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    n61 95(16x18) users: tried the BLX version yet ?

    I'm a long time user of the n61 95 ("16x18"). I've tried a lot of other rackets, but I haven't found one yet that has the same overall qualities as the n61. I had hoped the k95 would do it, but it didn't work out for me. I have high hopes for BLX61 95, which I'll probably order today...
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    n61 95 vs Pro Supex Nano Energy

    Any n61 95 users have any feedback on the Pro Supex Nano Energy? I did a search and didn't find much on this. I think one guy thought the Nano Energy was a lighter version of the HPS61 95. It seems most think the Nano Energy is a PS60 95 clone, but I never played that stick. So, if any...
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    Any rumors about a Wilson K61 95 successor ?

    Just wondering if there have been any rumors related to Wilson replacing the K61 95? I moved from the HPS61 95 to the n61 95 without much difficulty. I've been trying to move from the n95 to the K61 95, but its been slow going. Anyone heard anything about a Wilson K61 95 replacement ?
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    Anyone like both the n61 95 and the k61 95 ?

    I haven't gone thru all the n95 and k95 threads, but it seems like many n95 users who've tried the k95 appear to prefer the n95. I'm in that camp as well, though, I'm wondering if I just haven't given the k95 enough time. My problem with the k95 is control and the overall feel...
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    Any former users of Prince Quicktrac TiTanium 1.0 ?

    Even though the Prince Quicktrac TiTanium 1.0 was discontinued many years ago, I had stocked up on it. I liked the fit and lightness. My last pair is now about shot. Any former wearers of this shoe ? What did you replace it with? Are there any current Prince models that come close ? I've...
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    Old guy tries small headed, heavy racket

    This is an attempt to revive my original thread, "Old guy gives the KPS88 a try", which I started about a month ago and which is now buried in this now mangled, 3500+ replies thread: My original thread has now lost any semblance of...
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    Question about recent thread

    Can someone who works at TW contact me about a recent thread of mine? Thanks.
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    Question about the File F Box sizing

    First, thanks for bringing back the simple, but classy Fila F Box clothing. I have a question about the sizing of the F Box crew. My past experience with Fila is that it ran small. Do you know if the F Box crew runs small, or is it...
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    Anyone hit with the new Fischer "No Tolerance" MSpeed 98 SL ?

    Just wondering if anyone has hit with the new No Tolerance MSpeed98 SL and can compare it to the older one.
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    Blue Gear hybrid in an MSpeed 98 question

    I have a Fischer MSpeed 98 that I usually string with VS Tonic natural gut in the mains and Gosen syn. gut in the crosses. Both at 53lbs. I just received some Blue Gear I'd like to try. Since higher tensions feel boardy to me in the MSpeed, I was planning to string the Blue Gear at 46lbs...
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    Can someone compare ALU Big Banger vs Blue Gear ?

    Can someone compare ALU Big Banger vs Blue Gear ? Thanks.
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    Availability of Fischer M-Speed 98 SL ?

    I noticed that the Fischer M-Speed 98 SL is no longer shown in your Fischer racket section. Will you be carrying the new Green-Yellow version of it ? If so, when will it be available ? Thanks.
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    Why won't Wilson sell Asian (lighter) K rackets in the US ?

    I've hit with the US K90 and I think its probably a bit too heavy for me, so I'd really like to hit with a K90 that's a bit lighter, such as the Asian model. And I don't think I can handle the 340 Swingweight of the US K95, so I'd also be interested in hitting with the lighter Asian K95...
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    The weight of the K90 may be too much for me...

    I had a chance to hit with the K90 for the first time today. I used it in a doubles match. I only had a brief warm-up with it before the match started. I play a lot more singles than doubles, but I couldn't pass up this chance to give it a try. For some background, my most recent rackets have...
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    Where to buy an Asian K90 in Hong Kong ?

    I have a friend who may go to Hong Kong in a couple of months. If he goes, where is the best (cheapest, reliable (no fakes)) place to buy an Asian K90 in Hong Kong ? How much will it cost in Hong Kong and US dollars ? Thanks.
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    Any n61 95 users hit with the k90 ?

    I thought there was a thread about this, but if so, I couldn't find it. Anyway, just curious if any n61 95 users who've hit with the k90 could provide some feedback. I'm most interested in the differences in manueverability and serve. Thanks.
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    TennisMastery: Question about 2 hand volleys

    To TennisMastery (or anyone else who cares to answer): I'm a good 4.5 player. I've mostly been a singles player, with all my strokes being one-handed. I used to S & V many years ago, but now mostly play from the baseline. My volleys were decent, but never great. I'm now starting to play...
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    Slazenger Pro Plus Contour grip

    Anyone know where I can buy the Slazenger Pro Plus Contour grip, the grip that comes with the Slazenger X1 racket ? (TW doesn't carry it). TW does carry numerous contour grips. Is there one that's equivalent to the Slazenger one ? Thanks.
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    What Wilson is Mathieu using ?

    Anyone know what Wilson racket Mathieu was using against Nadal ?