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    Prince Textreme Tour 95 or 100P

    Hi, based on USTA site I should be around 5.5NTRP (als teacher for +/-15y) (31years old) There's a good deal on both those rackets but I can't test... I have some experience with older prince models and really liked them. Someone with experience on this sticks who could give me more info? My...
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    Kyle Edmund racquet?

    Watching him hammering fh's I was wondering what racquet he really uses.. Grtz Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone met Tapatalk
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    Get Strength Fitness Plan For In The Gym

    Hi, Situation: I'm comming out of my wintersleep and season starts in +/ 2 months. I lost my excess 5kg weight this winter but after 2 years of hard work I was a bit burned out this winter. I feel that I lost some strenght and muscles... So.... I was wondering if someone knows any specific...
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    Blade 98 18x20 vs Ncode Npro 98

    Anybody got experience with those sticks? How do they compare? Any similarities or total opposites? I liked the blad 98 18x20 but now I can get two ncode npro's for free... It's an older model but I don't care. I still have to test it but I can't wait and am already curious.. grtz!
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    Heavier version of the Wilson BLX Six.One 95 18x20

    THREAD SHOULD BE: "Heavier version of the Wilson BLX Six.One Team (16x18 ) " Is there a racket with the same feel but heavier? 310g would be ideal :-?
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    Wilson Blade 98 (18x20) vs Head Youtek Radical IG Midplus

    Are these racquets similar? Anyone who has experience with one of them or both? grtz
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    Looking for a nex racquet... HELP?!

    For the moment I play with the dunlop 5hundred tour. However, I want a racquet that gives me more control... I can hit hard with the racquet but I find myself hitting too much out of bounds, and having not enough control of my placement. Therefore I think I need a racquet with less weight...
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    Need Link For TennisBody

    Does anybody know a link where I can find a concrete program to follow? I find alot of links/sites here but there's always alot of explanations why their method is the best and... I just want a good routine to follow for a fit "tennisbody". specs: - 3/4 times a week 1 hour - I have...
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    beat this

    Anyone beats this "stencil-job"? :) When you go a little further away you will see... (probably photoshop but you could try)
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    know an instant turbo fitness program for me?

    hi, perspectives; - loose 5 kg, - gain more muscels problems; - only +/- one month time, - ***ing exams so I'm all the day at home.. (can't play tennis either) I have some halters and bench press. Anyone know's a superprogram that helps fast? I waited way too long...
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    WILSON (K) Six.One Team <--> DUNLOP Aerogel 5hundred Tour

    This one's my last topic on my quest for the next racquet. I realy like both racquets but can't choose between them.. allready played houres with both. Dunlop has more power, Wilson has more control. Dunlop feels lighter, Wilson feels heavier. Dunlop feels very manoeverable, Wilson Let...
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    Dunlop Aerogel 300 or 500 (Tour Specification)

    Just want to know which one would be the winner of this two. If you tried them both plz let me know which one you liked the most and why. Short answer is fine.
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    K Six-One Team

    Is this racquet for players who play more tactical/not much power, on touch? Or is this more a racquet for hard-hitters (not foolish hard hitters). I try to use some power in my play, can control game with hard FH, + lots of spin in my game. Allready tested a dozen of racquets during past...
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    Sample Tennis-Lessons

    Hello, I wondered if there were sites where I could find some sample lessons or good excercises or situations. Maybe a community for tennis-instructors? I'm allready giving lessons for 5-6 years but would like some other idea's, tips, new excercises. Is there a site like this? this one...
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    Wegner , 2HBH

    any tips on this on? media etc.? greetz
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    some thoughts on this one, and maybe tips for new stick

    hello, I'm playing with the dunlop revelation +0.50 for several years now. anybody knows this racquet or has some experience with it? I'm thinking of buying new ones this winter. I have a good forehand, controling the points and making winners. my backhand is double-handed and is kind of...