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    EZONE Closest to DR98 @Chris and Michelle

    Hi guys. If similarly weighted, which of the new 2 Ezone models (98 and Tour) is closer to the DR 98 in - power - launch angle - comfort - feel - maneuverability I am mostly worried about comfort and control (length). The DR is already at my limit in terms of length control using gut/poly...
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    Coach in Russia?

    Hi to all guys in Moscow or St. Petersburg I’m thinking of visiting my relatives in October and was wondering if I can take advantage of the time to improve my game. Do you guys have a recommendation for a coach, preferably one who is very good at analyzing technique, either in Moscow, or St...
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    horrible customer service

    For reference, Order #12701310 (I have all the emails if you want): Order several pairs of shoes ($500+) to be delivered to my USUAL address in Dubai on Sep 19, shipped same day. So far, so good. Sep 25th, get an email that there is a problem with my address and UPS says my address doesn't...
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    Vapor X or something else

    Need some help, have been a loyal ASICS user for many years. First the resolution, then solution speeds (2 and 3). My size is 11. Loved the SS3 most of all. The last resolution I had was the 6 and it was slightly wide. I believe my foot is narrow in the middle, but wide in the forefoot. All...
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    Updated Reconstructing my FH (Video+games)

    Last April I posted this for feedback: In essence, I wasn’t happy with my FH’s lack of penetration, especially on no pace balls. I had a rare chance to take 2 weeks off during the holidays and play with a coach...
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    If Zverev wins a slam next year, Lendl is coach GOAT?

    First Murray, now Zverev wins ATP Finals against Djokovic. If he can finally improve in best of 5 and actually win a slam in 2019, Lendl will have shown he is able to take those with promise, but lacking that final mile
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    Experience playing a futures player He was injured about 1.5 years ago and just restarted a couple of weeks before I played with him for 3 times during last week. This was during a vacation in Georgia. Playing style: Mainly solid baseliner, but...
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    Reconstructing my FH (video)

    Hi, I am in the process of changing my FH. Main issues was lack of “penetration/extension/drive” whatever you wish to call it. Symptom was evident in the following cases: - pace-less balls - moon balls to the baseline I would almost always net them with too much topspin Coach telling me - my...
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    Which of these Volkls as comfortable as T98ESP?

    Never tried a Volkl and can't demo. Due to Chronic TE, rolled the dice on the softest racquet I felt would be a fit spec wise, the prince Tour98ESP and it worked. However, slice BH is erratic. Couldn't believe that Volkls (newer models) could be comfortable due to high flex and vibration...
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    Q to TW Prof: vibration freq. & Volkls

    First, thank you for providing the wealth of info available on TWU. Without it, buying online would be like a crap shoot. I'm actually a fan of the older interface, which had more details :) if anything, I wish all racquets were reported in TWU. Now, between the Flex and vibration frequency...
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    Racquet help for comfort

    Need some help with racquet selection due to severe chronic TE and triceps tendinosis. Background: Played and loved the EZone XI98. However, now at a stage where even with VS16/ZX at 52/48 I feel pain the next day. So, got the Tour98 ESP, with VS 15L/ZX at 58/56 and weighted to 331gm, Sw 321...
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    Tension vs power and launch angle

    forgive me if this has been already addressed in detail, but I couldn't find a clear cut answer doing a search. My questions are as follows - for one piece stringing, what is the lower/higher tension effect on power and launch angle? - for a hybrid gut/Poly, . what is the mains lower/higher...
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    Racquet advice for chronic TE

    Need some help with racquet selection due to chronic TE and biceps tendinosis. Background: Played and loved the EZone XI98. However, now at a stage where even with VS16/ZX at 52/48 I feel pain the next day. So, got the Tour98 ESP, with VS 15L/ZX at 58/56 and weighted to 331gm, Sw 321, 7pts...
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    XI, AI and DR 98s

    which is the softest and most comfortable?
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    Hyaluronic Acid for TE

    Anyone try this for TE? Some references: Have been suggested injections by a new orthopedic doctor in the clinic I'm doing ART in. He says to do it after we see the end result of ART. He...
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    Contact point/timing flat vs topspin

    Hope I can explain this well: For me, if I want to hit topspin, it "feels" I'm trying to hit the ball right after I am starting to "close" my elbow in the swing (coming from an extended elbow position), which allows the forearm to add to the rhs across the ball during pronation. However, I am...
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    String db down

    Tried accessing string performance db and string finder. Both give SQL errors
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    A few Qs on gut/poly hybrids-soft poly?

    First, apologies if this has been addressed before. I've tried searching and have been reading several threads about the topic. I've been trying to settle on a cross poly for a while now. Not being in the US, that means ordering several different sets over longer periods of time from TW. So...
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    Out of average spec order?

    Hi, Wanted to know if it is possible to order a racket that deviates in one or more parameters than the average specs listed with the racket, like more headlight? Also, when I order a racket, do I get all the specs you post specific for it (swing weight, weight, balance, twist weight and...