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    Roddick clothes

    Honestly does this guy really need to wear a polo 2 sizes too big? Looks ridiculous and can't imagine it encourages many to buy Lacoste.
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    Nike Shirt - When is this from?

    Little clue- on every label inside Nike products at the top it has a little code. F11 would be for the current lines that are out.
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    Nike Fall 2011

    I bought the medium jacket and it's probably a little bigger than ideal for me so I would guess if you want a nice fitting one you might be best going for Large. I'm not too sure of the measurements though
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    Nike Fall 2011

    Around 5 9" and 168lbs. I use a lot of tennis crews for running and like a tight fit. If I was using it solely for tennis then I guess a medium would probably have been a better call.
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    Nike Fall 2011

    These just arrived today The Nadal Polo is great, picked it up in small. The only downside is the sleeves are very short but it still looks great. Love the warm up top too.
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    What is your "signature" fashion?

    I have a pair of the Albert Portas shoes you are talking about!They have seen better days but I love the design of them
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    Nike Motion Polo Pics (Europe Exclusive)

    Hey incase anyone wanted to see live pics of these I thought I would upload some pics of me in the top. Picked it up last week.
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    Kieffer's shirt

    pity they dont make the green shirt as a tennis shirt-both that and the red one would sell by the bucket and are miles better than the current diadora batch
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    Personalised tennis trainers

    a tennis company here in the uk does that for about $25(£15).cant name them though-surprised TW doesnt offer this service
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    How do you all like your sergio tacchini apparel?

    anyone got pics of this years stuff-cant find any about anywhere.
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    Sergio Tacchini 2006

    Oh dear.Looks like they have signed that waste of space cretin Xavier Malise.The shirt he was wearing was pretty rubbish looking too
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    Sergio Tacchini 2006

    Anyone seen the lines or have any pics of them?What kinda colours and style are they?They are my favourite brand at the moment although I am a little worried as they dont have any top players wearing their gear at the moment
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    Diadora apparel

    I'd imagine they would be out early 2006-like many companies Diadora obvioulsy decided to preview next seasons clothing at the year end championships
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    Apparel-Nike Versus Adidas 2006

    Just seen both companies early season lines and have to say Adidas comes out on top by a way.The competition Polos look very nice.The Sphere advantage Polo looks best of the Nike but I wouldnt rush out and buy it
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    Futute Clothing

    I hated the nike shirts last year which had the tick on the shoulder
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    Can Someone Help Me ID What Yr Was This Nike Agassi Shirt?

    just been on getty images and he wore a white and pink short sleeved versions of this shirt in the summer period of 1997.Hope that helps
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    Can Someone Help Me ID What Yr Was This Nike Agassi Shirt?

    If you own the shirt yourself then the label inside the shirt around the hip area usually tells you the date of release at the front top of the label.For example I have a shirt here which has F9-UFG which means it was part of the Fall 99 collection.Just looking at the shirt it looks a 97 model to me
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    New Doubles Scoring Started This Week

    When Wayne Arthurs is top seed of a doubles tournament then you know doubles has a problem.I see no problem in the ATP getting rid of the fodder that is doubles.How many people are honestly interested in a doubles tournament like the one in China?
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    Controversial game in the US Open.

    Normal rules are that a set has to be completed for a match to count-any retirements thereafter are deemed as a loss for that player and a win for the other.A certain argentine french open finalist has been under suspicion by many UK punters as throwing matches and he was involved in a shock 2nd...
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    Nike tennis shirts with court logo

    Nike stopped using this logo about the start of 2004-most shirts now just have the logo on a tab at the left seam. The multi coloured logo has been out of use for even longer.I personally think its time to bring them back-they distinguished Nikes tennis gear from the run of the mill nike...
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    Rogers trouble with Kiefer mystifying.

    Ive been a fan of Kiefer since his Wimby quarter final in 1998 when he was a hot young upstart. He has a great game and has lighnting speed and an awesome change of pace on both sides-however mentally he is useless. I think Bob Brett gave him confidence and they worked well together but dunno...
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    Ginepri and Blake-can they carry it on

    I have been mightily impressed at the levels Ginepri and Blake have achieved over the last few weeks but this has all taken place in their own backyard in the US. I have my doubts as to whether when they have to travel to Europe and Asia for the indoor season that they will be able to perform at...
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    Why is Kiefer referred to as Kiwi?

    yea it does but it is easy enough to skip forward past them-its just a stupid IBM one
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    Why is Kiefer referred to as Kiwi?

    watch this and all will be explained(well kind of) Its on day 2
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    Tennis book/video recommendation?

    I quite like Bob Bretts tennis college-a few years old but still very good at teaching all round game
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    Murray keeps British hopes alive

    Im from scotland but i absolutely detest Murray. That kid has one great big chip on his shoulder and his behaviour during and at the end of the match was unacceptable.Hoepfully he will be dispatched in the next round
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    Rusedski vs blake Poll

    Occasion and a busy week will get to Blake.Cant see him coping with the Rusedski serve either.Ive backed Rusedski to win at 1.36/1
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    Favorite TV Show?

    Diagnosis Murder.shame they arent making any more episodes.The books are great too though