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    What else to add to first (personal use) stringing machine?

    As I wrote earlier, I am looking to purchase Pros Pro Comet or Pioneer, probably the manual crank version, as it will be my first machine for personal use. What else should I better get together? Eg I read about other better clamps, which I suppose I will find out in the future. Which ones are...
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    Pros Pro, Comet or Pioneer?

    Hello forum! Looking to purchase one of these in Europe (for Greece), their price from manufacturer is identical, either as manual machines or with electronic tensioner/feet etc. How to choose? What are their main differences? From photos, both are 6-point and have 5 teeth clamps. If it helps...
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    Best 1st machine combo (in Europe), with Wise 2086?

    Looking to buy first machine. Pros pro machines seem best value and thinkng about Comet or Pioneer, either cracnk or electronic version. However, most people suggest the combination with Wise 2086 if directly electronic machine. Found out the Penta 3600 combo with Wise 2086, on UK shop, as the...