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    Long toss for shoulder strengthening

    Any baseball players here? I want to strengthen my shoulder muscles doing long toss drills and was curious if anyone had any pointers.
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    Awesome review of the PowerAngle racquet

    Wow - you guys are seriously improving production quality. I want one just because of that review...
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    rule question regarding Vibration dampners and PowerAngle

    From what I understand, in competition, you can legally use one vibration dampener and only under the the bottom cross string. So, I note on the picture of the new PowerAngle Pro racquet, there are two dampeners, each on a left or right lowest diagonal. Is this competition legal...
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    Question regarding the tensioning of Hybrids

    So I use a poly / gut hybrid in which I drop the tension on the poly by about 10 % (61 lbs gut crosses vs. 55 lbs poly mains), as recommend by Luxilon. As I was stringing up my racquets last night, I noticed that the gut crosses deform (goes up and down from plane of the face) a lot less...
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    Bionic tennis gloves

    Any chance that TW will carry these? Thanks
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    Prince EXO question

    Am I confused or do the new Graphite and Rebel raquets, although marked as EXO3, not use the EXO3 "technology" described on the Prince website? From what I understand, the EXO3 refers to a channel in the racquet for holding a grommet with...
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    product request - Bamboo socks

    For men. I bought a pair made by Prince but have not seen them since. Thanks.
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    Wide Nike Ballestic 1.2 model availability

    These shoes were features on the new product video a couple of weeks ago but do not appear on your site. Any ETA?
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    How are customer feedback review selected?

    I just ask because I noticed that after I take the time to fill out a product review, that review frequently is never included in the customer feedback, even if the product feedback is very positive. I understand that your team reviews the feedback to eliminate, for example, profanity, but I...
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    What I really want is an EXO3 Rebel with port hole inserts

    Any news on the ETA of the replacement inserts?
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    When do the new 2009 NTRP come out?

    I remember that is came out about this time last year, after all of the nationals finished.
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    measuring mistake - what to do

    So I cut a little short on my last 1 piece stringing, and I end up not having enough string from the last two crosses at the bottom. It's late, and I do not feel like cutting out the whole job and starting again. So I tie off the short string, start a new piece to finish the last two crosses...
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    The miracle healing powers of gut.

    So my shoulder has been bothering me for about 6 months. I tried everything - physical therapy, drugs, extended rest and it still hurt. So bad that I would wake up at night in pain when my shoulder moved into a bad position. I had not served in 3 months, and it still hurt. I played with a...
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    Hard court training

    Now that I shifted from hard-tru to hard courts, I find my ankles hurt all of the time from sudden changes in direction. I know I could get ankle straps/wraps, but I feel this would only cover up and not cure the problem. I do a lot of jumping and running to get into better condition and...
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    My observation from mixed doubles playoffs

    6.0 - players could hit occassionally with power, but players would also overhit frequently; players returned volley hit at them; guys would poach sitters; most all point end from errors - not a lot of putaways; looked like people were trying not to lose, instead of not to win; not much motion...
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    Speedport black breaking!

    I have broken two this year (I am rough with frames!). Mine are breaking around the 10/2 o'clock positions near a close pair of cross/mains holes. Anyone else have similar problems? I like the racquet a lot, but am hesitant to get another replacement.
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    Where to put lead on Prince with o/speed ports

    I want to add some weight to my Prince speedport black to add some stability. In the past, I liked added weight at the 3 and 9 positions for greater stability, but the only place I see to use are the 2 and 10 positions (away from the ports). I guess, I could cut the lead tape in half and put...
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    Tips for serving in the wind

    Anyone have any good tips for controlling the ball toss on a windy day? I played outdoors for the first time this season, and really struggled with keeping the serve in due to the wind taking the toss. I ended up hitting a lot of kick serves, becuase, for me, this I can hit this from the most...
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    Tie Breakers Hurting Standings?

    I was looking at my team's league standings and I noticed that our team is behind two others of the same record due to the tie breaker system. In particular, the standing rules for teams of equal records look to number of sets lost (teams are even there), and then to number of games lost. Our...
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    no more Alphas on TW?!

    All Alpha models are gone! Anyone know what is going on?
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    Sell Alpha Revo 4000 and upgrade to Prince Neos 1000?

    The title says it all - I figure the deal will cost me about $300. Both are virtually new. I get a lot of drawback on the Alpha, and was looking for better clamps/stand. I string only for myself. Thoughts? Thanks.
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    Black eye today from my forehand

    Last night, running right to the wide deuce court, I hit a sharp, cross court forehand passing shot and then whacked myself in the left eye on the follow-through. It hurt like heck, and now I have a black eye to show for it. Usually, when I hit forehand crosscourt on the run, I follow...
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    Calibration of Alpha Revo

    I have had my Revo for about 4 months and done about 12 stringings. My shots have have flying a lot recently, so I decided to check the calibration and ordered the spring tension calibrater from TW. I shocked to find my calibration is way, way off. At 60 lbs on my tension head, the calibrater...
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    Playing against someone better than you

    Last weekend, I had a county league singles match against someone who was simply better than me (bigger serves and returns, bigger and more consistent strokes, quicker movement, etc.). I am sure we all have this experience from time to time. In this match, as in the past, I took this as an...
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    Grip on slice backhand

    I notice that most of the pros use a hammer grip (racquet at a right angle to the forearm) on the one-handed backhand topspin drive. I have a two handed backhand, and I have always used more of a hand-shake type (continental) grip positioning, where the racquet and and forearm almost line up...
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    USRSA power ratings

    I am not a member of the USRSA, but I just find this link through, and was curious on how the power ratings are calculated. I get surprising power numbers for different frames. A times, a small heavier, flexible racquet can have a higher "power" number then a lighter, large head...
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    wide shoes for Juniors?

    Any thoughts? What about the princes?
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    Cahill says Ljubicic is losing because of racquet switch

    I don't know if you heard this on the AO broadcast, but according to Darren Cahill, Ljubicic screwed himself by switching racquets (from Babolat Pure Drive to Head Extreme) after his most successful year. Supposedly, Ljubicic switched in exchange for a boatload of cash and a promise of a...
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    marking up the plastic head bumper guard

    I have an Alpha Revo 4000, and it seems like no matter what I do, I leave indentations in head bumper guard from the top mounting arms. I have tried adjusting tension of top side the mounting arms. Starting tight leaves marks. Starting loose seems to allow the frame to deform slightly meet to...
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    What do retired greats do?

    If you are a retired top tour player who does not play in seniors tournements, like Jimmy Connors, do you still play? I know some people like Sampras, Lendl, and Becker just hang it up (at least for a while), but it seems a little strange to me to go from practicing several hours a day to...