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    Mouratoglou Tennis Academy - Adult Tennis Camps

    Thinking of going to the Moutatoglou tennis facility for a tennis camp in the spring. Has anyone been there? If so, did you enjoy it?
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    Life Span of a racquet?

    How do you know when a racquet needs to be replaced? Does their playability change with time? My Wilson Ultras are about 3 years old. I have 3 that I use in rotation and restring at least once/ month. The grommets are fine. I’m a 4.5 player who’s working on hitting bigger tempo on my groundstrokes.
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    Advice on best format for quick matches

    Those if you who have run tournaments, which match format can generally be played in an hour or less: 1. best 2 out of 3 short sets (starting at 2 games all) or 2. best 2 out of three regular sets, with no ad and a 10 point tie breaker in lieu of a third set or 3. ??? I’m running a small...
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    Who's tried the Technifibre TFight 295 XTC?

    I'm a senior (okay, old!) 4.5 tennis player looking for a more forgiving racquet. Who's tried the TFight 295
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    Looking for box league software

    Has anyone come across software for managing a box league that they would recommend? I belong to a small, but growing tennis club - we don't have a clubhouse or central location where we can post scores, so we need to rely on apps. If you've come across something that is easy to use (and...
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    Multifilament Hybrid String Suggestions

    What’s your favorite multi hybrid set up? And why? I’m looking for a smooth mult to pair with Biphase in my Yonex DR 100 or another combo. I like the liveliness of Biphase but find that it locks up after a few hours of play. Perhaps a smooth cross string might help the feel to last longer.
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    Player Rankings

    Recently saw the draw of a sanctioned adult recreational tournament in which players were allowed to enter two singles categories. For instance, there were players entered in 5.0 and open. There was another player entered in 4.0 and 5.0 - he's was seeded #1 in both categories. Looks like...
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    Doubles Drills

    I'm looking for links to advanced doubles drills/strategy and skill development. Has anyone found resources they would recommend?
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    Low tensions for multi's??

    Reading lots these days about players stringing their racquets at low tensions like 30lbs. Most are doing this with polys. Has anyone tried low tensions with multis or multi/poly hybrids? At the moment I'm using Technifibre NRG2 17 at 45 lbs and it's had a wonderful feel (at least for the first...
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    Who gets the point?

    In a recent doubles match I hit a cross court return seemingly for a winner. One opponent said "nice shot" while his partner called it out. We asked, which is it, in or out and the "nice shot" guy said out because his partner saw the ball better than he did. i think we should have gotten the...
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    Stringing for cooler climate

    I live in a northern climate - this time of year, playing in temperatures of 12 C or the low 50s F is pretty common. The racquet and even the balls can feel pretty firm and unforgiving in these conditions. I play with a Wilson Juice (stiff frame) and a multifilament string at 47lbs. Any...
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    General Guidelines for racquet selection

    Ok, I know this is a broad question, but I was wondering, as a rule, if you were looking at two racquets with the same head size, the first being a stiff frame strung at low tension and the second being a flexible frame strung at a higher tension, which is likely to be the most arm friendly? or...
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    Racquet Recommendations for 14yr old girl

    What racquet would you suggest for a 14 yr old girl? - she can now hold her own at 4.5 level. Developing an all around game - 2 handed backhand - enjoys volleying - hits with a lot of top spin.
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    Connection beteen Strings & Ball Trajectory

    Looking for info on how strings affect the trajectory of the ball. I'm playing with a Wilson BLX Juice 100 (stiff frame). Just switched from Volkl Power Fibre II/Solinco Tourbite at 54/50 lbs (not bad but was finding it a little hard on the arm) to the Power Fibre at 52 with Babolat Xcel...
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    Anyone tried Babolat Xcel at low tensions?

    Babolat Xcel has a recommended tension range between 48 and 66 lbs. What is this string like at the low end? I was thinking of using it for the crosses in my Wilson BLX Juice 100 (as you know, a pretty stiff frame).
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    Enhancing Comfort of a Stiff Frame

    Has anyone had success in enhancing the comfort of a stiff frame without losing a lot of control with their stringing set up? I'm playing with a Wilson BLX Juice 100 - love it but it my arm and shoulder are in agony. Currently using Volkl Power Fibre II with Solinco Tourbite at 54/50. Any...