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    Is it normal for one handed backhand to be much more powerful than forehand?

    A lot of players hit flatter on the backhand while applying more topspin on the forehand. So it is possible that more of your effort is going into spin on the forehand. Definitely the case with me
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    Similar racquets to Pure Drive but not as stiff?

    In the process of switching from a Pure Drive to Yonex Vcore 100. My reasons were similar....for arm friendliness and also for purported quality (my two pure drives feel different...especially on serves). On the baseline, it has been an easy adjustment. Perhaps a tad more spin, but a little less...
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    Tips for my OHBH?

    So, does the "1 and a half backhand" work for you? I found the tip to be a bit restrictive. I don't see players like Wawrinka and Federer doing it though Thiem and Tsitsipas do. My "speculative" theory was that this was a remnant of their having learned a two handed backhand first and it was a...
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    Tips for my OHBH?

    Not going to talk about overall technique, just the differences between the two scenarios.... -The person in the first video was giving you more pace, in the second you had to generate your own pace and straining to do so lead to errors -Positioning was off a lot more in the second video...
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    String suggestions

    I use guts on the mains and my favorite cross so far is Luxilon 4g. It retains its playing characteristics for a long time (tension maintenance I presume) especially compared to ALU Power in my experience. Technifibre Red Code is pretty good as a cross as well
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    MEP vs ET Players - Original TT Epic

    This series and matchup was riveting to watch. As someone relatively new to tennis who plays in 3.5 USTA leagues, I have my own stories of playing "pushers". I assumed that pushers would not be successful beyond 3.5 which was pretty much conventional wisdom. It was amazing to watch MEP win at...