is doing is paying the same for lesser play not paying for equal play. The only way to give players "equal...
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    Comment for NBMJ

    Why? Is it the handle, the weight, what does "it feels like a sponge" mean.