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    Andy Roddick is A-Ok

    The thread was of a similar nature to a previous post, thus my previous statement applied and I pasted it here as well. I'm sorry that you think you must be better than someone to be able to critique them and their actions. Also, I never said I hated him, I simply said I am not a fan and...
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    Andy Roddick is A-Ok

    All I can say after hearing about his loss in the first-round, is FINALLY. Never was a Roddick fan and never will be, and this first-round loss confirms it. His attitude, game and his ability to be heavily overrated just make him vulnerable to extreme disappointment. Hopefully Roddick fans learn...
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    Are there any ranked Canadian players?

    Canadian tennis doesn't seem to have much drive. Some people have the talent but it doesn't reach beyond there. And it is really disappointing. Tennis just isn't one of the strong suits Canada deals with. The majority head to hockey, lacrosse, basketball and football and baseball. Then again...
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    Its too hard to be a Roddick fan anymore

    All I can say after hearing about his loss, is FINALLY. Never was a Roddick fan and never will be, this first-round loss confirms it. His attitude, game and his ability to be heavily overrated just make him vulnerable to extreme disappointment. Hopefully Roddick fans learn this quickly, because...
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    Rogers Cup Spoilers

    RODDICK DOWN!!! And glad to see it.
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    Best Overgrips

    I use SuperGrap and love it.
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    Western Grip

    My normal grip is basically Eastern. Whenever I try the Western, it's really hard for me to even turn my arm that way. Kind of feels like my wrist is going to break every time I hit the ball. Not to mention that when I hit the shot I have to use tons of energy from my arm to even hit the shot...
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    Is your birthday on January 20th?

    Aw, my birthday is Jan 10th. Phewy.
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    TW and Paintjobs

    Not false. "Wilson nCode nSix-One Tour 90 Racquets Racquet choice of ATP #1 Roger Federer, the nCode Six-One Tour is a stable, control oriented racquet for advanced players." Just says racquet choice. Nothing about him actually physically playing with it. Nothing is false in that...
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    Andre Agassi: "This is what you call an **** watch(Raymond Weil)"

    I'm not sure I understand. He was given a watch, and said "this is what you call an **** watch" ?? That is a bad thing? I'm lost.
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    Kana/Becky. This should end it.

    The best way to end this, is if I TW admin paid attention and checked their IPs to make sure they are all the same person or not. While this "impersonator", if they do in fact exist, could possibly be adept with using proxies or by having a dynamic IP, I still think it would solve a lot of problems.
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    Kana/Becky. This should end it.

    Well said Phil. Plus the fact that it all worked out to clear their names is quite odd. Perhaps if the person doing the investigation could have been someone that has been around for awhile etc... Not just some person that joined 16 days ago and magically solved the problem. Seems kinda fishy...
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    Kana/Becky. This should end it.

    Interesting. You joined about 16 days ago and you are somehow already sick about the discussions that have taken place? Sounds convenient enough that you are also playing close to them, and magically everything that has been discussed on the boards has held up so far. Interesting. Not that I...
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    Where Do Most Of Your Unforced Errors Go?

    Depends on the shots I try. I'd say my most common would be the net. Wide and Long are pretty even. I just make too many errors.
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    Favorite quotes

    "The more I study religions the more I am convinced that man never worshipped anything but himself." - Sir Richard Francis Burton "With or without religion, you would have good people doing good things and evil people doing evil things. But for good people to do evil things, that takes...
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    Yonex RDX Stringing Problems

    I have the same problem. Mine is at 65 but I still think it is way too powerful. I have two of them and I really don't wanna have to get new racquets. I would imagine a different string might help, but I'm no expert.
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    What If there was..

    Sorry, Kirisaki, I tend to undermine people and things that get talked about excessively. I'm just that type of person. So naturally, when I see the name Sampras, and people speak of his greatness, or Federer and his current domination, I just get annoyed. Not sure, why, I suppose I am just not...
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    What If there was..

    I think Federer overall succeeds Sampras. His play is more sound overall in every aspect to Sampras and his serve and volley. Once Federer passes Sampras in career slams, it will be apparent. Not a fan of Federer, but the man is quite good.
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    What do you play tennis for?

    I just enjoy playing it plus I think tennis is one of the most skillful sports. Of course making money would be a nice goal.
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    Hawkeye/Shotspot flunk out

    Ok Hitter, I think the most effective logical thing to use is a more advanced Mac-Cam and something along the lines of a pressured, sensitive line for the court. Of course I'm not a programmer or engineer, but I think something like that would of course be expensive and thus be used only in...
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    Pete Sampras, a commentator?

    Agassi > Sampras.
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    Your dream partner?

    Sharapova for a little more than her tennis skills. But on a serious note, Probably Chang, Agassi or Hewitt for sure. Three of my favorite players.
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    Which grip lasts longer and is better?

    Ya, the Yonex SuperGrap is excellent.
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    Hawkeye/Shotspot flunk out

    What boggles my mind is that with the extensive advancement of technology that has taken place, we are unable to develop a sufficient system in which to make accurate calls that surely influence the outcome a game can take. I'm sure some people will tell me that I have to develop it. Well, give...
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    Is it true euros don't bath very often? Maybe once a week?

    Every myth, legend, misconception and lie have some form of truth. It appears we have gotten closer to it. :D
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    No instant replay at the US Open

    Shotspot is awesome, and the fact that they aren't using it is pathetic.
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    The Prince of Tennis

    You have to use a Bit Torrent client. Download that and install it. Then go to There you will find the torrents for the episodes. Download the torrents and set to open them with Bit Comet. Once that happens, you can right click the file and go...
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    The Prince of Tennis

    It was one of the most interesting animes I've ever watched. Sure it is farfetched, but so are every other anime. Naruto was good for awhile before they started doing entire flashback episodes and falling in the traps that held back DBZ from being even better, but Prince of Tennis, while having...
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    For MegacedU!

    MegacedU is just an FBI agent waiting for some guy to try and abduct her.
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    For MegacedU!

    Apparently she is a girl, but her images in the "post your picture" thread were no longer viewable, so it's up in the air. :D