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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    Another update, they provided me a coupon for a new pair of shoes finally. It did take a bit of persistance but I received an email with a coupon and no need to send the shoes back. I linked them this thread, I wonder if that had any lasting impact on getting this resolved. I'm glad they agreed...
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    Great to hear! I'm wearing the Hypercourt Express and they've already lasted 3 months with no severe signs of wear. Much sturdier shoe, feels more like the Barricade. No outsole warranty but the durability is much better.
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    Update: I tried multiple times but New Balance would not replace the shoes. They did not qualify for the outsole warranty despite the outsole cracking and disintegrating. They referred me to the general customer support which never responded to any of my emails. I will never purchase New Balance...
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    Thoughts on lead tape placement for 1HB

    Add as much weight to the tip until you feel it's too much. I find my one handed backhand can't swing as much weight as my forehand, so keep adding weight until your backhand or your body has negative results. Many hours later remove that tape then add lead tape further down the sides while...
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    Tennis Warehouse playtest: Solinco Hyper-G Soft!

    Gauge Received: 16L Tension used for playtest: 48 lbs Regular string set up & tension: Luxilon Alu 48 lbs Racquet used for test: Pro Staff 90 Control/Power of test string: Feels very middle of the road of a typical poly. Low powered with high spin. Feel (Stiff? Mushy? Muted? Crisp...
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    2020 Prostaff vs K Factor

    It's not identical to the K Factor, not really close to identical either. There are lots of threads on the differences. If you are looking for more power and a larger head size it's a logical transition as the weight and balance is really similar. For me it made my forehand and serve a tad...
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    2020 Prostaff vs K Factor

    In that case you should sell it to me! You may want to try the RF97, it's the closer to a PS90 with a larger head size with a similar weight and balance. It's very stiff, though. To me, the lighter Pro Staff 97 is much more similar to the 6.1 95 but lighter and stiffer. 90 sq inches is tough for...
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    Forehand improvement suggestion

    There is some not so great advice here. You need to point your left arm at the fence on the right and reach out with your left shoulder, that's it. This will turn your shoulders back much further and point your toes naturally also to the fence to your right. I recommend finding a quality coach...
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    What muscles are key to hitting big forehands?

    Have somebody feed you 200 high forehands in the middle of the court and hit them as hard as you can. You'll get tired before you're half way. Finish the entire basket. With good technique, your legs, abs, forearm, lungs, everything will be burning. Do more sets if you can. Rest and recover...
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    MSV CO Focus

    Agree with the comments on muted, plastic-like, and mushy. Perhaps if strung at a higher tension it behaves differently. I don't get as much feedback when I hit in the center compared to a more crisp string.
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    2020 Prostaff vs K Factor

    I don't think you'll notice a difference between 97 and 95 sq inches. The feel is different and the K six one 95 is heavier than the Pro Staff 97. The counterveil was stiffer to me than the K95, perhaps the new Pro Staff 97 is more flexible than the counterveil version. I suggest staying with...
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    2020 Wilson Pro Staff 6.1 18x20 Official Thread

    They're extremely similar. If you like one, you'll like the other. It's a very tiny bit more "muted" with a slightly different thuddier sound on contact but they play exactly the same, you won't play better with one over the other. The ncode rackets I had were a tad more head heavy, but not as...
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    Roger Federer joins us for the Wilson Pro Staff RF 97 Autograph v13 Tennis Racquet Review

    Great interview Michelle! Would have loved to hear a bit more about the technical development from the 90 to the 97, the beam construction, thickness, what he tried and what didn't work, etc, as he never is never asked those questions.
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    I used super glue to reattach the soles so I can then wear them out and utilize the warranty. I sent my info to New Balance to initiate the warranty replacement despite the soles not being totally worn through according to their warranty language, even though they've already broken into pieces...
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    It became unglued fully and thenunusable on each foot. I blame the outsole itself as it broke off on each foot in small chunks rather than slowly wearing down like every other tennis shoe I've had. Unsure if this is due to the material or how it's designed into the toe.
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    Prince 93P 14x18 on TW

