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    tennis elbow and headsize

    i've recently moved to a midsize rdx 500 and very much enjoy playing with it. ive also noticed it's given me less tennis-elbow-related discomfort. tonight, i broke a string in the warm-up and was forced to pull out my mid-plus rdx 500. before the first set was over, my elbow was quite sore -...
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    Prince Tour NXG Graphite - mid

    anyone have experience with these? i don't but the specs sound good on TW and price looks like a bargain.. any reason they are so cheap? keep it real
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    stringing mains and crosses at different tensions on RDX 500

    what are users' thoughts on this? a lot seem to think it works well. others seem to think it's a bad idea for one reason or another... i ask because i've just acquired one and have it strung at 60 lbs (mains & crosses) and it feels really good. i find though, that if i'm a bit off centre on...
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    IW Stream?

    anyone know if this is being streamed o/l anywhere?? cheers
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    RDX 500 98 + lead

    stoked at how much better this feels with some lead. i've added a fair chunk to the bottom of the handle and some at 9 & 3 o clock. i was finding it a bit unstable and hard on my elbow when shots didn't hit the sweetspot. feels MUCH more stable now. i string around 64 so without some weight, a...
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    string that'll keep it's tension

    i'm gonna get my new stick restrung tomoro coz at the moment, the strings hav just loosened too much and i'v lost too much control. i got it strung new at 62lbs and it felt great. but now the strings are WAY looser after 2 or 3 weeks. so what i'm wondering is what string would u recommend that...