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  1. BHServe

    What’s happened to Nole’s 2nd serve?

    Watching him against Kohli, his 2nd serve lacks any spin, let alone pace. He’s had very solid 2nd serve (and serve in general) since Becker, but now it seems he’s taken some steps back. Disgust..
  2. BHServe

    Wojtek Fibak?

    Was watching USO2013 final The Nadal-Djoker full match from Youtube. In the beginning of second set they showed this Wojtek Fibak guy from the stands, who appeared to be Novak’s coach at that time. I don’t follow and hasn’t followed Novak that closely, and thought that first it was Vajda &co and...
  3. BHServe

    Isner finger wags

    Watching miami final, Isner having some rock solid finger wagging going on there. Would go as far as goat finger wagging, to the tone of ”ay you, one more round on me”. Someone can post a gif as soon as footage is available
  4. BHServe

    The Fog

    He has been off the radar for a while, but after watching some of his higlights yet again against Nadal(RG13, USO15), I was reminded what a beautiful ball striker he is. Unfortunately, that head on his shoulder is quite a mess, which along with his modest serve, have in my oppinion been the...