    Would love to hear an update! How did it compare with the K90?
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    I glued the left shoe so I can wear out the soles to claim the warranty, now the right one has the same problem a day later. The toe wasn't even particularly worn down, it just broke off. Come on New Balance...
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    New Balance Fresh Foam Lav - TERRIBLE Durability

    Update: New Balance finally provided a coupon for another pair of shoes. Delivered on June 28th, used between first week of July until today Aug 23rd. They have been disintegrating after day 1. I really tried to baby them, rarely slid, and was always aware that the durability would be an issue...
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    How to not bruise your toenails?

    2 socks, athletic tape + electrical tape over it, change shoes, slide better. If you're not in pain it's not a worry
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    Wilson Six-One 95 Hyper Pro Staff 16x18...What next?

    The Yonex Vcore rackets play in the ballpark of the 6.1 95. There are a few models which may be lighter and with a larger headsize if that's what you're looking for.
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    Tenns Warehouse Playtest - Gamma TNT2 Fat Core XL 16

    Tension(s) used for playtest 60 Regular string set up & tension ALU power 60 lbs Racquet used for test Wilson Hyper Pro Staff 6.1 16x18 Power/Control of test string Pace feels typical for the tension but less spin makes it difficult to keep the ball in the court when swinging big. Control...
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    Does adding weight in handle add power?

    Yes Shroud, more or less they're about the same size now. I've been reading these forums for a while and there is quite a lot of misinformation. Adding weight to a racket will allow you put speed on the ball faster in different types of hits. Adding 2 grams at the tip of the racket will help...
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    Does adding weight in handle add power?

    If I'm blocking a return or blocking with a short back-swing in general (volleys, short hops, etc) my racket which has been built up with shrink sleeves and overgrips by 1oz in the handle is noticeably better in this regard compared to the others
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    Do rackets really lose stiffness over time? Has anybody measured new/old frames on a Babolat RDC machine?

    In this interview Federer goes on to explain he uses about over 60 rackets every year, replacing all 12 of his rackets 5 times a year because they lose their stiffness. It's also something that gets mentioned on the forums here. "Micro fractures" is the common term. I have used this frame...
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    Please critique my strokes!

    Everything starts from the bottom up. You've got quick feet but you can make better use of your split step. Move to the direction of the ball and make quicker steps as soon as you can. You want to move more aggressively sooner with smaller steps after. You have a tendency to split step, get...
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    18 x 20 racquets and 1HBH advice.

    It's most likely a technique issue, can you post a video? If you're convinced it's the racket, try a more open string pattern. The Prince 93P comes in two patterns so try each and see how they feel. I struggled with the denser patterns when I was younger running into the same issues as you. If...
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    Ask the TW Professor Anything About TWU, Strings, his Books, Lab Experiments, etc.!

    I'd like to have a better understanding of what constitutes a racket's feel between the beam type, thickness, and stiffness of a racket. The Pro Staff 90 has an RDC rating of 66 and the RF97 has a rating of 68. However, the PS90 has a flexible feeling on contact while the RF97 feels stiff as a...
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20

    I know my Pro Staffs very well, I've used them my whole life :) Missing are the 18x20 frames I used as a teenager during competition and a few original 95 Classics. Usually strung with ALU@60 when I'm trying to play my best.
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20

    As I mentioned above, the twistweights of modern rackets have gone up. This gives that subjective "solid" feeling. They also have equal or higher swingweights which is achieved with less head light balance as that's easier to manage for most players across most skill levels because the overall...
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    Wilson 6.1 95 18x20

    I used to use the 18x20 and hated it. It felt like hitting with a wooden board compared to the 16x18, it was hard to generate spin and slices were difficult. Redirecting the ball was the same as the 16x18 but balls would sail a few feet long no matter what tension I used. The 16x18 is the better...