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    3 Torn Groin Muscles = 6-8 weeks off tennis

    O.K., I did not listen. :oops::( Many have posted advice on this forum, to take some time off if you feel a little injury to allow it to heal properly, and to avoid a greater injury. I also did not listen to my own body telling me the same thing. During the month of April I was feeling a...
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    Replacement Shoe Investigation

    I'm hoping to use all your feedback to locate THE shoe for me? I really liked the K-Swiss Ultra Naturals (I bought up all the tennis ball yellow ones I could). They fit my foot just right. The only negative on them is I felt like the toebox was a tiny bit loose, which caused a slight slip...
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    KBT vs. AG100-Is It String Pattern or Frame Stiffness?

    I've just recently switched from KBlade Tour (18x20) to an AG100 (16x19), both strung with full Klip Legend 16g. It seems that I have much better control/aim with the AG100 which seems to have more a more "pocketing" effect, or dwell on the strings. Is this from the more flexible frame, or the...
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    Tweaking a Full Gut Setup on AG100?

    I have been using a full gut setup for the last 3 years: (1st) Maxply McEnroe 16x19 (2nd) KBlade Tour 18x20 (3rd) AG100 16x19 The KBT 18x20 obviously had the least string movement, however lacked a little pocketing effect. The AG100 16x19 that I've had for only a couple of weeks (strung...
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    Is ink O.K. for all strings?

    Does logo ink have any ill effect on any types of string, (namely natural gut)?
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    String Movement

    I'm currently using a Dunlop MaxPly McEnroe w/NXT 17. I like this setup, however the strings move around a lot, SO that brings up two questions: (1)I'm considering trying gut, is natural gut noted for lot's of movement? (2)I thought I saw a pro on TV with some sort of "tool" (comb-like?)...
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    Adidas shoe upgrade suggestions

    I just re-introduced myself to tennis this year, buying new gear and loving the game. Since the only tennis shoe name I knew from 25 years ago was Stan Smiths, I got a pair. They fit my foot well, only occasionally do I feel like my toes get jammed into the front. I was interested in upgrading...
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    Logo on strings?

    When you purchase a racquet pre-strung it usually has a logo painted on the strings. I recently purchased my first racquet that needed stringing, which of course did not have a logo. I noticed some on-line racquet sales offer logo painted on as an option. (1)Do most people just not bother with...