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    Ferocious, determined...taking Wozniaki to the third set. It's hard to concentrate on the score with these two :)
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    lateral stability issues with Superfeet?

    Anybody run into lateral stability issues with Superfeet? I have low arches/flat right foot and I put Superfeet blue in GR5s and they became unstable...foot was rolling too much to the outside, likely the result of putting a semi-rigid arch on top of a shoe w. built in arch support. Wondering...
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    Asics G5 w/ Superfeet--stability issues

    Anyone else finding they have to keep relacing the Asics to get them stable? My feet are sliding around a bit, even w/ two pairs of socks. Putting Superfeet Blue in the shoe (I have low arches) also makes my foot kind of unstable. Wondering if anyone else has experienced either of these...