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    Admit it.....

    OK OK, I admit it. You've twisted my arm
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    Final Slam count - Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas

    Depends on the definition of dominant. Federer and Djokovic reinvented it, I think it's unlikely we'd ever see a nextgen guy with a stranglehold on the #1 spot like Novak has had, especially since none of them are all surface GS contenders.
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    Final Slam count - Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas

    A range of players probably like the women's for the last 5 years, there are only 5 players in the open era who have won 10+ slams so it's the exception not the norm and remember Zed and Med are still young but I'm skeptical that they have the body types to dominate for 10 years, it's not a...
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    Djokovic needs to stop practising and having a close relationship with Zverev and Medvedev

    Nah, Djokovic will be 35 next summer. His time as a top player is definitely near the end. I don't know his vaccination status, but if he refuses to he may struggle to play again
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    King Richard may be the greatest tennis movie ever made

    I said after watching it that it easily had the best tennis scenes I've ever seen in a movie. I'd hesitate at calling it the best tennis movie though, just in case movies like Match Point or Strangers On A Train or The Squid and The Whale (which I think are better movies) count.
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    Final Slam count - Medvedev, Zverev, Tsitsipas

    Med - 4 Stef-1 Zverev-0 LOL @ anyone who predicts 7+ for any of these guys. I mean, that's getting into the territory of legends like Mac, Lendl, Agassi. None of these guys are or are likely to ever be close to that. Tennis is dead if any of these guys becomes as great as Agassi, that would be...
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    (Stats) 24yo Zverev vs 24yo Djokovic vs 24yo Nadal

    Borg would be better yet, he was pretty much finished as a top player before his 26th birthday
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    Federer trying to play professional tennis again is ridiculous, the more I think about it

    It seems ridiculous, but then Fed and the other 2 members of the big 3 (hell could throw in Murray as well) have sort of made a history of doing ridiculous, unprecedented things. The conventional wisdoms, the logic of sport doesn't really apply to them.
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    Is AZverev the best player in Open era without a Slam title?

    Accomplishment wise, probably. Talent/game wise: Not even in the top 5
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    ATP Finals Final: Zverev vs Medvedev

    Ridiculous Zverev predictions incoming. "Zverev to win 3 slams next year and get to #1"
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    Have you ever lost 6-0 6-0 ?

    Was he like 6'2" at age 11 or something?
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    Would Serena have 24 with Emma's draw?

    Nope, I'd say Bencic or Sakkari could have beaten her. Hell, even Fernandez might have had a fighter's chance given the head case Serena has been in finals in recent years
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    Nole isn't everything.

    True, Novak can never be the GOAT for 2 main reasons: 1)No Olympic gold in any of the 3 categories 2)No wins over Kyrgios
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    I think Nadal wins the Slam Race at 22. Fed/Djoker end on 20.

    The big 3 aren't playing off for the GOAT race, it's just a made up thing that doesn't really exist. They're just playing off for the slam lead
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    2021 Paris Open F: Djokovic vs Medvedev

    Med in straight sets I think, he's simply better than Novak at this point in time
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    Anyone else excited for the AO?

    Didn't Indian Wells have a vaccine mandate and Med and Zverev were there?
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    Medvedev is the ONLY player with a winning record over Novak when the Serb is #1

    If he faces Novak in the final, I see him winning several more slams
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    Federer beat the Indian Wells champion this year

    I mean at 38 years old he cleaned out Djokovic in straight sets at the WTF (and a point away at Wimbledon a few months before). I think he can still beat anyone in a stand alone b03 shoot out (and most in 5) but it's a matter of whether he could do it over a whole tournament
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    Will Dimitrov ever win a slam?

    Nah, can't see it. His best chance may have been Wim '14 when he came close to taking Novak to 5 in the semis if I recall correctly but I can't see the stars aligning now there are plenty of younger players capable of beating him
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    If Zverev loses to Murray, should he retire?

    Lmao peak Murray straight sets him on all surfaces
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    If Zverev loses to Murray, should he retire?

    And because the big 3 don't care about bo3 tournaments now. Even masters tournaments now for them are like 500s are for other top 50 players
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    Raducanu: “If anyone knows any experienced coaches, you know where to e to find me."

    That means you have to pay for your own hotels, your own flights/travelling expenses. Free means free...
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    Police called in to separate Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend after verbal altercation

    Why on earth would a model hang around with a guy like Kyrgios when there are loads of rich businessmen in any city she could easily get?
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    Nagal vs Novak. Who is greater?

    Nagal is only 24? God damn, it seems like people have been making Nagal/Nadal jokes for about 15 years
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    Most social media followers - men's tennis

    Need to put the date they joined, I mean Federer came later to twitter than the other 2 didn't he?
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    Kicked my son out at 18 - And it was the best thing to ever happen to him

    I remember a long time ago there was another thread by OP about some problem with tenants, maybe he was going to evict them and bring in new ones to charge higher rent or something like that. It was something to benefit his own back pocket and screw over other people, that's all I remember. It...
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    Why is there a 17 Slam difference between Djokovic and Murray?

    I knew someone would say this, but actually I would say Murray was very mentally strong against the tour in general. He turned into a mental midget vs the big 3 though (along with everyone else)
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    Anyone else feel uncomfortable about Laver Cup?

    I agree, I think it's a terrible, terrible event. I suppose it's great for the cities like Boston where there are no top level tennis tournaments to be able to see the world's best players but it's not covered at all in the sports news here while the Ryder Cup is extensively. No one cares about...
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    Laver Cup 2021 Official Thread

    He's definitely not going to be a strong favourite over Med at the USO, if favoured at all. By the time the next one rolls around Novak will be well past 35 while Med is only coming into his prime.