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    RDX 500 v. RDS 001

    it feels hollow because it is...
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    Pro head sizes

    is the most popular music the best?
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    Babolat Craze

    body for power, racquet for control
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    Roger using a new racket/pj???

    and entities is spelt "entitities"...
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    Who apart of Agassi playing with big head size?

    social players
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    Ever blindly buy a racket?

    basically this buying-style accounts for most of the racquets i own and have hated.. and loved demoing is for pussies... ;)
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    so this lady took pitures of me and i think i look kinda like nadal

    i can see the resemblance... you're both playing tennis
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    Which brand "bites" the ball the best?

    obviously all t do with density of string bed. i think yonex are well-recognised with respect to this attribute.. my dog bites the ball pretty well too
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    What is the best raquet for player seeking control

    if you want control, try some midsizes.. don't forget yonex
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    Has anyone tried Yonex Shoes????

    i think they r farkin great
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    Is there a difference in feel between Yonex Super Grap overgrip colors?

    use signum pro o/grips... the best
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    1HBH and smaller racquet heads

    feels more manoeuvrable to me... either way, i defo prefer the mid with the 1hbh. it needs the control and stability of a mid
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    I think I may have to abandon my RDX500 90

    nicely said redflea! it is a mad racquet
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    Mid v Midplus The Duel

    i pose this question to MP users: why are your MP frames better than OS frames? ..then you have the answer to why mids are better than MPs..
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    Mid v Midplus The Duel

    travlerajm, maybe you're right but in reference to myself nd your quote; i used an rd-7 midplus for about 5 years.. plenty of flex there...
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    Mid v Midplus The Duel

    lucky, i find the mid more forgiving in that off-centre shots don't have the same tortional effects on the racquet producing elbow discomfort. plus, i find off-centre shots much more controllable on the mid. as for power, i'm not convinced. shots out of the centre of a mid feel like you've more...
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    Mid v Midplus The Duel

    and offcenter shots come off better on mids than MPs coz of the significantly greater stability. on MPs they just fly out or hit the net... u'd hav to play with one to know
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    disappointed in rdx 500 mid

    not flexible???? they are quite flexible.. change string... they are a mad racquet!!
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    Mid v Midplus The Duel

    mids are better in basically every way... i think in general, far more mid users have played with mid-pluses than mid-plus users have with mids (for decent lengths of time). most people just comment from subjective unsubstantiated points of view... i've used both lots and can't see how...
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    Who do you WANT to win Rolland Garros?

    i want nadal or myself to win
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    What's your preferred racket material?

    100% nano-wood!!
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    What was Wilson thinking!?!?

    looks like australian aboriginal art..?? altho i don't think it is; i think it's just a terrible design gone wrong..
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    Best Groundstrokes on the ATP

    amazed more aren't sayin federer!!!! he is lethal.. i like watching nalban too and safin. but they're not as textbook.. mine are up there to
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    Blisters and ripped callouses

    was just a suggestion. generally, the 'right' size grip is good for lots of things..
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    How long should I sit out? Is improper technique the cause?

    i'd just hit without serving. gets blood flow happening without aggravating your injury. every week, reevaluate your condition and adjust routine appropriately
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    Racquets similar to Prestige but more POWER!

    string looser?
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    any soft poly available that is friendly to TE????

    i get TE and use signum pro poly plasma. feels good
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    tennis elbow and headsize

    this site: (scroll to bottom) suggests that the smaller the headsize, the better...
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    tennis elbow and headsize

    i've recently moved to a midsize rdx 500 and very much enjoy playing with it. ive also noticed it's given me less tennis-elbow-related discomfort. tonight, i broke a string in the warm-up and was forced to pull out my mid-plus rdx 500. before the first set was over, my elbow was quite sore -...