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    Prince String

    Hello, 1. Is Prince Tour XP string being discontinued? If so, are any of those new Prince poly strings that recently came out meant to be a replacement? 2. Is Prince Premier Control still being made available in 2019?
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    Prince PPA vs PPC

    Are these the same string Prince Premier Attack and Prince Premier Control? They look pretty similar other than the price?
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    Poly/Multi & Multi/Poly Setup

    Hello, I am looking for some advice on setups. I recently developed arm issues with my current setup of Tour Bite/Iontec Black which I have been using for about 1 year. I strung a full racquet of Rip Control and had no arm issues. However, I found the rip control setup to be a rocket launcher...
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    Prince Tour ESP vs EX03 Tour

    The new Prince Tour ESP is lighter and wider than the EX03 tour. Too bad, the EX03 was already on the light side but now they made it lighter? Why did they discontinue the EX03 Tour 16*18. To force me to move to a lighter version in the ESP with an a more open pattern doesn't make sense...
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    Main breaks same spot

    I use the prince ex03 tour. Up until now I usually played 5 hours then would cut it now. My last 4 string jobs I have played about an hour and the string has broken in the exact same place near the top of the frame on the exact same main. Any ideas why this is?
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    Prince Update

    Does anyone have an update on the Prince bankruptcy issue?
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    What is Best Way to Start Mains

    What is best way to start mains to avoid clamp slippage on first pull? I have a starting clamp if that helps. I find stringing RPM Blast is a slippier string and sometimes I have trouble starting out.
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    Main Snaped

    Main Snapped I was doing a two piece string job and the was in the process of completing the last cross when all of a sudden one of the mains that just snapped. It was very strange. Never had that happen before. Could be defective string (weak)? It wasn't kinked.
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    Stringway T92 Clamps

    Anyone have any tips on how to reduce drawback on these clamps? Seem to be getting about 1/4 of an inch or so?
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    If you could choose between a ML120 or MS200 which would you pick? The way I see it the mounting system is the same and clamps are the same. The MS200 is probably a little quicker since you use your foot but has more maintenace since you have to calibrate as its a spring. ML120 you have no...
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    Alpha Apex II

    Does anyone have any experience with this machine? Please provide any good/bad comments you have. I notice the stand is on wheels, I assume they lock?
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    Stringway ML100, SP Jazz, Gamma X-ST

    I understand the pros/cons of the crank vs drop weight constant pull technology. I was looking for some advice on evaluating the table, clamps and mounting systems of the above machines. I was looking at these options when considering the clamps: SP Jazz: Upgraded clamps to the ones on...
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    Stringway ML100

    Does anyone have any experience with this machine? I understand that it is easier to use in the sense that the bar doesn't have to be parallel to the ground? You pull it once to tension it and then clamp it. Let me know your thoughts on this machine. Thanks
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    Silent Partner Jazz or Gamma X-ST

    I am trying to decide between these two machines. The Jazz is much cheaper but they seem to be pretty comparable. Anyone have any experience with either one of these?