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    Yonex RDIS 200 v Babolat Aero Storm Tour

    How do these two compare?
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    Pros Pro ichiban spin

    How does this play? Is it worth buying for someone on an ultra budget?
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    2012 Ojai

    Anyone going to be watching/playing?
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    K/blx blade v AG 100 V PB 10 Mid

    Anyone ever used these, and could give me a comparison?
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    Can I redshirt this year if I played fall regionals ita?

    ????????????????? just wondering
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    Aero Storm tour Gt (Plus lead tape)

    Right now I am using wilson k95 (One which is heavyer at 348 grams unstrung, the other too are closer to stock) I love the heavy one, but the other two feel very different and I dont get as much behind the ball. the heavy one is very powerful, however one thing I have the opportunity to do is...
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    Help, my serve is big but weird

    First things first, I thought I would ask my fellow tt'ers on this issue. I am quite a decent level player (USTA 5.0), and I have a few issues with my serve and all round game actually and I was wondering if anyone could figure out my problem.
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    USTA tournament..

    Hey, I want to play a usta tournament. I am at college here, but I am originally from Europe. What is a self rating for? The event I want to play has open, and 4.5 and some other numbers, what should I enter?
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    USTA Membership

    nevermind Hey I am currently 18, so looking on the usta website (I want to buy membership) I should buy junior membership however I am turning 19 in a week. Which membership shall I choose?
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    Question on USTA Membership

    Hey I am currently 18, so looking on the usta website (I want to buy membership) I should buy junior membership however I am turning 19 in a week. Which membership shall I choose?
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    Anywhere need a player (M) this fall?

    Does anyone know of anywhere that needs a mens player for this fall of 2011?
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    What ratings are these players?

    I was searching youtube for tennis video's again and I want you to guess the level of these players? I am wondering just simply to see the variance in the ratings of some people :shock: Here 1: 2: 3...
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    Am I still under 18?

    Just wondering - am I under 18 still if my birthday is august next year, does it work in usta you play under 18 until your 19th birthday or calendar year?
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    Wilson Pro Racket Help??

    Okay I have two rackets (supposedly) used by teimuraz gabashvili, I have not had oppertunity to evaluate the actual specs of the rackets as I am not home at the moment and im not sure if they were actually used however I know they were from his stock.. Now for the confusing part In the throat...
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    What shoes avaliable now fit like breath cage 2's?

    Obviously they are not avaliable any more so yeh.. Are the new CB 2.3 any good? Anything cheaper but still pretty good?
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    Does anyone know anything about these colleges?

    Wartburg (Div 3) St. Scholastica (Div 3) Notre Dame College (OH) (Naia, going to div 2) Monmouth (Div 3) SUNY Cobleskill (Div 3) Saint Mary's (MN) (Div 3) College of Coastal Georgia (JC, going to div 2) Thanks
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    Question on Div 1 Eligibility

    I know that if you take more than one year off before going to college that you are ineligible for div 1 unless you sit out a year. If you were to go to a div3/naia/jc then transfer to a div 1 after two years would you have to sit out a year or only have one year of elibility then sit out the...
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    Mantis String - Similar to black code?

    Do any of the mantis strings play anything like black code? I am looking for something similar at a lower price thanks
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    Free Tshirt! (Uk Only) Link ^ Burger king doing a promotion, if you get so many views on your tshirt design you get a free tshirt
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    Which pro's would make the best badminton players?

    Discuss, I think federer
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    Nike Vapor 5/Breath Free 3/CB1.3??

    Which one is the best to buy? Since I can get them all for the same price
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    Rate these players

    Ok I was just seaching on youtube at some various video's, jw what kind of level do you think each player in each video is? I have an idea of each one, but jw if it matches everyone elses. 1) 2) 3)...
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    Racquet Dillema

    Okay so I have been using a head microgel extreme pro for about a year now, however I felt it was too powerful so started using an old wilson hps rok. I now feel this is slightly too underpowered however I love the feel of it. I am an aggressive baseliner who likes to finish points at the net...
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    Wilson Kpro Tour 96

    Anyone got an opinion on this racket?
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    What racquet meets this criteria?

    95-100" 320-335 grams Any stiffness 27" Head light ballance